The Earth once had an ice ring?

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A book, which is a bibliographic rarity:
The Day Heaven Fell, by Dr. Gary King, 1996, ISBN: 983-899-173-6
Synergy Books International, A publishing division of S. Abdul Majeed & Co., 7 Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, Off Jalan Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Gary King wrote:Astonishing Truth about the Lost Ancient Super-civilizations
The Earth's Sky Once Had a Colossal Ice Ring
The ice ring collapsed, causing gravity to increase, this destroyed the ancient super-civilisations, dinosaur-giants, shortened lifespan and made the ancient super-wonders impossible to repeat today.

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Gary King, The Day Heaven Fell, back cover, wrote:The startling evidence that the ancient legends are true after all!

Make an in-depth re-appraisal of the evidence of history, science, archeology, geology and astronomy, about that dim past, which modern historians find difficult to comprehend and dub as "mythological". Are there ancient super-civilizations and an advanced ancient science now lost? Did space aliens visit the Earth? Something happened, a drastic startling permanent change in the Earth's physical conditions which altered everything. The change destroyed those super-civilizations and rendered their superb scientific technology impossible to repeat today. It is more than the legendary Great Flood or worlds in collisions.

Atlantis, Demi-gods, UFOs, Worlds in Collision

Learn the amazing evidence that in the very ancient days there was a colossal ice ring floating in the sky and that the gravity was much lower. The ancients called this sky ring "Heaven" or "firmament called Heaven". There were several types of "roads to Heaven"! They actually built "cities in the air and sea"! You probably would not recognize their kinds of machines and computers if you come across them. It was a Golden Age mankind now only dream of.

The ice ring collapsed, causing gravity to increase. This change destroyed the ancient super-civilizations, dinosaurs and wiped out the race of giants... and also crippled the powers of those beings known as the "fairy or spirit people". The ancient super-scientists were powerless to counter the change. But they foresaw, from their calculations, that the Golden Age will return.

When memory faded, the history before the change became ill-understood in later times and was transformed into mythology.

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PostSat Dec 12, 2009 5:33 am » by Sheeple wrote:Dyson Sphere
A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure originally described by Freeman Dyson. Such a "sphere" would be a system of orbiting solar power satellites meant to completely encompass a star and capture most or all of its energy output. Dyson speculated that such structures would be the logical consequence of the long-term survival and escalating energy needs of a technological civilization, and proposed that searching for evidence of the existence of such structures might lead to the detection of advanced intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Since then, other variant designs involving building an artificial structure — or a series of structures — to encompass a star have been proposed in exploratory engineering or described in science fiction under the name "Dyson sphere". These later proposals have not been limited to solar power stations — many involve habitation or industrial elements. Most fictional depictions describe a solid shell of matter enclosing a star, which is considered the least plausible variant of the idea.

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PostSat Dec 12, 2009 1:15 pm » by Johnsmith wrote:Ring Around the Earth, by Ray Villard
September 09, 2008

As a follow-up to my previous posting about Saturn’s ring arcs, I’d like you to ponder this question: four of the eight major planets in the solar system have rings of ice and dust; why doesn’t Earth?


If Earth had rings, it would be a spectacular sight at night. The system would form a vast glowing arch spanning horizon to horizon. But during the daytime it would cast a shadow over a strip of Earth that would change latitude with the seasons.

Back in the early 1980s I interviewed John O’Keefe who was then with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, about Earth possibly once having rings. He proposed that volcanic eruptions on the moon hurled dust into orbit around Earth to form a temporary ring.

O’Keefe hypothesized that the equatorial ring cast a shadow on northern latitudes during winter, bringing extremely cold climate. He said that this could explain the Eocene extinctions of 35 million years ago. Hundreds of species, including horses in Europe and plankton in the Caribbean, vanished. O’Keefe proposed that the ring only lasted a few million years before it was dissipated by the pressure of solar radiation.

He had even speculated that some tektites, glassy stones found in so-called "strewn fields" worldwide, are moon-volcanic debris from the ring. Most tektites, regardless of age, look ablated by heat, like meteorites that have been scorched while plummeting through the atmosphere. Tektites dating back to the Eocene era appear to have fallen in a vast arc from Massachusetts to Texas.

