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brothers wrote:If we have a stargate then why do we need to have underground bases. And what makes the elite so special anyways. Sorry, its a good story but I just cannot buy it. If humans from 45000 years from now are here to make sure that nothing gets fixed then they must also know that perhaps it is being fixed. Any which way we will survive whatever comes.

I heard, and read somewhere, I will put a link on here when I find it, that the Stargate is split into 13 pieces all over the world so that no one country can use it alone, something to do with the united nations thingy. I also read that our dna cannot handle going through the stargate but it is used for "other civilisations from other planets" to travel through. Not sure how much I believe though. I am not a gullible person but my yearning for something to change and proof of other life forms from other galaxies :alien: does allow my mind to sometimes believe to unbelievable!!
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ihaveseen wrote:
brothers wrote:If we have a stargate then why do we need to have underground bases. And what makes the elite so special anyways. Sorry, its a good story but I just cannot buy it. If humans from 45000 years from now are here to make sure that nothing gets fixed then they must also know that perhaps it is being fixed. Any which way we will survive whatever comes.

I heard, and read somewhere, I will put a link on here when I find it, that the Stargate is split into 13 pieces all over the world so that no one country can use it alone, something to do with the united nations thingy. I also read that our dna cannot handle going through the stargate but it is used for "other civilisations from other planets" to travel through. Not sure how much I believe though. I am not a gullible person but my yearning for something to change and proof of other life forms from other galaxies :alien: does allow my mind to sometimes believe to unbelievable!!

This is the Dan Burisch story from project camelot.

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funkt33 wrote:
ihaveseen wrote:
brothers wrote:If we have a stargate then why do we need to have underground bases. And what makes the elite so special anyways. Sorry, its a good story but I just cannot buy it. If humans from 45000 years from now are here to make sure that nothing gets fixed then they must also know that perhaps it is being fixed. Any which way we will survive whatever comes.

I heard, and read somewhere, I will put a link on here when I find it, that the Stargate is split into 13 pieces all over the world so that no one country can use it alone, something to do with the united nations thingy. I also read that our dna cannot handle going through the stargate but it is used for "other civilisations from other planets" to travel through. Not sure how much I believe though. I am not a gullible person but my yearning for something to change and proof of other life forms from other galaxies :alien: does allow my mind to sometimes believe to unbelievable!!

This is the Dan Burisch story from project camelot.

Thanks for that, was going mad and thinking that maybe i had dreamt it or was going mad!! :cheers: couldnt find it anywhere
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That was always one of my favorite stories. I thought I had read we could go through the stargate but there was a limiter so to speak that would not allow technology to go through. this was an attempt to keep all stargate missions as peaceful as possible. But at some point they were able to get around this and could travel with technology.

It would seem to me if they are afraid of some event that will destroy our electronic infrastructure that at some point they will shut it all down to minimize the damage. This could be done days in advance if not longer to ensure proper shutdown. Sorta like unplugging your important electronics at home during a lightning storm.

I'm not saying this is anything more than my imagination but.............has anyone else felt at times like the past we know of now doesn't seem to quite mesh with the past we grew up knowing? Take the internet for example. Sure there are historical accounts that lead up to its current status but if you were alive when the internet you remember how you heard about? Does it seem a little fuzzy? Almost like it just appeared and we all knew what it was and how it worked and what possibilities it could bring. Terminology inspired by the web came fast "@, email, newbie, lol" all things that seemed to root themselves in our subconscious over night.

What about things just keep getting worse no matter how hard anyone tries to make it better. Probably just my strange ass imagination.
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savwafair2012 wrote:Sit down hold on and try for one second to understand the truth.This will all fall into place .
The visitors who crashed at Roswell were future humans. They were not from another planet, but from a future Earth – stepping (which may be a better word than traveling) back in time to 1947 to attempt to deal with serious problems which had occurred in their history. Their mission was to try to change their past by creating an alternative branch of their own timeline, so that particular events – about to happen to us in our very near future – would not actually occur.

The Roswell visitors were on a purely altruistic mission. They did not have to do this, but chose to... out of compassion. But the mission went disastrously wrong – not just because they crashed (an accident caused by high-powered radar – later the military realized this and made use of radar as a weapon), but because they had a device with them which was their only means, as an orientation device in time and space, to get them home and back to their own time.

The device was a little box, highly advanced and multifunctional in nature, and was far smaller than the "Looking Glass" that Dan Burisch and Bill Hamilton describe as being subsequently utilized by military scientists in various experiments. When the box was acquired and investigated by the military, this became a catastrophe in itself. It made the timeline problem many times worse, because this both introduced time manipulation technology to us at the wrong time... and also told the military what lay ahead.

It can not be stressed too strongly how totally calamitous for us all the Roswell incident was. It was a major, major setback, right at the start of the future humans' project to help fix the problem. Acquiring a device such as that which the Roswell visitors carried would immediately alter the timeline which the future humans were trying to change in the first place... so there would then be two timelines that need fixing, and not just one.

NOAA, the Dark Star, and Global Warming

A small organization within NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is aware of what scientists there sometimes call the “second sun”. This is a massive astronomical object, possibly a brown dwarf, which is on a long elliptical orbit around our own sun on an inclined plane to the rest of the planets. To align with other researchers, we'll refer to this as the Dark Star.

