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The Bear is in a category named Omnivore. The definition of omnivore, for the sake of my metaphor, is that they will prey on flesh and blood or they can eat fruits and berries or whatever else that isn't flesh and blood as well.

One way to describe an omnivore is that they can be either carnivorous or as herbivores or grazers. Humans are omnivores as well and I would suggest that we as a species have the choice to either prey on our fellow man or not, meaning we, individually and collectively, can make a choice not to prey on others and all that that means. We can reject this behavior.

I remember as a teenager messing around with a ouija board. Myself and one other asked the board a few trivial questions and the board really seemed to be working. Then I asked who would rule the world and the planchette moved very quickly and deliberately spelling out "the bear".

Since that one and only seemingly true experience I have never been able to make the board act or move again but I haven't had much interest in doing so either. The answer the board gave me that day stayed with me until this day but it means something now that I didn't understand earlier.

There are two bears in the night skies, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the greater bear and the little bear or as I would call it, the lesser bear. Here, in the skies, we see our choice. The greater bear is the carnivore and the lesser bear is he/she that would choose not to prey on their fellow man.

The greater bear is he that would rule. He would take the throne and crown himself king, the lesser bear would not. If you do your research you will find that king Arthur is associated with "the Greater Bear" and there is more than one author that has connected the King Arthur tales with Jesus and, imo, that connection is warranted as Jesus would take the throne.

There has been a thread or two about Daniel 7 recently. The bear is one of the characters of that chapter but it doesn't have anything to do with different countries. The images of this chapter or story are sign posts on an inner journey or path. They are a long way up the path and it would take more time to explain than I care to elaborate on today.

This story is a story of descent as the first beast is about to stand as man. The second beast, the bear, shows the choice that was made. The choice in that case was predation, the bear is told to devour flesh, this is the great bear.

The whole story and decline is the result of this choice, to prey on your fellow man or not. The outcome of our choice becomes obvious as the story progresses. It comes down to this, do we continue to allow people to prey on others or do we finally stop this nonsense.

The age of kings must end!!! We need to choose the lesser bear, the bear that would not be king nor prey on his fellow man.

Have a great day!!! :sunny:

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The Russian Bear?

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Pateriot wrote:The Russian Bear?

That was my first thought many years ago and during the cold war it really made sense as propaganda had me, like everyone else, blind to the truth about Russia and their quest to rule the world.

With metaphors you do see many physical parallels that are all saying something, so it is easy to try and stretch it out in order to foresee the physical future but the metaphors all point to something in the world inside, that's what I would say the purpose of the metaphor is, a picture of the physical to describe the spiritual.

The key word to my question many years ago was who would "Rule". I would say the way out of the predicament that mankind finds itself in is to give up the quest to rule and that can mean much more than it reads on it's face.

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The Bear is also a totem on the medicine wheel...

That's a nice detour to take. :look:

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