In 2002, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories published a study that an asteroid impact on Earth would form an equatorial ring of ejected dust that would blot out light for hundreds of thousand of years. So, the K-T impact (Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary) of 65 million years ago, that likely brought on the extinction of the dinosaurs through a nuclear winter, might have further added insult to injury by blotting out the sun from high above Earth.


No so fast, says amateur astronomer and science fiction author Abdul Ahad. He points out that, unlike the outer planets, Earth has a big moon that is a substantial fraction of Earth’s mass. The tidal pull of the moon would dissipate a ring very quickly, according to his calculations. Add to that the tidal pull of the sun, which is much stronger than it is at Saturn’s distance. Finally, Earth is not absolutely round but pear-shaped. The resulting non-symmetric gravitational field would cause a ring to collapse, he says.

This is bad news for astroengineeering buffs that have proposed building an artificial ring around the Earth. The shadow cast by the ring would cool parts of Earth and could help offset global warming. The ring could even be used to create an artificial ionosphere for radio communications. It would provide nighttime illumination over large cities, reducing the use of electric power.

Of course this celestial light-pollution would destroy ground-based astronomy and ruin the discovery of the heavens for budding amateur astronomers. This would be the Dark Sky Association’s absolutely worst nightmare. It also would likely mess up the habits of nocturnal animals.

Such a ring might be built from placing a captured asteroid into orbit about the Earth and continuously blasting dust off the surface that would go into orbit around our planet – much as I described in the previous blog. It is very improbable that world governments would all agree on such a project. Imagine filing an environmental impact statement for towing an asteroid into Earth orbit!


This type of astroengineeering could already be taking place on an earthlike planet with an advanced civilization. Assuming their politicians are just as oblivious as ours about the damage of global warming until it’s too late, the civilization’s last resort is to build a climate-controlling ring.

It would require an extraordinarily large space telescope array to actually image such a ring around an exoplanet. Observing an earthlike planet passing in front of its star (transiting) could possibly identify a ring. The photometric signature of the dip in starlight caused by the planet would have additional features if a ring were present.

Now, such a ring could easily be explained by natural reasons if detected. But it might not be entirely impossible to discover some sort of exotic ring architecture that astronomers would very reluctantly speculate might be artificially constructed and maintained.

Our first evidence of intelligent life off the Earth may come from stumbling across just such astroengineeering by super-smart extraterrestrials.

Image Credits: R. Hurt/R. Villard, J. Barnes

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Sheldon, R.P., 1984. Ice-ring origin of the Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere and Late Proterozoic­ Cambrian hypothesis. Geological Survey of India Special Publication 17, 17-21.

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PostSat Dec 12, 2009 1:50 pm » by Sheeple wrote:Does Earth Have Rings?, Written by Fraser Cain

If you're talking about majestic ice rings, like we see around Saturn, Uranus or Jupiter, then no, Earth doesn't have rings, and probably never did. If there was any ring of dust orbiting the planet, we'd see it.

It's possible that there were rings orbiting Earth in the past. Some scientists think that Earth's gravity could have broken up a comet or asteroid that got too close to the planet, but didn't actually collide. This is similar to what happened to Comet Shoemaker/Levy 9 that eventually crashed into Jupiter. First the giant planet tore the comet up, and then the pieces crashed into the planet on a later orbit.

In the case of Earth, it might have held onto a few ice particles that would have then orbited the planet, and eventually crashed through our atmosphere and burned up. Even the smallest particles of ice or dust create spectacular meteors in the sky, so there was a ring right now, we'd see these impacts all the time.

Other scientists think that a giant asteroid impact with Earth, such as the one the killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, might have kicked up a huge ring of debris around the planet. This ring would cast a shadow down on the surface of the Earth, changing the planet's climate, and could last for a few million years at most.

Finally, humans have put up an artificial ring in the past. The US Military launched 480 million copper needles into orbit around Earth in a project called Project West Ford. Scientists could bounce radio signals off the needles and communicate between two locations on Earth. This worked for a few months after launch, until the needles were too far dispersed to allow for communication. In theory, if needles were continuously launched, it would be a functioning communications system, but it's not necessary with modern communications satellites.