The Dark Star is now approaching, and is causing resonance effects on our sun in various ways. This is the cause of the warming of all the planets, not just the Earth. This information is classified, but has been known for a number of years.

This issue is connected with the Roswell catastrophe described above. The problems the future humans were attempting to address were multiple, but principally featured a possible event triggered by a massive 'spike' of solar activity at some point in our currently near future.

We emphasize most strongly that this event is only possible (having been observed in Looking Glass devices in a possible future)... and, importantly, is now evaluated to be unlikely.

The increase in solar activity is caused only in part by the Dark Star, multiple factors being at play. These are complex. Some of them are on a galactic scale, and are associated with natural, periodic events which the Earth has suffered through a number of times previously. What makes this particular time completely unique for our planet is that there is a convergence of serious factors – such as global warming, overpopulation, and our propensity for choreographing war – all of which combine with these major, cyclic and solar events to simultaneously threaten the well-being of ourselves and the biosphere.

The large-scale events are unstoppable. It's also unclear when the 'spike' of solar activity is due to be - though our understanding is that this is imminent, and could occur at any time in the next ten years or so. Although the issue has been considerably hyped, it's impossible not to observe that the year 2012 is right in the middle of this bell-curve of probability.

What is possible, however, is to minimize the effects of the solar event. Evaluated Looking Glass data concludes that there is a 19% probability of the worse case scenario occurring, with 85% confidence that that 19% figure is correct. It seems we're off the hook... although no matter what timeline one is on, significant problems lie ahead with the man-made crises that surround us (exacerbated by solar activity).

Insurance: Underground Bases, Project Preserve Destiny, and the Martian Colony

Readers may by now have made the connection with the trillions of dollars spent in recent decades by various military agencies on underground bases in a number of different countries. Given the possibility of an imminent near-ELE (extinction level event), a cynic would argue that it's a smart use of our tax dollars to ensure that at least some humans survive.

Other readers will connect this potential scenario with the story told by Dan Sherman, in straightforward, unassuming and sober fashion, in which he was trained as an IC (Intuitive Communicator) as a preparation for an unknown future event that would include all electronic communications being rendered unusable. The project he was part of was called Project Preserve Destiny... the title of which gives us a very heavy clue to what this was all about.

Researchers who have looked into the claims of the infamous TV program Alternative 3 conclude in the main that the show was a hoax. There is clear evidence that the show was a dramatic portrayal of arguably fictional events. However, it would appear that it may have been accidental disinformation rather than a hoax per se. Certain events portrayed in the progra are markedly similar to the scenario presented here.

Among those is the existence of a substantial Mars base, established in the early 1960s and supplied by a combination of stargates and an advanced, classified space program codenamed SOLAR WARDEN. The Mars base apparently has a number of functions but among those would certainly be the ensured survival of the human species should anything untoward happen on or to our home planet.

What Can Be Done?

As has been written above, the major, cyclic large-scale events that are set to occur are unstoppable by us or any other race, no matter how advanced their technology. But what can be mitigated are certain effects. Much remains under our control, although as every day passes the clock is ticking: carbon emissions are not helping; choreographed and orchestrated war adds to the chaos; and new diseases and possible pandemics may be controllable if we act in harness.

This is no different a warning than has been stated by many other messengers in recent years, but we place this in a context where the stakes are rather higher than usually recognized. It IS possible to work together to make a difference in a situation in which the backs of the human race may be up against the wall.

On an individual level, more is possible. Michael St Clair says simply: find a safe place, and do it now. Many others agree. It may be smart to avoid living on the coast, on low-lying land, on a fault zone, in a major city, or on the sides of a volcano. Fresh water is likely to be a major issue. Some analysts consider the southern hemisphere (Australia?) to be safer than the north, as the craziness of orchestrated war threatens.

Remember that global warming will really start to bite in the near future. The Atlantic Conveyor may conceivably shut down, plunging Europe into a deep freeze. The warmer the Earth gets, the more evaporation there will be from the sea; so expect Katrina-scale hurricanes (in the west) and cyclones (in the east - they're pretty much the same thing), and disrupted and extreme weather patterns everywhere.

There is a metaphysical approach, too. Lynne McTaggart in her new book The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life argues as she did in her previous work, The Field, that consciousness is a factor that can and does affect macro-scale events. We would wholeheartedly agree. Morphic fields – templates or patterns of manifestations yet to unfold – are as powerful and influential as they are invisible; and morphic resonance is also amenable to the power of thought.

It's even possible to bootstrap oneself into an optimum (least worst) timeline... though there's no instruction book on a mechanical means to do this. Spiritual methodologies such as the many forms of Meditation and other Yogic practice, Buddhism, Sufiism and Shamanism can assist one here. (This is far from an exclusive list, and may include some of the major organized religions. Prayer, if well understood and applied by a mature and aware spirit, is certainly capable of working miracles.)

Times are changing, and global awareness (actually, a large morphic field) is gradually being heightened. The real question is, how fast? The way to put one's shoulder to the wheel is to add one's own strong and optimistic intention to the concept of the positive outcome. And like all such mental or spiritual gymnastics, this has to be real: it cannot be faked.


