The Dendera Light, Demystified and Explained

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PostTue Jan 29, 2013 4:21 pm » by 99socks

admdbrn wrote:So the one you have marked as "sending" is the third as shown on the wall ... looking at it in the temple you'd be describing "receiving.... sending. Meanwhile.....

The snake being turned against the wielder of the weapon is what the "first" relief shows, its clear because there is no other one with someone standing "fighting" the light. The agent which I describe as Michael is clearly holding a weapon, responding to the light, and much of the symbolism throughout the rest of the work changes because of it.

1. Worshipping disappears
2. The "cable" is shown again, after it had been hidden
3. There is a "human" who can now see both the djed pillar, as well as the "agent" with the globe over their head, before the worshipers were too busy looking at the "God," the one wielding the weapon.

You cant change the ACTUAL symbolism to mean something you've decided on randomly.

That would be like saying that the stars on the American Flag stand for A Starship Federation, and that the stripes are depicting the trails from ships that move at light speed.

Just not how it works.

Gotta know something about the actual symbolism, and culture,and no, the Egyptians were not using mind control, "agents" or light saber weapons. Nor did they randomly change the meaning of those symbols.

The Snake and Lotus theme is about creation.
The Snake and The Lotus are integrated in their creation myth.
They have stated it explicitly in other texts all over egypt.

Google is your friend.
(ok, well google is the friend of those of us who know how to use it)


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PostSat Sep 28, 2013 9:24 am » by Temps13

Google also says all sorts of rubbish,lillies? lotuses? mind control decices?
How would those things light the inside of those places? ridiculous!
They are electric light bulbs,they've found batteries too,mass produced ones..
They've never found any soot,because they used electricity.
Thats not directed at you socksy btw mate..just thought it was funny
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PostSat Sep 28, 2013 10:37 am » by Toxic32

I like to be nice to people. But mind control! How does it go. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof"

A bit like these don't you think only a bigger version.



And maybe the lotus flower is a bit like this. A way of breathing the planets air. If we are going to speculate then lets push the boundaries a little don't you think? Image

Maybe these are bottle of gas from their planet! You can see from the picture they have tubes attached and are ready for use.

A black-hole is not a hole it's a sphere. As will be the universe when compressed into the smallest unit it can be.


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