the Ascension Process

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earthspirit7 wrote:
rich316 wrote:
earthspirit7 wrote::flop: Some really GREAT questions and answers about Ascension :hugging:

How is a physical body is taken into a higher realm{dimension}?

What will life be like on Earth Planet A {Ascension planet.. 4-5thD} after Ascension ?

What will happen Earth Planet B {current Earth continues in 3D} and its inhabitants?

and so much more answered !!

If you've ever read over the law of one, which are the only channelings to have stood the test of time. You will note over and over again, there is no physical body in a 4th density plane of existence. You must die in this 3D world to ascend or re do this 3D experience again on another planet if a higher vibration is not suited to the current entity.

WRONG...not this time around !!! You should read other channelings then cause they say what I just said....but thanks for your comment.

In your opinion. I'd be very wary of 'other channelings', there's lots of mentally ill people out there. Listen to the little old ladies like Deloris Cannon and Carla Rueckert and not people like this... :lol:

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