This information has been reported by Dan Burisch. See Dan Burisch's website.
Not all visitors are time travelers. There are a great many races currently visiting this planet; many of these are genuine extraterrestrials. Reported numbers vary, but the respected witness Sgt. Clifford Stone, for example, says he knew of 57. Other witnesses have reported numbers of a similar order of magnitude.
The motivations of the visitors are likely to vary as much as human agendas do. We can safely assume that some are benevolent and altruistic; some are evil and self-serving; and others may have agendas we can only guess at and may be beyond human understanding.

According to Burisch, some of the subsequent visitors were future humans who were (at that future time) based on other planets, and no longer on the future Earth.

This matter is complex. According to Burisch, some future humans are benevolent, while others are actually seeking to ensure that history is not changed; see note 23 below.
Dan Burisch has made detailed technical drawings, from memory, of the 'Looking Glass' device he was familiar with. We'll publish these as soon as we have clearance. Henry Deacon has said that he never worked with or encountered the form of Looking Glass that Burisch described, and therefore is not in a position to confirm it.
Bill Hamilton described the Looking Glass in some detail on this page of his website. (Note: the image shown is not the real thing; this is taken from the movie The Time Machine.) The text is also reproduced here.
See Andy Lloyd's excellent website here, and the Binary Research Institute's website here. For a series of excellent graphics depicting the Dark Star's possible orbit, click here.
Researchers differ in some details, but the consensus is that this is probably a brown dwarf. Deacon only referred to it as a massive astronomical object, causing serious gravitational and other effects. Burisch has stated in personal correspondence that his best recall is that he had been told that this object was a small black hole.
The mechanism is unclear, but appears to include electromagnetic, gravitational, and other resonance effects.
This information is in the public domain. It has been observed, for instance that Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are all warming up. There are many other references. Click here to read David Wilcock's and Richard Hoagland's comprehensive and detailed research into 'climate change' affecting every planet in our solar system.
A possible contender for the companion star was announced in 1983 by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) team, reporting a Jupiter-sized object at a distance of 550 astronomical units (550 times the Earth's distance from the sun). The report was withdrawn soon afterwards, though IRAS have always claimed this was not a cover-up. Deacon reports that the small organization within NOAA has known about the "second sun" for a decade or possibly much longer, but has never made any public reference to it.
Burisch has stated on record that according to the most recent computer-analyzed Looking Glass data, there is a 19% chance of the worse case scenario occurring, with 85% confidence in that 19% figure.
Burisch and Deacon both report that the principal factors at play are large scale and galactic in nature, linked with long-term, recurring cycles of influence on the Earth. Read this article about the correlation between cosmic ray activity and global warming, for instance.
Al Gore, in his acclaimed documentary An Inconvenient Truth, makes the case for the harmful effect of increased carbon emissions with considerable impact. However, the real cause of global warming almost certainly lies with other larger scale causes (see note 9 above).
The Report from Iron Mountain, among other documents in the public domain, references the organized and orchestrated requirement for war in order to maintain macro-scale economic and social stability.
21 December, 2012 is when the famous Mayan calendar comes to an end. Much has been written in speculation about the reasons why the Mayans saw no need to extend their calendar beyond that date. Deacon and Burisch state that this apparently exact date is not a precise prediction and that the solar events in question could occur at almost any time in the window 2007 – 2016.
See note 11 above. Because (according to Burisch) steps were taken to decommission certain devices which were in danger of triggering massively amplified earth changes at the time of the solar 'spike', Burisch is confident in this calculation. Deacon states the the situation is continually subject to change, and is less sure of the figures.
See this site for some details, and also many others.
There are persistent reports of underground bases in the US, the UK, Puerto Rico, France, Germany, Norway, Canada, Australia, South America and Antarctica.
Click here, here and here for three interesting photos of giant tunnel boring machines.
There are also undersea bases, confirmed by Deacon and researched by Dr. Richard Sauder and others.
Burisch reports that according to Looking Glass data, in the worse case scenario up to 94% of the Earth's population might be killed over the period of a small number of years following the catastrophe.
Any high-level military scenario planning would be based on the premise that not everyone could be saved if the world's population were under serious threat.
Sherman's story is told in his excellent e-book, Above Black.
It's accepted by scientists that one of the possible effects from a sufficiently major solar 'spike' is that on Earth all electronic communications might be rendered unusable for some time.
The title Project Preserve Destiny is chilling, implying that the project may be based on the premise that a cataclysmic future event has been observed through very high technology time-portal devices... and that it is to be ensured that what has been observed must occur. Burisch reports that a certain group of future humans, whom he calls The Rogues and who come from approx. 45,000 years hence, are committed to making sure that events in their history do indeed come to pass in our timeline and are not averted.
Alternative 3 was shown by UK's Anglia TV on 20 June, 1977 – although it was initially scheduled to be premiered on 1 April. Anglia TV made a statement the day after the program that it had been intended as a joke.
Click here for to see a streaming video of the program itself (54 mins).
Click here for a newspaper cutting in which Leslie Watkins, who authored the book of the same name, reveals that although he intended it as fiction in support of the TV program, he appears to have accidentally hit on something very real with the premise he portrayed.
The premise described in the TV program (and the book) was that to deal with the twin problems of overpopulation and global warming, there were three alternative solutions:
Alternative 1: to drastically reduce the human population on Earth;
Alternative 2: to construct a network of underground bases to safeguard a small, elite population;
Alternative 3: to establish a 'Noah's Ark' colony of humanity's best and brightest off of the planet – on Mars.
According to Deacon, stargates are routinely used for transport to distant locations, 'travel time' being instantaneous.
Deacon reports that SOLAR WARDEN encompasses a small fleet of large, highly classified spaceplanes.
According to Deacon, the Mars base is multifunctional and has a large population of around 670,000 (not all of whom are present-day humans). Situated underground on the bottom of an ancient dried-up sea, it has, apparently, been in existence for thousands of years but was recently re-established in the early 1960s by an international team. Its functions include stargate access to more distant locations still.
HIV, SARS, Avian ('bird') flu, and other modern scares – whether orchestrated or not – come to mind.
See our interviews page for more on Michael St Clair, a well-known visionary and astrologer who predicts major problems in the coming few years and who advocates prudently identifying safe places to live. (St Clair has already moved to live in a small community in a remote location.)
Click here for a summary of the importance of the Atlantic Conveyor, a critical component of the oceanic circulatory system. If the Atlantic Conveyor were to shut down (as might be triggered by a massive amount of cool water flooding into the North Atlantic from, for instance, the melting of Arctic ice or Greenland glaciers), then the warm waters of the Gulf Stream would no longer reach European shores and Europe would experience a much cooler climate... despite global warming.
Lynne McTaggart's book, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life, is available here. She is also the author of the ground-breaking book, The Field.
The British Biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake introduced the concepts of Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance in his revolutionary 1981 book A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Formative Causation. Simply put, Sheldrake argues that species create Morphic Fields – templates based on accumulated experience that have an an effect on the behaviors, attitudes and abilities of subsequent members of the same species – which influence others encountering the same situations at the same or a later time.
The relevance here is that humans can consciously create Morphic Fields, which influence others once a critical mass of intention is gathered. It's one way in which a small group, powerfully and positively focused, can gradually change the world.


