the devil unmasked...the truth about a 10 year haunting

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is YOUR MIND troubling you ????

are there.....

strange voices or sounds around or inside your head ...

strange voices from the TV or audio systems ...or abberations and changes of the regular script and lyrics

running water and electrical appliances like fans sounding strange or seem to be words or voices

are you troubled with guilty thoughts even though you try to rid your mind of them

strange or bad smells that have no apparent source

visual hallucinations of any kind ie ghostly apparitions or sensing a movement out of the corner of your eye

short sharp body pains like a pin pricks or short muscle or bone aches for no apparent reason

strange stimulation of and around your genetal area

are you being deceived into beleving you were someone else in a past life or a reincarnation of someone from the past or future

if you are suffering from one or more, of the above are not alone ......

the medical society deems most of these symtoms as schizoprenia and there is no known cure, ..........truth be told ....these are the works of a great deciver .....the devil or satan......a being who has deceived the world into beleiveing it does'nt exist.

satan is an invisible being, a giant multi tasking consiousness that envelops the planet, a telepathic being somehow able to access the brain wave frequency of your mind it can sound exactly like your mind and your thoughts... this is its main weapon... and the means used to deceive you. The devil is an evil mimic and pretender with an unlimited number of voices both male and female that it uses to fool and deceive you.

schizoprenia can occur from the use of hallucegnic drugs or for no apparent reason can occur as a person ages.

...self awareness and spirituality are also key triggers to schizoprenia...

.....have you suddenly become aware that there is someone or something tying to influence your mnd or introduce thoughts into your brain or an awareness of an invisible being around you ??
.....have you recently decided to make a change for the better by consciously trying to be good, think good thoughts and conduct yourself in a holy manner ??

if you are now suffering the symtoms of schizoprenia ..know this...
.......once you have become self aware and know that there is an invisible being around you, an invisible being that is in your head - reading your mind and your thoughts will try to control your mind into having only good and pure thoughts curbing any sexual or evil thoughts...the same if you have decided to seek out a spiritual path...

the devil who ...wants you to having sinful, evil or lustfull thoughts...followed by sinful, evil and lustfull actions .... will then through all or many of the symptoms above ...anger and enrage you against god and your fellow that you curse or blaspheme against god and your fellow man....and you hate god and your fellow man..... in effect ...turn you away from your good and pure spiritual path and way of thinking...

beware of the deciever.... who will will try and isolate you ( from the paranoia about the crazy things happening to and around you ) and try and befriend you ( pretending to be a ghost, spirit, angel and even god ) .

the devil is not your friend, not your god, and defnitely no holy spirit or angel....he will try and deceive you with flattery ( giving you an alter ego ) .... or by tag teaming...playing you with a good cop bad cop routine...

defeat the devil by......
......pls seek mental counselling from a qualified psychiatrist thanks and praise to god.
......refusing to be paranoid and isolated....share and discuss your experiences with your friends, family or even the very least you will be able to get a few good laughs out of it.
.....refusing to let your thoughts trouble you...remember it is not your mind doing this but the devil who is placing, inciting, evoking and causing you to remember or think about things you may not want to. your no evil instead do good ....speak no evil instead praise, guide and encourage.
.....concentrate on your work and hobbies....

above all inform and help your fellow sufferers and offer your friendship and companionship...the devil preys on all mankind especially the lonely....



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PostFri Feb 05, 2010 9:21 am » by Cricketine

Damn, and I thought it was all that LSD I've done!

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Noooooo....It's a chemical imbalance in the brain. Not a little dude in red pjs with a pointy tail,horns a goatee and pitchfork. I do believe there is pure evil and pure good in this world. But I also believe in science. The "devil" is not responsible for the "bad" things that happen in this world. Man is.

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Oh my goodness, I answered, "yes" to some of these.... :( hahaha... :mrgreen:

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