The edge of space (IF there is one)

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PostSat Dec 01, 2012 1:52 am » by masteruniverse

if you could travel to the end or edge you wouldnt go back to where you started ok thats impossible simple as that, if you can go to the edge of space you can then go beyond simple as that but what is the edge of space what are we in everything is inside something.

if you was to travel fast enough to get to the edge you may find yourself punching through to another universe and not being able to get back to your own unitl you went though the whole web of the multiverse this may take to long to get back to your own time.

or space is simply expanding so fast its humanly not possible to ever get to the edge , still we will never know we will be extinct a trillion times before anyone could ever answear the question.

what we need to do first is send a super fast rocket with a great camera to beam back images of what happens when you go through a black hole this may hold the key nobody knows but we might get a better understanding of time if we do.


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