the arab world changes but gold is stolen

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yes the youth are workin with there fears of food shortages new tech as given them all the thirst for the truth and they can clearly see and read about all the ways they and there families have there lives controlled by the state ,they will not let controll go without a fight but as gandhi said dont use violence use peacful ways dont give the thugs of this world a reason to show the wests controlled media a reason to kill men and women for the safety of the state ,but as on rt news today the tunsia state leader as walked away with at least a third of the peoples gold reserves yes gold not paper money but gold the real money of the world ,watch your gold arabs because when the corupt leaders leave they take extra bagage with them and it is not paper money .

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watch the report today and see that the gold is going out fast ,iceland has the right idea lock the bankers up in jail .
Keiser Report
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World Gripped By Anti-Government Riots; America Next?
By Paul Joseph Watson on January 27, 2011

Paul Joseph Watson – Propaganda Matrix January 27, 2011

The planet is in a never-ending cycle of anti-government revolt as riots that plagued Europe last year now spread like wildfire through the Middle East and beyond, threatening to accelerate bloody clashes and force the hand of authorities as the risk of a new Tiananmen Square-style massacre grows ever likelier. Is America next in line to experience unrest that has touched almost every corner of the globe?

Our prediction three years ago, based on UN documents, which was made six months before the collapse of Lehman brothers, that the world would be hit by massive food riots and anti-government unrest in the aftermath of an economic collapse, is now unfolding at an astonishing pace.

The latest countries to be enveloped by the chaos are Tunisia, Egypt, and now Yemen, whose population are demanding the ouster of 30-year President Ali Abdullah Saleh in a protest against poverty and lack of political freedom.

The unrest in Yemen was inspired by a popular uprising in Tunisia earlier this month that led to the ejection of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, figurehead of a government accused of abusing their power to enrich themselves while the poverty gripped the rest of the country. Ben Ali was forced to flee the country and the interim government has now issued an international arrest warrant for the President and his wife.

Riots in Tunisia were quickly followed by mass protests in Egypt demanding an end to President Mubarek’s regime. Four people have died as demonstrators engaged in violent clashes with police and set fire to government buildings.

Besides America there has barely been an area of the globe that hasn’t been hit by riots and unrest in the last six months, as the fallout from the economic collapse begins to be felt amongst the victims of the financial terrorists that launched an assault characterized by falling wages, high unemployment, spiraling inflation and food prices as well as crippling austerity cuts.

The cost of staples like wheat, corn and soybeans is going through the roof as countries increasingly rely on imports from the U.S. to offset the impact of global unrest.

“In emerging markets, it’s leading to rising inflation, to reduction in disposable income, it’s leading to riots, demonstrations and political instability,” New York University economist Nouriel Roubini said in an interview in Davos, Switzerland, today with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” “It’s really something that can topple regimes, as we have seen in the Middle East.”

Back in early 2008, before the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the start of the financial crisis, we warned that inflation and economic uncertainty would cause inflation to skyrocket and food prices to explode, which would lead to riots globally.

In June of last year, shortly before mass unrest hit Europe in countries like France, Italy and the United Kingdom, we forecast that, “The imminent onset of so-called austerity measures, which in reality represent nothing more than an elevated phase of government-run looting of the taxpayer, would herald an “age of rage,” leading to “riots and even revolutions as people react with fury in response to their jobs, savings, basic public services, pensions and welfare money being seized by the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse in the first place.”

That “age of rage” is now playing out across the planet, with governments being toppled left, right and center as economic turmoil forces desperate people to revolt in a bid to rescue any kind of decent living standard.

We didn’t have the privilege of a crystal ball when we made these predictions, we were merely reading what globalist bodies and the elite themselves were saying would be the consequences of their agenda to eviscerate any kind of middle class and re-impose an archaic caste system of haves and have nots.

The only question left to be answered is if and when similar scenes will unfold on the streets of America, as notoriously accurate trend forecaster Gerald Celente warned would happen several years ago. Celente put the time frame on “tax rebellions and food riots” sweeping the US by 2012.

With even the likes of Time Magazine seriously entertaining the probability of social dislocation as a backlash to the crumbling economy leading to “civil war” in the United States, we stand on the precipice of bedlam.

