The Disney UFO Connection

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good intresting post :flop:

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Disney's - Alien Adventures in New Tommorowland


Disney was highly involved in government propeganda, this cannot be disputed. He worked closely with Von Braun to produce "On the Shoulders of Giants" the interestingly titled original NASA/Disney produced apollo documentary

On the Shoulders of Giants

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Disney was one of the absolute lynchpins of the military industiral complex and it's attempt to sell itself to the people whilst at the same time propegandising and making use of new media to placate, misinform and mind control the public. His infamous "disney on the front lines" documentary boasts about this fact (but good luck finding it online for free)

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Disney was an anti semite, a fascist, a 33rd degree scottish rite freemason and a consumate insider who's movies are an absoloute blueprint for the modern day princess/warrior programming, I'm absoloutly certain he was an integral part of MK Ultra and Monarch (for which I have no direct proof, save for the ample and abvious circumstantial evidence of Monarch programming amongst the 'mickey mouse club' initiates and it's subsequent projection into society) And lets not forget, he got his break animating a short series of films based on the "Paedophiles bible to alters and initiation" Alice in wonderland. Just go and Research Reverand Charles Dodgeson's (Lewis Carroll) relationship with Alice Liddell

disney is all about initiating kids into the concepts of freemasonry, don't beleive me? Check out walt and Mickey's 'special place'

Club 33 is not open to the public. Members may however arrange for their friends and associates to experience the club.
If you are a Disney fan, we truly cannot express what a tremendous experience Club 33 has to offer. Presidents of the United States, leaders of foreign nations, dignitaries, actors, and business leaders from around the world have all enjoyed the club. It is not unusual to be enjoying your meal, only to have a famous actor or well known celebrity sitting at the table next to you. There are many such stories, just ask any member or Club 33 staff.

Does that sound like any other 'special club' you know of?

Freeman breaks disney down quite well

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If the government were ever to disclose, it's my opinion that Disney would be heavily involved with it, which is why the continuous stream of alien themed movies/tv shows produced by their many many arms of distribution cause me to wonder if its not already happening on some level.
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