The Big Picture Conspiracy

Doug Kelley of Paranexus Universe interviewing Project Camelot

Bill Ryan:

G: One of the things I wanted to ask you, Bill, was… You know, on your website you talk about, kind of, your thesis. And I thought that was really fascinating. And I wonder if you could kind of enlighten our audience, if you could give them your perspective, kind of what you think, or an overview on what you think is happening and what the consequences might be. Because I think our audience may not be as familiar with it as I am, and I find it absolutely fascinating.

B: OK, I will do my best. And the reason why I say that is because these are complicated concepts, and it’s almost the kind of thing that’s easier to present with a diagram rather than on live radio. But here we go.

This is what we are reasonably convinced has happened, and it’s a sort of a variation of, and an enlargement on, what could be called conventional UFO understanding. So here we go.

D: Take a breath.

B: [laughs] Very deep breath. We are given to understand by two of our witnesses who did not know each other, independent-testing me, one of whom is Dan Burisch who is well-known to the UFO community, who we know well and who we are totally satisfied that his credentials are good will and very high connections; and another guy whose pseudonym, which we gave him, is Henry Deacon, who has worked on the inside for a large number of years. We know this guy very, very well.

And, just as an aside on that, a couple of weeks ago we started a forum called the Project Avalon forum, not Project Camelot, but Project Avalon. The two are closely connected, and we’ll talk about that a little bit, too. And Henry Deacon is very live on this forum. It’s an almost unique situation where we’ve got a black-ops whistleblower who’s actually answering questions in real time on our forum.

Now, what these two witnesses say is that the Roswell visitors were future humans from a future Earth. They were not extra-terrestrials, they are extra-temporals. And they differ slightly in the time period which they believe they came from. Dan Burisch, from what I recall, says that he understands that they came from 24,000 years in the future. Henry Deacon says he thought it was more like 6,000 years in the future.

But those details are really unimportant, because this is such an important concept to get. And the thing is that this was not… This crash was a HUGE screw-up, if you’ll excuse my French here, because it was not to have happened.

And one of the things that was retrieved from the crash was a small device which was a kind of… It was like a time portal, time guidance, time travel, instrument which is way beyond my capacity to describe in the English language. I wouldn’t even know how to… I wouldn’t even know what to call this thing.

But the consequences of this was that the US military, in 1947, they got their hands on a device that enabled them to be able to look into the future and manipulate time in various ways, and to create a very… To make that complicated story short, what happened was that then created a massive amount of confusion, because it’s like giving a bunch of kids a whole bunch of dynamite and detonators.

G: Just the mere thought of it, Bill, is kind of scary, you know, the military tinkering with something like that in the 1940s.

B: Yeah. They were tinkering around… As we are given to understand by both Burisch and Deacon, they were tinkering around with this high-tech device in such a way that it started to create loops and paradoxes in time.

And one of the issues that was prevalent there was that they discovered fairly early on, both from their own investigations using this device, and also from contact with future humans from a different era, even further into the future, is that in the future humans’ history, there was a major catastrophe in the year 2012 or around 2012.

This is what the 2012 thing is all about. It’s about an awareness that we have, and a historical record from the future humans’ point of view, that from their historical perspective, there was a major catastrophe that was a huge civilization wipeout. It was a pole shift.