In November 2008, right as the economic implosion was unraveling, the U.S. Army War College released a white paper called Known Unknowns: Unconventional ‘Strategic Shocks’ in Defense Strategy Development. The report warned that the military must be prepared for a “violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States,” which could be provoked by “unforeseen economic collapse,” “purposeful domestic resistance,” “pervasive public health emergencies” or “loss of functioning political and legal order.” The “widespread civil violence,” the document said, “would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.”

A British Ministry of Defence report struck a similar tone when it predicted that within 30 years, the growing gap between the super rich and the middle class, along with an urban underclass threatening social order would mean, “The world’s middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest,” and that, “The middle classes could become a revolutionary class.”

If the violent scenes we now witness unfolding across the planet are anything to go by, we won’t have to wait too long to find out whether or not the United States will become engulfed in the crisis, or whether the global elite will move to prevent such a scenario by coming to the realization that their war on the middle class and the poor threatens to provoke a reaction that even they may be unprepared to deal with.


Middle Class May Be Subject To Food Rations, Warns UN

Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012

Austerity Fascism Is Coming And It Will Be Brutal

Wheat Crisis Threatens Inflationary Timebomb, Food Riots

The Age Of Rage: Europe Is Exploding

Will Americans Follow French Example Of Mass Civil Unrest?

Time Magazine: Prospect Of Civil War In U.S. “Doesn’t Seem That Far Fetched”


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

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Egypt president’s son, family flee to Britain
By wmw_admin on January 26, 2011

Times of India – January 26, 2011

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s son, who is considered as his successor, has fled to Britain along with his family, a US-based Arabic website reported.

The plane with Gamal Mubarak, his wife and daughter on board left for London Tuesday from an airport in western Cairo, the website Akhbar al-Arab said.

The report came as violent unrest broke out in Cairo and other Egyptian cities and hundreds of thousands of people reportedly took to the streets in a Tunisia-inspired day of revolt.

The protesters want Egyptian government to end its 30-year state of emergency and pass a law preventing a president from serving more than two terms, and want the Interior Minister Habib al-Adly to resign.

Protests in Egypt broke out after opposition groups waged an internet campaign inspired by the Tunisian uprising. Weeks of unrest in Tunisia eventually toppled president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali earlier this month.

A police officer was killed in clashes Tuesday in central Cairo, Egyptian daily al-Wafd reported.

Over 30,000 protesters gathered in Cairo’s Maidan al-Tahrir square to take part in the “day of anger”, said the spokesman for Egypt’s ’6 April’ opposition movement, Mohammed Adel.

“Police used tear gas and water canon to break up our protest and they arrested 40 of us, but we don’t have official figures on the numbers of arrests across Egypt,” said Adel.

Supporters of the ’6 April’ movement, the opposition al-Ghad party, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the al-Wafd party and supporters of former UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohammed El Baradei took part in the protest.

Al-Wafd daily said police arrested 600 people during Tuesday’s protests in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Tantan, al-Mahala, Asiut, al-Bahira and al-Quium. More than 200,000 people took part in protests in these cities.

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton said Tuesday Washington believed the Egyptian government was stable and urged restraint on both sides.

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Egyptian Internet Clampdown and its Implications
By Rixon Stewart on January 29, 2011

News Brief – January 28, 2011

According to firms that monitor Internet activity, Egyptian authorities cut off nearly all Internet communications into and out of the country Friday.

The Internet lockdown came after a wave of popular protests, which called for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to step down after nearly 30 years as premier.

Egyptian authorities had been trying to contain mounting protests that were in part fuelled by videos and reports broadcast over the Internet.

Renesys, a U.S. company that tracks Internet activity said that just after midnight local time on Friday, Egyptian authorities had succeeded in locking down the country’s international access points.

“Almost nobody in Egypt has Internet connectivity, and there are no workarounds,” said Jim Cowie, the company’s chief technology officer. “I’ve never seen it happen at this scale.”

“In a fundamental sense, it’s as if you rewrote the map and they are no longer a country,” said Mr. Cowie. “I never thought it would happen to a country the size and scale of Egypt.”

