the curse of phobos strikes agan

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9 November 2011 Last updated at 07:48

A Russian space probe intended to collect rock and dust from a Martian moon has veered off course within minutes of starting its 33-month mission.

The Russian space agency said an engine designed to keep the probe on track failed to start. It says engineers have three days to correct the fault before batteries on the craft run out.

The project is Russia's most ambitious space voyage in recent years
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The Mars Curse

Because of the high rate of failure in reaching and landing on the Red Planet, some have suggested, although often in jest, that there is a Mars Curse plaguing missions to Mars. Time Magazine journalist Donald Neff imagined that the curse is a result of the Galactic Ghoul, a fictional space monster that consumes Mars probes.

By the numbers

Number of successful Mars missions

1960-2005: 14

Number of failed Mars missions

1960-2005: 27

Failed missions to Mars

1960: Marsnik 1. Flyby. Launch failure.
1960: Marsnik 2. Flyby. Launch failure.
1962: Sputnik 22. Flyby. Broke up in Earth’s atmosphere.
1962: Mars 1. Flyby. Contact lost.
1962: Sputnik 24. Lander. Broke up en route to Mars.
1964: Mariner 3. Flyby. Mechanical failure. Lost in orbit.
1964: Zond 2. Mars flyby. Contact lost.
1969: Mars 1969A. Orbiter. Launch failure. 1969: Mars 1969B. Orbiter. Launch failure.

1971: Mariner 8. Orbiter. Launch failure.
1971: Cosmos 419. Obiter/lander. Failed en route.
1971: Mars 2. Orbiter/lander. Failed en route.
1971: Mars 3. Orbiter/lander. Contact lost after landing.
1973: Mars 4. Flyby. Failed to slow and flew past Mars orbit.
1973: Mars 6. Lander. Contact lost.
1973: Mars 7. Lander. Landing probe separated early, missed planet.

1988: Phobos 1. Orbiter/lander. Contact lost.
1988: Phobos 2. Orbiter/lander. Contact lost.

1992: Mars Observer. Orbiter. Contact lost.
1996: Mars 96. Orbiter/lander. Trajectory failed. Broke up in Earth’s atmosphere.
1998: Nozomi . Orbiter. Into orbit then failure. Abandoned in space.
1998: Mars Climate Orbiter. Navigation error. Destroyed in Mars atmosphere.
1999: Mars Polar Lander. Contact lost.
1999: Deep Space 2. Penetrators. Contact lost after landing.

2003: Mars Express. Orbiter and lander. Contact lost with Beagle 2 lander

But no problem the rovers will continue performing their antics on martian surface no matter what :lol:
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I am not even slightly surprised....

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