The Discovery Channel Needs To Come To My House

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everything I am about to share with you is 100% real and accurate.
I will not exaggerate any of this information with you.
this all happened and continues to happen regularily.

i feel like i am stuck in the middle of a discovery channel episode or some national geographic special about strange new unearthly creatures and events....and i am starting to get a bit creeped out over the whole thing.

if it were just one occurrence,it would have been no big deal,but this is several events,involving several with that said,here are most of the strange happenings that have occurred at my house(keep in mind i live in a city,surrounded by residential neighborhoods and shopping centers all around woods or nature areas...this is all city).

1. ever heard of a bird that can walk up and around trees?me morning i was sitting at my kitchen table having a cigarette,and i noticed out the window that a bird flew onto my tree.but it landed on it vertically and then started walking left and right on it,as though gravity's pull was on the side of the tree.then it started walking up the tree.i rubbed my eyes to make sure i was'nt crazy...nope it was still there.a small brown and grey bird walking up a then flew away.i sat there thinking to myself,maybe its normal.i racked my brain and i could'nt remember if birds could actually do that.then the bird came back and did it again!i was like i started asking people i knew,and they never heard of it either.weird.

2. one day this past summer,a storm rolled through.i love storms,so i went to my door and looked outside.i cracked the door open a bit,and then i noticed a squirrel matted to the ground.i figured the wind knocked it out of the tree and it was i opened my door a bit wider,and the squirrels head turned and looked back at did'nt move,but it was definately looking at i shut my door just in case this odd squirrel lunged at me.i stepped back into my house for a few minutes,and then returned to my door again to check the was gone?how could a squirrel that was matted to the ground,literally looked mooshed to the pavement just get up and go?anyways...i just went back in the house and shook my head about it.after all the things i have seen here,nothing really surprised me.a couple hours later after the storm passed,my 9 year old son went outside to play.within a minute or so of him being out there,i heard him yelling for i ran outside and to my surprise i found a disturbing sight.there was this nasty looking alien fetus on the ground.of course i put 2 and 2 together and figured it was a dead squirrel fetus.but then a few feet away there was another one.a few feet away from that one,another one.and another one.and another.six squirrel fetuses in total making a trail of about 18 feet from my door to the backyard.nothing more thrilling than cleaning up a slew of squirrel fetuses.

3. i found several giant bugs over the summer.flies that looked like a cross between a dragonfly and a common fly about the size of a bic lighter with wings that stuck out to make it even bigger.i have never seen anything like it in my whole 29 years here on earth.also large bugs that were bigger than the fly i saw,that looked like brown arachnids from the starship trooper movies.these bugs had shells they came out of that were left on the sides of trees and car they moltened out of them.they were'nt all cikedas (or however you spell them)either.these were different looking.

4. we have over twenty some odd species of spiders living in and around our house.some of which i have never seen or heard of.i looked them up online to find nothing to compare them to.but it would seem the spiders around here are vast and rule the yard.there isn't a day that goes by that i don't have at least 2 spider sightings.i must kill about 10 a week.i freakin hate even have a spider we let live in the garage,just because the little guy is so hilarious.its a literal attack a guard dog or can drop little pieces of cardboard on its web,and it comes flying out of nowhere and attacks the cardboard.its awesome.

5.we have a neighborhood raccoon that fears nothing and noone.i guess if i were over 60 pounds and could eff your day up as a raccoon,i would'nt be scared either.this thing is the biggest coon i have ever seen or heard of.right now,my neighbor and i are trying to either trap it or kill it,before it attacks one of my small babies when they are outside playing in the backyard.if we manage to pull this off i will share photos of this thing so you can see i was'nt overexaggerating.

6. and now for the most bizarre event of all.this only happened one time.and i hope to never see it night i returned home from a night of drinking.i was NOT drunk.i had a little buzz going.i would never drive i came home and pulled into my headlights immediately caught something strange going on in my animal ran under my other vehicle,while something much larger swooped down to try and get it.i just sat there watching and thinking to myself,wtf?moments later the thing that swooped down flew back into the air did some crazy arial moves and flew into my backyard and then perched itself on the power lines.but not like most animals do.instead it hung upside down and on an looked like wind was blowing it to the side as it hung upside down.problem was there was no wind.and this thing was way too big to be moved by wind.and it was stuck in that position,it was'nt swaying back and forth like it would if wind were i see this giant flying thing hanging upside down and on an angle in my backyard.this thing is aproximately the size of a 10 pound bag of it was'nt a bat.maybe it could have been an owl.but i never heard of an owl hanging upside down and on an this point the animal under my vehicle ran out and was a for the giant thing hanging in the just stayed there.well i had a buzz.and i was jumped out of my van and bolted into my backyard at this thing.i ran up to where it was(directly under it)and just as i got there the thing swooped down,flew in a circle and then up and it that was crazy.i slowly walked backwards into my house,never taking my eyes off the sky.

so these are the major oddities i have seen over the last 6 months in my hood.there is also smaller things that have taken place,but these are the ones that stick out the most.

what do you think?

have you heard of this stuff before?
"and that's math!"

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PostWed Oct 15, 2008 8:14 pm » by Ganjasmile

Man don't you just love nature. That squirrel thing was sad. As for the bird that walked around the tree could be a woodpecker there is alot of different kinds of them in North America. Look up some woodpecker site and see if one matches what you saw. As for that last one that was chasing that animal have no idea what that can be maybe a bat, but I don't think bats a predatory. Owl maybe, but then I don't think they're fond of hanging upside down unless drunk ;) . Try taking some pics if you can in the future and then post them. Would like to see.

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The bird could have been a Red-breasted Nuthatch?!? It can walk sideways.. just a thought. x

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