In most countries, the points of access to the global Internet are wide and varied. But as Egypt was relatively late in adopting the Internet, so it has fewer access points. Meaning that Egyptian authorities can shut them down, says Mr Cowie with “six, or even four phone calls.”

The fact that such a coordinated and extensive lockdown was imposed is a measure of how much of a threat the Egyptian authorities see in the Internet.

Unfortunately, the Egyptians are not the only ones to view the Internet in such terms.

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s so-called “Information Czar”, is also famous for wanting curbs imposed on the Internet. As one might expect, although Sunstein claimed this would be in the name of freedom he nonetheless urged curbs on the Internet to help curtail the spread of dangerous “conspiracy theories”.

It might be a little too late for that in Egypt but the sudden shutdown there coupled with Sunstein’s calls indicates just how the authorities now see the medium.

Even as anti-government protestors took to the streets in Egypt, one of Britain’s most senior civil servants was calling for more extensive surveillance of the Internet by Intelligence agencies.

Appearing before the Chilcot Inquiry into the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Sir Gus O’Donnell said authorities needed “to go a bit further” to assess ongoing developments in public opinion.

“When you look at what is happening, as we speak, in Egypt,” he told the Inquiry … “the use of the Internet, the use of Twitter, the way protest movements develop, this is a different world”.

“We need to be tied in much more to that sort of world”, he said.

In other words, Sir Gus is calling for more surveillance and more control to keep the lid on potential insurrection.

Nor should it be overlooked that the Egyptian authorities first response to the protests – before they even deployed troops – was to shutdown the Internet.

All of which gives new meaning to the old line about the pen being mightier than the sword. Or to put it in more modern terms, the computer keyboard being more powerful than the gun.

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19 Private Jets Carrying Wealthy Egyptians Leave Cairo Airport
By wmw_admin on January 30, 2011

Gateway Pundit – January 29, 2011

Egyptians gather around the burning headquarters of the of the ruling National Democratic party (NDP) in central Cairo. Egypt’s embattled President Hosni Mubarak called out the army and declared a curfew in key cities on Friday as tens of thousands of protesters rampaged through the streets demanding an end to his three decades in power. (AFP/Khaled Desouki)

19 private jets carrying wealthy Egyptians left Cairo Saturday for Dubai.

Forbes reported:

An official at Cairo airport says 19 private jets carrying families of wealthy Egyptian and Arab businessmen have flown out of the capital.

The official said the jets left Saturday carrying dozens of family members of Egypt’s business elite. He said most of the planes were headed for Dubai.

The passengers included the families of telecom mogul Naguib Sawiris, the executive chairman of Orascom Telecom, and Hussein Salem, a hotel tycoon and close confidant of President Hosni Mubarak.

The exodus of the families comes as Egypt enters its sixth day of mass unrest directed against Mubarak and what they say have been policies that further enrich the wealthy at the average citizen’s expense.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media.

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Egypt tense after night of unrest
By wmw_admin on January 30, 2011

Al Jazeera – January 30, 2011

Egyptians have woken up to another tense day following a night of turmoil, when looters roamed the streets in the absence of police who had melted away after being unable to cope with unprecedented anti-government protests.

Several key buildings in the capital, Cairo, continued to smoulder on Sunday morning, as protesters calling for the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, begun to gather once again on the streets of the capital and in Alexandria.

Main roads in Cairo have been blocked by military tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

Reporting from Cairo on Sunday, Al Jazeera’s Dan Nolan said it is a “long way from business as usual” in the Egyptian capital on the first working day since protests peaked on Friday.

He said that extra military roadblocks have been set up in an apparent attempt to divert traffic away from Tahrir Square, which has been a focal point for demonstrators.

“It’s still a very tense scene to have so much military in the capital city of the country.”

Earlier in the morning, Al Jazeera’s Jane Dutton, also in Cairo, reported that the city appeared deserted in the early hours.

“The streets are very dirty, there is debris everywhere. The police have just disappeared. Any security at this stage is in the hands of the army.”

The absence of police has given looters a free rein, forcing ordinary citizens to set up neighbourhood patrols.

