the decline: NYC Medics limit CPR amid 911 backlog

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Heart-stopping! Medics limit CPR amid 911 backlog

Posted: 2:05 AM, December 28, 2010

The epic blizzard kept city medics so busy that -- for the first time ever -- they were given a time limit for performing CPR on patients, The Post has learned.

EMS workers normally call a doctor for advice after working on a patient for 20 minutes.

The doctor normally allows them to keep trying to revive the person, sometimes letting them continue for more than an hour.

But faced with an enormous backlog of 1,300 calls, the medics were told to quit after 20 minutes and move on to the next case.

Also yesterday, there were five-hour delays in responding to some 911 medical calls and even three-hour delays in responding to "priority" calls, which range from cardiac arrest to a report of an unconscious person

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This is common sense in a concrete jungle.... I would do the same. Choose to live in NYC this is what happens when a small disturbance happens. This just gives us a small glimpse.... imagine when something major happens.

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