So Earth probably did have temporary rings in the past after asteroid impacts or cometary flybys, but Earth doesn't have rings today.

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PostSat Dec 12, 2009 1:57 pm » by Sheeple wrote: Ring of Ice, Ring of Fire, by Mel Acheson, Jul 08, 2009
Everyone knows the Ice Age was a time when the Earth cooled, glaciers moved down from the North, and the mammoths froze. However, everyone is mistaken.

Lands in the Arctic get little precipitation, and a mile or more of ice is a lot of water. Before it can fall as snow, it has to evaporate from the ocean and be transported. John Tyndall, a prominent British physicist, realized in 1883 that a mountain of ice in the North requires a lot of energy everywhere else, which means heat. An ice age requires not a cooler climate but a warmer one with a cold spot where the ice is.

That lands near the pole were warm and ice-free during the Ice Age has been known—and ignored—since the 1700s. Tools and other signs of human habitation are (conventionally) at least 30,000 years old.

Pleistocene remains indicate that extensive grasslands supported large populations of many animal species. This warm climate stretched across the northern parts of Siberia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland, while land to the South was buried under thousands of feet of ice. Further south, beyond the ice, the warm climate again asserted itself.

Glacial scratches in rock show that the ice moved not from the pole but from a number of localized sources. It melted back in a similar way, retreating to local high points from all directions, not generally from south to north.

It all but disappeared during the ensuing interglacial period. The mammoths and the other species now discovered melting out of the permafrost flourished for another several thousand years before being quick-frozen in the purée of flesh, fiber, and gravel that covers the Arctic today. A correct map of the data shows that the ice occurred in a ring around the pole.

In his recent book Primordial Star, Dwardu Cardona correlates this ring of ice with the ring of the aurora, such as in the image at the top of the page showing the auroral oval taken by the Ultraviolet Imager (UVI) onboard the NASA satellite "Polar" on April 4, 1997. With nearly the same diameters, the ring of fiery plasma that makes up present-day auroras would shine its ghostly light on top of the ring of Pleistocene glaciations.

The present-day aurora is almost transparent, but plasma toroids (called conventionally accretion disks) around flaring dwarf stars are dusty and opaque. Given the situation described in Cardona’s previous volumes, God Star and Flare Star, the Pleistocene sun would have been such an episodically flaring brown dwarf star.

Presumably, auroral toroids in such an environment would also be dusty and opaque. Because Earth and the brown dwarf would have been aligned on the same axis, as we see with the “jets” in Herbig-Haro stars, the Pleistocene sun would have been immobile at the north celestial pole. The opaque auroral ring would have cast a permanent shadow onto the Earth at precisely the location of the glacial ring.

The cold temperatures in the shadowed lands would keep the precipitation from warmer lands beyond from melting, and a ring of ice would have accumulated beneath the ring of auroral fire.

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PostSat Dec 12, 2009 2:24 pm » by Sheeple wrote:Bible Secret Number 99
The Earth Once Had Ice Rings
What was the effect of the Ring System which was once around the Earth?
The presence of this "dark araphel" encircling the earth In pre-flood times brought chaos with climatic conditions in many areas of the earth. Only in the Garden of Eden (or in the general area of Eden itself) was there relatively good conditions for humans to live. But even in some parts of Eden the ground would not yield its strength for lack of rain (Genesis 2:5). With not as much water on earth in that antediluvian period, weather patterns that we know of today were not in evidence. In fact, the earth was quite unpleasant to live in at that time. For those who resided outside the Garden a type of curse was placed on all areas of the earth—even Eden itself (Genesis 3:17-19). That particular curse lasted until Noah came on the scene. Noah’s father Lamech said that sometime within Noah’s lifetime, that particular curse would be lifted from the earth (Genesis 5:28,29). The very name of "Noah" means "Comfort," and in the days of this man named "Comfort," God said he would remove the curse that existed throughout the antediluvian world. Indeed, after the flood, that particular curse (the effects of the "dark araphel") was removed from influencing the earth (Genesis 8:21,22).