“Vigilantes have been taking to the streets to try and prevent people from looting. We’re hearing stories of widespread looting across many cities … [local neighbourhood patrols] haven’t been very effective,” Dutton added.

Nolan added that there are frequent reports of the police being complicit in the looting.

According to Dina Magdi, an eyewitness, unidentified men on Sunday came out of the interior ministry compound in a car and dumped a body on a street. They then opened fire on people present in the area and fled. There were no immediate reports of casualties in that attack.

‘Chaotic’ scenes

Al Jazeera’s sources have indicated that the military has now also been deployed to the resort town of Sharm el Shaikh.

Sherine Tadros, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in the city of Suez, said the city had witnessed a “completely chaotic night”, but that the streets were quiet as day broke.

She reported that in the absence of police and military, people were “tak[ing] the law into their own hands”, using “clubs, batons, sticks, machetes [and] knives” to protect their property.

“People are trying to get back to normal, but of course this is anything but,” she said, adding that as the day wore on, the military had set up several checkposts in an attempt to “show people that they are here and … will provide some kind of security”.

Rawya Rageh, our correspondent in the port city of Alexandria, reported similar scenes, saying that people were particularly concerned about their personal safety and that of their property.

She reported that the military in Alexandria was not focusing on protesters, attempting instead to prevent any further damage or theft of property.

Amid the chaos, there were indications that protests seeking Mubarak’s resignation would continue.

Dutton said that protesters are unlikely to stop demonstrating across the country, as they “want one thing, and one thing only: they want the leadership to go”.

International pressure

Meanwhile, global powers have urged Mubarak to refrain from violence against unarmed protesters and to work to create conditions for free and fair elections.

The US told Mubarak on Saturday that it was not enough simply to “reshuffle the deck” with a shake-up of his government and pressed him to make good on his promise of genuine reform.

“The Egyptian government can’t reshuffle the deck and then stand pat,” PJ Crowley, the US State Department’s spokesman, said in a message on Twitter after Mubarak fired his government but made clear he had no intention of stepping down.

“President Mubarak’s words pledging reform must be followed by action,” Crowley said, echoing Obama’s appeal on Friday for Mubarak to embrace a new political dynamic.

In a statement released in Berlin on Saturday, the leaders of Britain, France and Germany said they were “deeply worried about the events in Egypt”.

“We call on President Mubarak to renounce any violence against unarmed civilians and to recognise the demonstrators’ peaceful rights,” the joint statement said.

The European trio appealed to Mubarak to respond to his people’s grievances and take steps to improve the human rights situation in the country.

Benyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, on Sunday told cabinet ministers that Israel was “closely monitoring” events in Egypt, adding: “Our goal is to maintain stability and ensure that peace between us and Egypt continues to exist with any development.”

The Gulf Cooperation Council, a loose economic and political bloc of states in the Arabian Gulf, said on Sunday that it wanted a “stable Egypt”.

“We are looking for a stable Egypt and hoping things will be restored soon,” Abdulrahman al-Attiyah, the GCC’s secretary general, said on the sidelines of a Malaysian investment forum. He also downplayed concerns about the possible economic fallout of the unrest.

The US embassy in Cairo has advised all Americans currently in Egypt to consider leaving as soon as possible, given the unrest.

Key appointments

The international messages came hours after Mubarak appointed the country’s head of intelligence to the post of vice-president, in a move said to be a reaction to days of anti-government protests in cities across the country.

Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s chief spy, was sworn in on Saturday, marking the first time Mubarak has appointed a vice-president during his 30-year rule. Ahmad Shafiq, a former air force commander, was appointed prime minister.

The appointments, however, failed to satisfy protesters.

Tens of thousands of people continued to rally in the capital Cairo on Saturday, demanding an end to Mubarak’s presidency.

More than a 100 people have been killed in the violence since Friday.


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Could It Happen Here?
By wmw_admin on February 2, 2011

By Dr. Payback – February 1, 2011

Tunis…Cairo…Wall Street?…Washington?

Could it happen here?

