The electrical bigfoot?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
The electrical bigfoot?
No, I don't mean a new animatronic toy.

This is something that is quite new to me. Until I heard Henry Franzoni mention in his interview that he had felt something like a static-electrical charge sweep over him, and had experienced his car's starter blowing out, I had not ever associated electricity with bigfoot. Why would I? But since that interview, I've come across other references.

On Monday night's Sasquatch Watch Radio with David Paulides and Harvey Pratt, the subject came up. David mentioned that some of his witnesses had said they had noticed electrical effects. And a listener in the chatroom told me that the electrical system in her car will go out in an area where bigfoot has been seen. And not just her car, others experience this there also.

If that weren't enough, remember that Henry got the distinct impression that the electrical sensation was part of being somehow scanned. I've found another reference to this feeling on another website:

It was actually after we went to bed that night that one of the weird things happened to me. At around 4:30 a.m. I found myself wide awake. I didn't hear anything or see anything out of the ordinary but there was an electrical discharge that started in the rear of my skull on the right side and worked it's way to the left side of my skull. It moved so slowly I could actually trace the movement. It lasted several seconds and was an experience I don't remember having before. It was not painful but it was definitely there...curious.

It is the case that in none of these cases was a sasquatch actually observed at the time, though witness JC did see one shortly after he felt the odd sensation:

Then I felt like a static electricity shock, it felt like, and kind of.. have you been shocked before, it’s like you're just frozen? All the hairs on your body are standing up, and you’re just stuck there, I guess.

I have had the idea that what happend to Franzoni might have had little to do with bigfoot. But it is strange that these events should occur to bigfoot researchers in areas where they think bigfoot is present. It's another one of those odd things.

Interestingly enough, the lady from the chatroom told me that the electrical interference always occurs near Indian burial mounds. This, too, could be another odd connection, because as we've seen, bigfoot activity often occurs near burial mounds and other Native American sacred places.

Why this should be the case? I have no idea. I don't even have a theory.

UPDATE: For the sake of completeness, here is Henry Franzoni on his own experience:

I.. the hair on my body.. you talk about the feeling of being looked at. Well, this was like that feeling on steroids. Because what happened to me was that all of my hair, and I had hair that was about 4” at the time, stood up all over like you rubbed balloons over my head and held them over my head. My hair stood straight out 4” in all directions, like Einstein’s hairdoo. This huge afro pointing in all directions. A huge static charge was.. I could feel my skin tingling while this static charge overwhelmed me. And this static charge was more than just electrical. I mean, certainly it felt like static electricity, my hair was standing up. It felt like it was aware, and I could feel, like, a mind probing me. And it was way, way, way more than the feeling of being looked at, it was the feeling of being scrutinized under an electron microscope. And the electrical field was so strong that it blew the starter motor of my van. So, this lasted for five minutes, and the whole thing went away. The electrical field went away, and the smell went away. I still never saw anything. And yet I couldn’t start my van because the starter motor had been fried by the electrical field.

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i believe in the burial theory.i live near 1 of the most awesome sites in the world"serpent mound" the county where it is mostly woods.when you are at the site you feel something like what they are saying.personally when i was a child i would walk the creek banks fishing,hunting,exploring and have came across a print that looked like what we have all seen on TV except this was 25 years ago and i hadn't seen those prints on TV. i do think there is a branch off the family tree of evolution that is border line extinction,when you see videos of sea creatures once thought extinct you have to wander.

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I always had this wild theory that the US was actually a haunted continent, i bet there are a whole bunch of stories from early settlers that we havent heard about. I mean just imagine it, what if the whole country is some big weird soultrap!?!?!?!
"The more things change the more they stay the same..."

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a couple things i know from my area, there has been a bag of coin dug from the ohio river base that dates to 100-300 ad is in a museum in indiana.was there a people here way before columbus ? of course there was.there are huge stones in minnisota that have viking writing on them that date between 1100-1300 ad.before columbus? of this country coursed? well..... if you want to talk about ancient text we split the atom which is the ultimate in alchemy.there are way to manythings for me to go on about.for such a young country we have a very interesting past,not only the gov. but more so the lands.

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