And what happened then… once again, to make this long story very short… is that the US military did what they do best and they started to dig in. They took defensive action and they started to spend trillions of dollars on a whole network of underground bases.

And interestingly enough, in the future humans’ history, this as exactly what was done. And after the catastrophe, half of the human race stayed underground, half of the human race left the planet, first to the Moon and Mars. They went off in different direction and evolved in slightly different ways.

Now, the reason for this pole shift, so we are given to understand, was that a certain kind of time-portal technology, which is known in the vernacular as Looking-glasses, manmade Looking-glasses and manmade Stargates, which both used the same kind of technology.

Stargates you travel through. Looking-glasses you look through. And you can look into time and you can look into space.

And according to the future humans’ history, these devices amplified - accidentally - the effects of the Earth moving through a particular region of energetic space in and around the time of 2012. And this is what you read about all over the net … we’ll have the Earth moving into an area where it’s parallel with the plane of the…

G: Center of the Galaxy...

B: …the galaxy. Something to do with that. This isn’t just complete hokum, although there’s a lot of hokum talked about it.

There’s a region of energetic space that the solar system starts to move through, and is starting to move through, and in the future humans’ timeline, these manmade Looking-glass and Stargate devices amplified these energetic effects, which is something to do with micro-wormholes in space, and caused the entire Earth to wobble, just like knocking over a bowl of soup in a restaurant, which created this huge wipeout.

And we’ve got all… Although it’s a paradox and we haven’t kind of got there yet, the human race has got this sort of future-perspective-ancestral-memory of this thing. Everyone’s looking around thinking: My god! You know, we’re in deep trouble, and what’s this 2012 thing about? And people are talking catastrophes and pole shifts.

And it’s almost impossible to find the right tense to use in the English language. It’s like this did happen in the future and the future humans came back and said: Listen, we know why this happened, because it happened to us. If you decommission or dismantle these Looking-glasses and Stargates, then this won’t happen to you.

And then this creates a new, different, timeline. And we have been credibly assured by Dan Burisch, who took part in a special project last year, 2007, to check out whether the decommissioning of the Looking-glasses and Stargates had actually been effective.

And his summary was that, yes, the catastrophe has been avoided. This will not happen. But what they did see was a whole bunch of other stuff which has been coming at us for the last 6 to 9 months. And this has focused our attention.

And in this intelligence probe - it’s a time portal intelligence probe into the future - the catastrophic future timeline which they called Timeline 2, that apparently is very improbable now. That is, they are assured that this will not happen.

What they did see on Timeline 1, which is the non-catastrophic timeline… and it’s Variant 83 which they saw. They had to call it something, and there are a number of variants, and this has all got to do with quantum probabilities.

What they saw was that before the US election in 2008 (and here we are now!), there would be a war which would be launched that then would be inherited by the next administration, the president of which would be Hillary Clinton! … which is interesting, because this doesn’t look to be the case. There would have to be a lot of strange events occur for this to the case. So it looks as if that timeline has been broken. But for a long time this was not certain.

And the events on that Variant 83 of Timeline 1 are not only a war against Iran, but an economic collapse which is associated with that, and then an enormous mess which is pretty bad news and certainly something to be avoided if at all possible, that involves various nuclear exchanges… Pakistan, Russian, China, a whole bunch of nasty stuff. Not the civilization-stopper, but certainly something that involves quite a lot of hard times in the next 18 months to 2 years.

And ever since that news was discovered, as it were, various factions have been trying to avert this, because we do have free will and the future is not cast in stone. And the very first thing that happened after this was discovered was that Mike McConnell - who’s a good guy and he’s the Director of National Intelligence, the USDNI, as he’s called - he instructed his intelligence organization to publish what is called the National Intelligence Estimate on the 3rd of December last year [2007] which stated that Iran was not a threat.

Now, that was not in the timeline that was seen, so this was the first attempt to actually change things and to avert the war.

And basically ever since then, there’s been in a push-me/pull-you between the factions who actually want this war to happen - because they’re driven by all kinds of crazy Illuminati prophecies about end times and Armageddon, and they actually want this thing to happen.

As Dan Burisch has said in the past, that because for so many years the politicians of the world have known what seems to be lying ahead, based on this time portal information, they have just been actors following a script, just following what they kind of believe in a quasi-religious way is their destiny.

And this is really alarming, because where this destiny goes is somewhere that doesn’t look like particularly good news for the human race.

Now, at this point I’m going to take another deep breath here. I’m going to stop and I’m going to allow Kerry to fill in all the gaps.


D: OK.

G: We’re all ears.

D: Kerry, still with us?

K: Hi. Yeah. I am. Actually, I’m not really sure where you want to go at this point, so I’ll let you ask the questions and let’s, you know, let me try to answer.

D: Well, let’s do this. We’re getting close to the bottom of the hour so we’re going to take a short break in just a minute and then we’ll come back from the break and we’ll pick it up where we left off and that’ll give you a chance to reset here a little bit.

Before we go to our break, I just want to welcome everybody in the chat-room and everybody who is listening. We’re glad you could take your time and join us tonight. A very interesting discussion, a lot to come out of it yet. I think we’re scratching the iceberg here. There’s a lot of questions on this one. We’re very excited to have Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy with us from Project Camelot. We’re going to pick up the discussion with them just as soon as we get back from the break.