Consider: In North Africa, unresponsive, self-interested, moneyed tyrants falling to popular revolt. People impoverished by an unaccountable government run and funded by a wealthy and corrupt elite. Two leaders, both “key allies” of the United States, leaders in the “war against terror,” and thus against true democracy and Arab and Muslim self-determination.

Ben Ali—the dictator of Tunisia, became president for life in 1987, held a series of ‘elections’ in which he never won less than 90% of the vote. Ben Ali, the man who looted his own country, set up Swiss bank accounts for his family, and lived opulently amid the squalor of his own people. Ben Ali, the “friend” of the West, key American ally in the ‘war on terror’ that is in reality a war on Islam. But the people delivered justice.

Mubarak—the enemy of his own people, a traitor and betrayer, surviving only through the magnanimous “aid,” $1.5 billion per year, from the U.S.—in return for serving as the American puppet, for enforcing Israeli-American interests over those of his own people, for helping to crush the innocents in Gaza on his doorstep. Mubarak—the Judenknecht, as the Germans would say, a slave to the Jews. But the people delivered justice.

Could it happen here?

Wall Street—the pinnacle of Jewish-American-Zionist financial power. Hedge fund managers making literally $5 billion per year, while 43 million Americans are on food stamps. Half of all workers earn less than $500 per week. One in six Americans are in a federal anti-poverty program. Nearly 85% of people hate their jobs, and want to change, but can’t. The richest 1% take home 24% of all income. The 30,000 employees of Goldman-Sachs earned a total of $11.4 billion last year—an average of $770,000 per person.

Washington—where every major action and every major decision centers on the concerns of the Jewish community. Washington, where the Jewish Lobby reigns supreme, thanks to their omnipresence and ability to give millions of dollars to campaign funds. Literally 90% of Congress yields without question to AIPAC, the Jewish Council of Presidents, and Zionist money (evidence: during the Gaza massacre two years ago, 390 of 435 Congressmen [89.7%] voted to support Israel). Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats, guilty alike.

President Obama—friend of the Jews, the man who said “my closeness to the Jewish American community was probably what propelled me to the Senate,” the man who chose the self-named “Zionist” Joe Biden as his second-in-command. Obama, who said, “If you are waiting for America to distance itself from Israel, you are delusional”—God forbid that we should “distance” ourselves from a criminal, apartheid, illegitimate state. Obama, the “true friend of Israel,” a nation who’s security is “sacrosanct” in his mind. Obama—the Judenknecht, the Jew-slave.

Congress—535 millionaires, 90% of whom take Jewish money and Jewish orders. Congress—Democrats and Republicans, Republicans and Democrats alike—who support an eternal ‘war on terror’ which is nothing less than a war on the enemies of Israel: a war that costs Americans over $1 trillion per year, and a military/security machine that consumes more than 40% of actual income.

Six million Jewish-Americans should not exercise overwhelming and decisive influence on a nation of 310 million; this is an elementary fact of democracy that any 4th-grader could understand. And have no doubt: the vast majority of American Jews exercise their privilege in ways small and large. Directly so in institutions where Jews predominate: government, media, entertainment, finance, medicine, law, academia. Indirectly so in many other areas, due to leverage from advertisers, financial backers, and favorable legislation. Even your ‘average Jew’ will call in the ADL, file complaints against neighbors and colleagues, and surreptitiously act to defend Jewish interests. And nearly every American Jew is an explicit or implicit Zionist.

Could it happen here?

Consider: What if thousands of committed and enraged Americans took to the streets—to Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue—just as thousands of Tunisians and Egyptians have done? What if they smashed the windows of the luxury suites in Manhattan, burned the castles of the rich, demanded payback, demanded justice?

What if they came by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, bearing the arms guaranteed to them by the Constitution? Thousands of Tunisians and Egyptians, with no weapons at all, took down their governments—imagine what thousands of armed and enraged Americans could do?

What if, when the National Guard came in to “restore order”—in other words, to restore control by the rich and powerful—what if they refused orders, joined the rebels, and turned their weapons against their criminal bosses?