After the flood was over, Noah was (for the first time) able to see a rainbow after then experiencing a period of the type of rainfall that we are familiar with today. This was the covenant sign that God gave to all mankind that there would never again be a flood of waters like that in Noah’s time. Why? Because the "dark araphel" was broken up and it no longer surrounded the earth as an intensely dark swaddling band. The climatic conditions which existed in the antediluvian world because of the influence of that "dark araphel" were no longer present in the earth’s environment after the flood of Noah. God promised Noah: "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease? (Genesis 8:22). Before the flood, all of these factors of nature concerning seedtime, harvest, cold, heat, summer, winter, day and night were seriously disturbed throughout many areas of the earth. God promised a much better earthly environment for mankind to live.

This means that the utter chaos in climatic conditions that resulted from the influence of the "dark araphel" was eliminated with the flood of Noah. That ring system of water (or ice) that once surrounded the earth was eliminated when the water in that heavenly reservoir came to earth. Thankfully, we now have the pleasant type of earth that we know today. No longer does the "dark araphel" surround the earth. Its waters now make up parts of the oceans, the Dead Sea, other basin areas of the world, and even the waters of Lake Van around which the ark rested in the time of Noah.

When we understand just what happened during the flood of Noah, we are not compelled to identify many (or all) of the fossil evidences found in some of the highest of the mountains as having been caused by the flood a little over 4300 years ago. Since my new research study titled "The Study of Creation" shows that the first account of creation recorded in Genesis 1:1 and 2:3 is simply a blueprint of the creations that God would one day accomplish, it is not required that we look on those six days of creation as referring to the earth itself. Those six days were periods of time in heaven when God designed his divine blueprint for the formation of our present heavens and earth. The actual formations of the earth for mankind is given from Genesis 2:4 onward. This earth which we inhabit today may well have been in actual existence for several billions of years (with numerous flood conditions occurring on its surface over the period of time). But the last flood that completely submerged the earth was that of Genesis chapter one, not Noah’s flood. I hope that this true way of looking at Noah’s flood will be seriously considered by the various scientists around the world. When we really understand what the Bible has to say about the past history of the earth, things will make excellent scientific sense as well as show the ordinary lay person the common sense way of looking at the teachings in the Bible.

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PostFri Dec 18, 2009 5:28 pm » by Sheeple wrote:How water forms where Earth-like planets are born, December 17, 2009

( -- In a study that helps to explain the origins of water on Earth, University of Michigan astronomers have found that water vapor can form spontaneously in habitable zones of solar systems, and that it develops into a protective layer that shields other water and organic molecules from harmful stellar radiation.

Organic molecules such as sugars and amino acids are the precursors to life.

The findings are published in the Dec. 18 edition of Science.

"When you're close to a star, the radiation is destructive to most molecules. But we were able to prove that water could form quickly enough to shield itself and other molecules from that radiation," said Ted Bergin, an associate professor in the Department of Astronomy.

Bergin and Thomas Bethell, a postdoctoral astronomy researcher, conducted a computational analysis to come to this conclusion.

They determined that the series of chemical reactions necessary for water vapor to be created are only activated at temperatures higher than 300 degrees Kelvin (which is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.) These temperatures are only present relatively close to a star—in the areas where terrestrial planets such as Earth would form. Out farther, at Jupiter's distance, the gasses are too cold for water vapor to form.

Once the water vapor starts to form, the scientists found, it forms fast enough to build a shell similar to Earth's ozone layer, which acts like an umbrella to protect the life below it from solar radiation. Not only does this astronomical "ozone layer" of water vapor protect other water molecules behind it, it would also shelter organic molecules.

"There's a rich organic chemistry that precedes the birth of stars," Bergin said. "It's simpler, but similar to the chemistry of life. The behavior of water can allow that chemistry to proceed. Without the protection water vapor provides, those organic molecules would be destroyed."

Conceivably, some of this water and organic matter could be incorporated into nascent, Earth-like worlds.

The paper is called "Formation and Survival of Water Vapor in the Terrestrial Planet-Forming Region." This research is funded by NASA.

Provided by University of Michigan


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