They’ll hang with us. We’ll be right back.


And welcome back everybody. Doug Kelley here with Grant Rubendunst, and we're talking with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot.

Welcome back, Bill and Kerry.

K: So this is Kerry. And, just to recap for a second what we were talking about before the break, we were talking about how Timeline 1, variant 83 has been possibly changed.

At this moment the information we’re getting is that actually the timeline is changing so rapidly that something that was planned and in the works for a few months ago may not be actually occurring the way people think it will, and that goes for massive events. It goes for some of the weather wars that are going on behind the scenes, and some of the plans that are being made to launch attacks on Iran, and so on.

Lately we have, in the last two months, just launched a new website that’s sort of the sister website to Project Camelot, called Project Avalon and you can go there. It’s We have a forum there which is actually exploding and taking off in an incredible manner. We had something like 13,000 visitors in the first week or so. And then we’re up to 2,000 users at the moment. That’s not counting the people that just visit every day, but actual registered users.

And it’s all about building communities, finding safe places and networking for the coming day that includes the future, creating a new future, hopefully a new paradigm, from where we are now, up to and beyond 2012.

And we just see 2012 as being just one day. We see we’re in the throes of a complete global change and hopefully an emergence of a different consciousness. And the old paradigm is quickly destroying itself. And we plan to replace it. And so we’re going to do our bit here.

Project Camelot was all about stating the problem. And Project Avalon is all about creating a solution. So we’re hoping to continue along those lines.

One of the things with Project Avalon is also that we’re making available resources for building communities and for, you know, eco-friendly communities, anything you need to know to set yourself up, and maybe a small group of people, in a safe place.

There will be Earth changes in the future. We’re having, you know, some pretty heavy-duty storms, as you’re seeing already, and there may be some escalations along those lies.

There certainly are weathers wars, so even things that are naturally induced by the Earth itself and some of the planetary and galactic changes that we are going through are going to be aggravated by actual weather technology which is being, I guess you might say, misused by The Powers That Be, Russia, China, the US.

So there’s that aspect of things that you also have to be aware of.

D: Kerry, let me ask you a question. Are you saying that the weather issues that we’ve been having in perhaps recent years, or even this year, is the result of the weather manipulation by the government powers?

K: Yes. I’m saying that in addition to the natural changes that are going on, and that means, you know, things going on with the sun although right now the sun has been incredibly quiet, there have been some “hits” on both sides. There’s a lot of thought that the Chinese earthquake was a targeted hit, and Ben Fulford has come forward to talk about that. We’ve got a recorded interview with him. He’s also talked about that, I believe, on Rense.

It’s hard to prove this sort of thing unless you get a black-ops person coming forward. I have to say that, other than perhaps Tom Bearden, there are not a lot of people out there that are willing to come forward and talk about the weather wars side of things.

That was one incident. The tsunami in Indonesia was apparently, possibly, caused by an undersea hit, electromagnetic hit.

D: Well, what’s the point? I mean, are they testing? Or are they actually targeting these different areas? And if they are, for what purpose?

K: Well, from what we understand… I mean, you have to sort of go back to Project Camelot and drill down through all the different witnesses, but what it comes down to is the Illuminati Agenda.

What that is encompasses is, in the short term… If you want to look at what’s called the Iron Mountain Report - and we have had that substantiated by Henry Deacon. We’ve got a link to it on our site under Henry Deacon, but you can also just do a search on the web for Iron Mountain Report. Basically that lays out what WAS the Illuminati Agenda. And that started somewhere back in, gosh, I don’t know, the ’60s at least, and going forward.

However, what happened since then is that… And that had to do with population reduction. That was the bottom line: that the Earth was going to become overpopulated and they, the people in control, wanted to get rid of what was said to be 2/3 of the population.

Henry Deacon, who is one of our witnesses, has come forward and talked about how he was given that report and told to sit down and read it, digest it, and understand that We are the wolves and they are the sheep. And this is what’s going on.

What is further to that, and this kind of piggybacks on what Bill had been talking about with the timeline changing, is Dan Burisch saying that all bets are off, that the Looking-glasses have been shut down, The Powers That Be no longer theoretically are able to see their future (which was helping them make decisions, right? They were able to select the best decision for their own ego gratification and therefore move ahead) … that all the bets are off, at this point, with regard to that.

Although we have to say that this is the party-line that we’ve been given. I have to say that it’s possible THE POWERS THAT BE, being fairly devious, and certainly the Vatican is part of all of this, possibly have other means by which to see the future because it’s a technology that was taken from cylinder seals, Sumerian, and before that from the ETs. It also came, as Bill said, with the crash at either Roswell or Kingman, whichever one you want to believe.

But all we’re saying here is that that timeline, the timeline in which a catastrophe was in the works, nuclear war definitely, and various other things, possibly has been averted.

Although I have to say here that recently we’ve had communication with Dan Burisch in which he stated that the Orions are up above the Earth sitting in ships with American, possibly people, officers, from other countries (the Secret Space Program), and they’re watching to make sure that indeed the catastrophe does not happen.

So they’re sort of standing by on the off-chance that things take a really dark turn.

Certainly our economy is taking a dark turn at the moment.

D: Could you just clarify real quick… this catastrophe? Is it projected to be a certain time? Are we talking 2012? Is there anything about that in this?