What if, when the military was called in to do the job that the Guard failed to do, the soldiers, too, refused orders to capture or kill their fellow men? What if they, too, joined the rebel masses—the people—and turned their weapons against those petty dictators and Judenknecht who run the show? What if a phalanx of tanks arrived in Washington DC, took charge of their own destiny, drove down to Pennsylvania Avenue, and began firing point-blank at the White House?

What if the people took hold of their own destiny? What if they refused to have their lives and livelihoods stolen from them, for the sake of the wealthy few, the Zionists, and the Jews—for whom no wealth is sufficient and no power too extreme?

Ten million Tunisians can demand their freedom from the Jew-slaves. Seventy million Egyptians can demand their freedom from the Jew-slaves. What’s wrong with 300 million Americans?

Arabs and Muslims throughout the world deserve our respect. For decades they have put up with Jewish-Zionist bullshit. They have had to tolerate our idiotic labels: “Muslim extremist” (anyone who refuses to be a Jew-slave) and “Muslim terrorist” (anyone who fights to defend their basic human rights). American propaganda and American bombs have rained down on their heads for years, and yet they would not surrender. When the time came, they demanded their freedom—and they won it.

Could it happen here?

Just imagine.

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Eygpt your gold is and as been stolen while you squable for your rights of freedom the elite and your expresident is stealing your gold at this present time your gold is going down fast with also your history from museums is being stolen .

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Government Document Captured from Egyptian Thugs
By wmw_admin on February 5, 2011

Kawther Salem – February 3, 2011

Below is a scanned copy of an official document, Circular No. 60 / b / M, issued by the Office of the Egyptian Interior Minister Habib al-Adli. The document bears the emblem of the Egyptian Interior Ministry; a handwritten note is written on the top-left of page 1, it reads “send by fax to the centers – highly secret”. The document could have been captured from a ransacked government office, or from a hooligan captured on the streets. It has in the meantime been widely spread in Arabic media.

English translation appear below
The document landed today morning in my inbox. It was sent to me by an Egyptian source, it reveals that the Egyptian Interior Ministry has implemented a plan to create chaos and looting, violence and terror in response to the angry demonstrations since last Friday, and the days after, which seek the end of the Mubarak regime, (and now also seek the execution of Mubarak after he refused to leave his position in peace and his regime perpetrated bloody crimes and massacres against the opposition demos). The document shows part of a plan which targets the nation, attempts to instill fear in the demonstrators and force them to end their demos.

The document was issued by the Office of the Egyptian Interior Minister and states that the plan detailed is based on the deployment of criminal elements in the middle of demonstrators, to foment chaos in conjunction with the deliberate withdrawal of the police and security forces from the streets of all cities.

The document reveals that among the activities of the plan is the intensive spreading of rumors through the Egyptian media (official TV, radio, news), like the use of screaming and wailing of female elements of the security forces, showing them asking for help because of looting and the decline of security.

The document also shows as part of the plan the cutting off of Internet connections and communications, the insinuation in the official media that the Police and the security forces are incapable of protecting the people during the protests, the insinuation that the people should protect themselves through the formation of popular committees to maintain security in the absence of bodies in charge of security.

What this document contains, if it is true, shows the shocking depravity of a regime determined to keep their hold on power by any means. It shows in full the disdain of the Mubarak regime for the Egyptian people, not unlike the attitude of the PA towards the Palestinian people, it shows the inner workings of a regime kept afloat by the western regimes for over 30 years who knew full well and approved of the thuggery of Mubarak against his people. As a side note, according to sources, solidarity demonstrations in the West Bank were ended violently and the organizers arrested by the Palestinian Authority.

This document could be a hint to cooperation of the Mubarak regime with israeli and/or American elements such as Frank Wisner. The presence of Wisner in Egypt is a very bad sign in any case, as he hails from a family of zionist jews with a long history of involvement in terrorism and other atrocities around the world. He is certainly no friend of the Egyptian people. The tactics detailed in the document resemble some of the dirty tricks used by the occupation against Palestinians.

I have added below a summary translation of the document from Arabic. If you have a better translation, please send it.

