The cops are going to be busy in Fargo this Halloween

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PostWed Oct 30, 2013 9:50 pm » by Domeika

Anyone spouting that "it takes a villiage" tripe is usually a sel-important idiot liberal, and for liberals like her, I hope she gives out scads of those letters.

She can feel all superior about herself and gloat to her fellow barking moonbats how she is "making a difference", and things might be rosy.....until next Halloween. Having actually been a little monster myself once, and having hung around with other like-minded little monsters, I can say that she will be in for many years of well deserved torture.

Some of what she can look forward too....

Toilet paper? Never done that one but....

Brake fluid thrown on car takes paint right off.

Baloons filled with LACQUER paint thrown at house.

Front and back doors glued shut.

Front and back doors between door and storm door filled with foam-fill.

Rock salt all over lawn.

Nasty messages written in motor oil on lawn to (kills grass and can't be covered up without re-sodding)

Nasty messages written on lawn with miracle gro (opposite effect).

Dead crabs and fish on roof, under porch, in hub-caps (I miss hub-caps).

Lindburger cheese rubbed under bottom of driver's seat....smells "fresh" every time you sit down.

Lindburger cheese on engine block.

Valve stems removed from tires.

Nails propped under tires.....better look before you move the car or pop.

Lawn darts (miss them too) lobbed onto roof....they stick realllllll good.

Super glue in car and house locks.

Thumb tacks super glued to door knobs.

Lawn furniture stolen

Picnic tables sawed in half

Yard gates chained shut.


Ah, the good ole days. It seems every neighborhood has an idiot that wants to impose their views on others and they, like this moonbat, make themselves a target for years to come. GOOD. Those kids will give her what she deserves until she can't take it anymore and is sent to the nut factory to get re-threaded.

We had an outspoken liberal woman in our town when I was a kid. She had no children and no man dumb enough to stick around, but thought it was her duty to push the progressive agenda......BUSING. She scoffed at how all the parents were stupid and un-educated for not embracing it. All of us (kids at the time) found out exactly what that meant, and we then made it a mission to persecute that woman without end. We did, and she left.

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PostThu Oct 31, 2013 12:29 am » by Temps13

Light fireworks on peoples doorsteps & ring the bell..
I didn't think many people lived in Fargo..
This woman sounds like one of those social workers that never had kids but wants to take everybody else's off them for the social.
No it is true though..sugar/sodas etc are probably social engineering..a high up ET probably said right if you lose your teeth your health goes down & speeds death-so start selling sugary beverages & sweets-get them young
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