K: I mean… Well, it’s the standard end of the Mayan calendar. Bill kind of outlined the various events, one of which is a pole shift.

We have mixed information on this. As you know… Because when we created Camelot, it wasn’t only about whistleblowers. It became about truth-tellers getting word to us from, you know, all kind of different places. And in fact we have a scientist who we cannot name who came forward, who has gone to work for - I think I can say this safely enough - Homeland Security.

He was called in to work for them. And he came forward secretly to us and stated that there would be a pole shift. There would be what I guess Ed Dames has called a “kill-shot” from the sun, and I believe, a magnetic pole shift as well.

B: What was interesting is that we got a one-liner email. And we get many, many one-liners from people, saying, you know: Great job on your site. We really like what you’re doing. Good luck to you guys. And we usually, you know, send a reply saying: Hey thanks a bunch. But he signed himself a name of somebody who I recognized.

And I got back to him saying: Are you who I think you are? [laughs] who was a name that many of your listeners would recognize.

And he said: Yes. I am that person. And he was responding to us privately. He hadn’t come knocking at our door as a whistleblower; he just said, Hey look, you know, I like your site. And we have had messages like that from a lot of insiders, who just like seeing what we’re doing because it does reflect many aspects of the truth in what they see. And we checked his e-mail address, whether he was the real guy, his IP address, and all that kind of verification.

So we found ourselves thinking: Hey, we’re talking to a guy who’s a brilliant scientist. We’ll just ask him a question or two. And this was two years ago. And the time span is really important because things have changed since then.

We said to him, basically: What do you know and what can you tell us about what’s coming up?

And he said: We’re in for a very tough time, and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. He said there will be three events in the next few years, starting in 2009.


He said the first one would be a [#1] coronal mass ejection [from the sun]. And he said: To see what I mean, look up the event of 1859, which we did.

The event of 1859 was before the electronic era, of course, and this was when the Earth was basically bombarded by massive fireworks display from the sun which created auroral displays as far south as the Equator in both hemispheres. It was incredibly spectacular and everyone saw wonderful sunsets for a little while. But it didn’t cause any damage because this was before the time of chips and circuits.

Now, if this happened now, a lot of stuff will get burned out. We would be OK. We’d see all the fireworks but we wouldn’t be able to talk on Skype, our cell-phones wouldn’t work, we wouldn’t have TV, we wouldn’t have radio. Our cars would stop working because the electronic management systems would burn out. Planes would fall out of the sky. The only things that …

Well, actually that’s a bit apocalyptic! Planes might fall out of the sky if the coronal mass ejection was strong enough. This parallels what Kerry described just now as Ed Dames having talked about what his team of remote viewers had seen in reference to a ‘Kill-shot’.

Now, this scientist who contacted us wasn’t talking about people getting fried by solar flares. What he was saying is that there is going to be something here that’s going to influence our electronics all over the world.


Then he said that there would a [#2] magnetic pole reversal which we’re given to understand is already in progress. And it doesn’t affect our everyday lives very much, but it causes whales and dolphins to end up getting lost and beaching themselves in the wrong place.

And it causes all kinds of interesting effects on our minds, the way that we think, because we are electromagnetic biophysical beings, at least at the physical level, and as the Earth’s magnetic field starts to go through its various fluctuations, we are all affected behaviorally by this, which is very, very, very interesting.

As that destabilizes, we destabilize as well emotionally at least to some degree, to the degree that, you know… We are spiritual beings operating this body through the interface of our brains, which is an electromagnetic environment, essentially.


And then finally, he said, [#3] the pole shift. That’s like a kind of a slam-dunk, yeah? And now, he said this before we got the news from Dan Burisch in 2007, as a result of the decommissioning of the Stargates and Looking-glasses, that the pole shift had been averted. So this is not contradictory information. It just confirms, basically, that this was what was in the cards at that time in 2006.

And what’s really interesting is, you know, how come a brilliant scientist, whose name is well-known in the public arena, is contracted to the Department of Homeland Security? I mean, that’s really interesting. And of course, as an Englishman, I couldn’t really understand this at first.

But then a number of my American friends helped me to understand that the Department of Homeland Security… This is like a very innocuous name for basically an over-riding intelligence organization that’s senior to just about everything else, and is handling not just issues of immigration and border control, but major, major areas of anything that’s related to national security. And it’s just got an innocuous name that looks like it was invented by George Orwell.

So, that’s my enlargement on that.

G: The thing that’s so frightening about that is, if all of our electronic systems go down, it’s going to disrupt everything globally, the banking system, everything. Certainly what’s going on now is not good, but if we have something of that magnitude, that’s going to cause an incredible collapse of just about everything.

K: Right. Well, actually Henry Deacon has come forward and has been talking to us about this electromagnetic “shot” that will happen at some point. And he actually says it will be induced by The Powers That Be, or could be. And he talks about safeguarding your electronics by wrapping them in aluminum foil and burying them in the dirt. [laughs] And on top of that, even cars navigate and are run by computers, so you have to understand how far-reaching this really is.

And then, at the same time, we had Dan Sherman, even before that, come forward, and talked about being actually, you know, genetically engineered by the ETs and the US government to be an ET interpreter, trained as an interpreter by the military, to operate during that time, this unique time, when the electromagnetic grid would go down.