Click to enlarge. Translation appears below
Text of the document:

Ministry of the Interior:

Minister’s Office

Circular No. 60 / B / M

Secret and very important (written by hand)

Topic: Plan to address the mass demonstrations


1 – Allowing the demonstrations to pass in the streets of cities and villages of the country since today, without objection, and to exercise extreme caution while shooting the live, rubber bullets and the tear gas. This must be done according to the competent jurisdiction mentioned in the table sent to you.

2- To employ a number of (thugs, criminals, bullies) and to pay them well after meeting them at their homes in private and at gathering places by authorized elements, without official mission status and to explain to them the deployment plans according to the attached table of the sites entitled to -1- and tell them about the times of their movement and the plan to create scalable chaos mentioned in the statement.

3 – Controlling individuals, parties, organizations through coordination with printing and publishing houses and communication facilities; keeping a complete record of incoming and outgoing messages and calls and analyzing its content by writing reports about the each case since the information is received.

4 – We will cut the communications (Mobile – Internet) services from 6 AM on Friday, 28 1 2011; we will keep the landlines in service. All our officers and elements must be ready to use wireless communications devices, and to be sure that they are able to use encryption devices.

5 – The plan of the deployment of police, detectives and secret service personnel will be in civilian clothes, according to the annex entitled B-2.

6 – The demonstrations of Friday 28 01 2011 must be held in public squares and other central locations. The events must be stopped from access to the areas on alert, according to the attached map entitled 3.

7 – To make sure to arm the elements in civilian clothes with wooden sticks, small iron pieces for use during arrests of the main elements and the leaders of the demonstrations, without showing any violence.

8 – Firing rubber bullets and tear gas but without using live bullets, which are only allowed by alarm and only if absolutely necessary.

9 – Show partial disability from 4 PM on Friday, which shows that the police force is unable to guarantee security, and show the superiority of the demonstrators, while allowing the infiltration of elements of item 2 (thugs and criminals) to cause limited chaos during the demonstrations and according to the plan agreed with them before that.

10 – A full withdrawal of police, the central security forces, the traffic police and reassigning them to guard and protect government sites and institutions … wearing civilian clothes; and to be present on side roads and “around trees” and to engagement between the lines of the organizers of the demonstrations and in the parking lots without interfering in any negative phenomena and without revealing their identities or interfering in the street movements until they receive orders to do so …

11 – Emptying the police stations of weapons, ammunition and prisoners and transferring all to the central prison and place them under heavy guard; sending specials forces, private security elements, collaborators and secret service elements to jail instead of them. (Comment: so that they will be freed instead of the original prisoners).

12 – Broadcasting rumors through all media about acts of looting and theft; this will be accomplished by placing by our female elements at different locations, near the foreign media, who will cry and tell about strong panic. The rumors spread will be according to the plan of spreading rumors attached to you.

13 – Broadcast direct messages through individuals or indirect messages distributed through leaflets to the foreign media located near the events about of acts of looting and breaking into banks, shops and police stations to coincide with the deployment of the bully plan mentioned in item 2, in order to spread the impression a state of general panic and terror in the streets and to show that there is civil and popular demand for the presence of police, military, public security organs in these locations.

14 – Issuing direct and indirect hints through national and foreign media about the formation of committees to protect the popular neighborhoods in order to cause members of the demonstrations to go away or to their sites without the need of imposition of any force by the army on them.

15 – Spreading false rumors and false information through all means, through foreign media stations only, and then correcting that information through local media stations, in order to gain the confidence of the public and divert the attention from these stations and so discredit them in all incoming calls to the local media stations.

16 – Broadcasting strong rumors through the national and foreign media about the existence of chaos and the escape of prisoners and stating a fake big number of the prisoners who escaped, specially of dangerous prisoners, and claiming that those dangerous prisoners have been seen within residential areas.

17 – Calling upon all people across the media to format popular committees to watch day and night to protect the living. The calls must be send through the voices of women, members of the security as was agreed in the meeting with you earlier.

18 – Following the situation on the ground by the security forces who will find out the approximate number of opposition elements and demonstrators, according to item 2.

19 – Extensive contacts and personal calls to all media which show that the presence of people’s committees for the protection of neighborhoods, residential and commercial areas make things better.

20 – Start gradually showing solidarity with the regime and the leadership by raising signs of support for them at the right time, according to the plan.


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