The Anunnaki are the same beings that...

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The Anunnaki were the same people that.. were the Lake Baikal 'Swimmers'..almost 3 metres tall,happily swimming in the icy water at a depth of 50 metres with no visible equipment( except helmets of some sort),wearing shiny tight fitting silver suits..this has gotta be the same rase that taught us stuff back in the day!
Major General V.Demyanko (commander of the engineer forces of the ministry of defence in the ussr) was in charge during the 1st incident at Issik Kul,the 2nd was at Baikal after commanders decided to try to capture one..most of you know the story of how 3 men died & the rest were invalided after being propelled to the surface (when they tried to net one) there was only one decompression chamber available..(if not try p.176 of the book ufo case files of russia by phil mantle..or the yank version-mysterious sky)
Its gotta be related to those 'oannes' lot surely? anyone doubt that/ if so,why?
Are they the origin of dragon legends,reptilians etc? Theres a brilliant account from the Crimean war of a similar incident on land..they were wearing scaled tight armor or suits
The grandma recounting had not heard of ufos,she said these beings were stood around what look like a mushroom shaped 'marqee' lit from inside..When they went to shoot the horse that was pulling the gun cart panicked,fleeing into the dark with the machine gun in tow..awesome little story
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