It’s unclear how long it’ll be down for, but one assumes that if you’re going to train a group of ET communicators… And one might want to delve into why you’d need ET communicators when you have electromagnetic grid shut-down. That means that THE POWERS THAT BE are going to be communicating with the ETs during that time. And they have no other way to do it except psychically, with what are in essence trained psychics.

And that’s what Dan Sherman was. So he rebelled. He became a whistleblower. And you can find his website. I believe it’s called

At any rate, when we get information, it often becomes substantiated from more than one place, and so this idea of an electromagnetic breakdown of the grid has been substantiated from a number of different angles, people who don’t know anything about each other.

G: Have you guys got any idea as to how folks, THE POWERS THAT BE, the Illuminati or whatever, are planning on maintaining their own survival, for perpetuating their staying on top of the heap, so to speak?

K: Our understanding, again, is the underground bases is what they’ve provided for themselves. And this fits in with what Dan Burisch talked about in terms of the future humans coming back and saying that a certain group of humanity goes underground. I mean, there are huge underground cities that have been built for the time when the sun would become overactive, for the shift on the planet…if we have such a thing as a pole shift.

So all of these things have been provided for, again, by The Powers That Be, and they’re well aware of it.

The trouble is, for them, in essence, is that the things that they were planning for don’t seem to be in the works any more, for a number of reasons, one of which is that the consciousness on the planet is changing, and that we, because we are co-creators of our own destiny, are able to affect the future of what is happening. And that as humanity wakes up - and this is what our whole quest on Camelot was all about, was to wake up as many people as possible, to get onboard and know what was really going on, break through the matrix, if you will - such that we can actually change the program.

And so that seems to be happening. We’ve gotten several indications that it is. However, there are also very strong indicators that at the moment we are approaching a very important time - which is right now through the month of October - in which The Powers That Be may want to do something drastic in order to coalesce their power and stay afloat, at least in the United States. That would be the Neocon faction. And that they apparently…

If you listen to our recent audio interview with David Wilcock, he gives a wonderful summation of what went down in Georgia, and how the Israelis had planned to attack Iran from Georgia, and how that plan was actually worded, and how the Russians got hip to that.

Some good points about the humans of the future by Bill Ryan (Project Camalot).

Jerry Wills: Working Stargate Found
Segments of Interview 2008 Kevin Smith show

JERRY WILLS is about as close to a real world Indiana Jones as you come. He and his wife Cathy have trecked through hundreds of miles of Amazon rain forest, jungles, and Andean mountains. In the process, he has discovered lost cities, artifacts, and even ancient technologies. He discusses a lost city built by a race of giants that he and his wife found in the Andes. He also mentions discovering a genuine working stargate.
Link to 1st Interview 120min

Link to 2nd Interview 120 min ... erse04.htm

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PostSat Jul 18, 2009 2:08 pm » by NamelessGhoul

The Big Picture: A hypothesis:

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PostSat Jul 18, 2009 2:11 pm » by Drextin

concrete wrote:I suppose it would depend on time being linear. Past, present, future.
The only way I can see it is that time travel may exist and may even be possible (ever had a memory so vivid, that you felt you were there again?). But, time travel could only be a personal journey backwards. If time is linear, the future does not exist, it never will. It will always be the future. So, people from the future coming to the past, can not happen since they do not exist in your time.

Well I don't believe that to be the case. Theoretically it has been proven over and over again that time travel is possible the problem is the energy it would take to do it and the consequences of doing it. We know for a fact that the faster one goes the slower time passes. At the speed of light time ceases to pass at all any faster and time will flow backwards.

Every time we look up at the night sky we are traveling back into time by observing the very physical and visual light of a stellar object as it was hundreds,millions and billions of years ago.
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PostSat Jul 18, 2009 3:23 pm » by Towelie

I find it hard to believe that anyone would take something serious that came from project camelot, that place is a joke shop at very best.
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PostSat Jul 18, 2009 4:07 pm » by Realorfake

We have mixed information on this. As you know… Because when we created Camelot, it wasn’t only about whistleblowers. It became about truth-tellers getting word to us from, you know, all kind of different places. And in fact we have a scientist who we cannot name who came forward, who has gone to work for - I think I can say this safely enough - Homeland Security.

He was called in to work for them. And he came forward secretly to us and stated that there would be a pole shift. There would be what I guess Ed Dames has called a “kill-shot” from the sun, and I believe, a magnetic pole shift as well.

Michio Kaku
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PostSat Jul 18, 2009 4:23 pm » by Snake Plissken

I always had a theory about why there would be a real need for such elaborate and ongoing cover up about UFO,s, the only real reason i could think of, that might cause panic would be if they occupants were not aliens, but ourselves, that really would be mind blowing.

However, beyond that part of what Mr Burish says, i lost interest. I dont tthink the looking glass story is real.

Also, slightly off subject, does anyone else here stop listening when the word 'stargate' crops up in a story?? Its just that until the movie of the same name came out, this term was never used (to my knowledge) and it really pisses me off that people seem willing to readily accept someones story when they start using terminology from sci-fi movies. Im sure there are several people out there who might say that its 'an example of the TRUTH being introduced to us by the media', but i say thats just clutching at straws. :wink:
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