The Bush Family's Link to Nazi Eugenics and Mind Control

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I raise elite children, not Mind Controlled peasants. For this, my daughters were rape-kitted and stolen by American Nazis. They then used powerful Nazi Mind Control on them to invert their entire belief system. Their Mind Control sex programs are directly linked to Mengele's death-camp trauma-based programming methods. Sound-minded lawyers know that these are obvious eugenics programs. Their grandchildren will not have the luxury of speaking this truth.
The Holocaust exposed the true goal of eugenics "science" which originated in America. But after World War II, it went underground in the U.S. and was actively advanced by our own secret government for effective population control, eugenics and political power. I learned at Harvard, that the vast majority of Americans have been deliberately withheld from this critical knowledge! As wrongfully conditioned citizens, these Americans are then easily manipulated by political scams involving normal and necessary human sexuality programmed as Freudian sex taboos and other Mind Control devices. These are scams which are never applied to the children of the elite. Eugenics today is manifest in secretive "family" courts where the full horrors and deception of political bigotry is actively covered up. As a parent, you must do your own research into the Tavistock "science" of effective hysteria-building devices used to traffic millions of U.S. children. These devices were perfected by the Nazis and are very active in the U.S. today, helping to produce 25 million non-custodial parents in the process.Cult-like agencies now exist virtually everywhere in America serving to traffic children for the Pentagon and make sex slaves for the elite. These have taken on actual Nazi social goals and methods and now keep American children ignorant by design. :vomit: ... ntrol.html

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