The End of Everything Civilized. De-constructing The End.

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PostThu Jan 02, 2014 11:53 am » by Troll2rocks

This is more of a thought process for me to get back into the right midset for what I need to do, so I thought I would share it with you all as it's very DTV. Oh and fair warning... it's pretty grizzly reading.

The breakdown of society will not be a gradual one, it will quickly cut through civilization with varying degrees of accomplishment with completely different results depending on the root cause of the issue.

So for this hypothesis I choose to ignore fanciful and popular theories on our potential calamitous demise, and instead focus on very clear and present threats that we all face as a collective species. So for this hypothetical breakdown I will be ignoring the following. Aliens, because the chances of defence against an advanced interplanetary species is beyond the realm of true reason, why would anything choose to come here and physically fight? That's a concept which only an imaginative brain spoon fed on Hollywood could conceive. It's highly unlikely and ridiculously naive to think that-that kind of scenario would even be a possibility. Asteroids and natural calamitous disasters are a very clear and present danger, but you can only predict so much in terms of defence capabilities and as we find out year after year, nature is highly unpredictable. An asteroid for example is not something that can be defended against unless done so years in advance before it actually becomes the threat. These next categories are impossible to defend against: supernovae, gamma bursts, dying stars, rogue stars, black holes, collapsed core, dark core, and the destruction of our atmosphere and magnetic field. The later being a potential possibility in years ahead depending on whether the Earths core is active.

Forget about hypothetical governmental conspiracies against populations too, and lets look at the most persistent and dangerous of all threats we face, the one we have the greatest chance of facing if it were to happen tomorrow. This is a threat that could divide an entire population within a week, bring the world to its knees within a month and target indiscriminately absolutely everyone.

So let's count today as day one.

Day One: BURMA. Case Zero.

A Burmese family are out sourcing water and food in the dense jungle.

They emerge from the jungle after gathering supplies.

They return home, eat and drink.

Within an hour half of this family are incapacitated and deeply ill.

The remaining family seek help, but contract similar symptoms on their travels.

Help is found but they are too sick to return with the help.

Help finally reaches the location and it's discovered that 90% of a thousand strong Burmese village are now sick and dying.

Burma being a war zone and one of the most dangerous places on Earth, issuing an alert and seeking professional help quickly is next to impossible.

Thirty six hours after the initial outbreak The Red Cross receive a request for aid. They respond.

Upon reaching the village 48 hours later the initial party discover a desolate village with no apparent survivors.

Bodies litter the street.

Word of nearby villages are reporting similar outbreaks to aid officials.

Villagers sought refuge from the sick village and then showed signs of infection on the road.

Four hotspots are positively identified within six hours, with the possibility of another fifteen locally.

These other locations are unreachable due to the political climate.

An hour later the button is pushed and the CDC are notified.

Experts are scrambled to the locations accessible.

Sixteen hours later the first full team arrive at zero location.

It appears the mortality rate is 100% and has worrying physical similarities to Ebola and Smallpox.

It's impossible to identify patient zero and the source of infection due to the mortality rate and speed at which it kills. Quarantine is issued on all accessible locations.

Reports of cases as far away as 100 miles indicate this pathogen is air born and is covering ground faster than it's possible to travel upon the terrain.

Diplomacy is unable to secure CDC entrance to needed locations.

Some travel out in light of the danger.

The first worrying results indicate this virus carries significant similarities to Influenza but is an entirely new branch of the influenza family tree. It kills 70x faster than Ebola and has the same mortality rate. It also has a very short seasonal mutation rate. Uncommonly short which means this viral infection can mutate very fast which makes fighting infection next to impossible. Even more worrying is that this new unfamiliar killer has an infection rate 4x higher than that of the common cold.

A state of emergency is declared 48 hours later in Burma after authorities are fully informed of the hazard.

Press worldwide sniff out a story and are briefed within six hours.

CDC and the UN restrict all travel in and out of Burma.

Bangladesh reports its first case 4 hours later.

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, all follow with similar reports within the next 24 hours. Which is then followed by India with a very worryingly dense population of people.

The scale of the problem is still unclear due to the geo-political landscapes of those reporting the issues.

CDC are unable to get a confirmation of cases within China itself and are not forthright with the flow of information.

Days pass and governments worldwide consult and draw up internal plans.

Meanwhile the World Wide Web is flooded with panic, pseudo science miracle cures, fictional cases, paranoia, speculation and leaking videos from numerous global territories, most notably China.

All air travel is recommended shut down on a global scale. Which is unheard of.

The CDC is reported to be working on potential vaccines, but publicly state that the viral infection now dubbed H719 has an unprecedented seasonal mutation rate and that a cure today, may not work tomorrow.

Tabloids and networks cruelly dub the virus Influbola and report mercilessly on its deadly progress through the East.

The first week passes and no reports of Influbola cases reaching the west.

Chinas economy takes a severe nosedive and plunges the world into an instant global recession.

Unprecedented sanctions are placed upon China by Europe as America plans for the worst.

All schools, public areas are to be closed and are not to be used unless absolutely necessary advises CDC.

Advise offered by the CDC is grim. If you appear to show symptoms use a phone or a person but do not seek help for yourself by going outside. Do not under any circumstances travel for help. When reporting have as clear a list as possible of symptoms you have and everyone you have come into contact with within the last 24 hours. Onset of symptoms include, light-headedness followed by vomiting diarrhoea and disorientation. Confirmed symptoms of a fatal nature include, profuse bleeding of the gums and nasal cavity, sweating blood, severe stomach cramps leading to immobility, sharp piercing pains along legs and arms, internal haemorrhaging and the systematic breakdown of internal organs.

Global outrage as political figures are discovered to be using air travel when everyone else is stranded and panicked.

Greece reports its first potential case.

General Electric is reported to be on the verge of bankruptcy due to Chinas economic nosedive. This sends shockwaves across the world and the global economy begins a spiral of death that is impossible to recover from.

Panic and looting runs rampant across the west as banks and institutions begin to fold one by one.

CDC report the spread of Influbola is being stemmed and that its progress appears to be slowing.

China, Indonesia and India are reported to be under full blown revolutions as the poverty stricken populations respond to rumours of mass killings and gassings of citizens in response to potential outbreaks.

France, Germany, Spain and Italy all report their first cases within a 24 hour period. All reports are they are isolated incidents and are being contained.

Immigrants, poor border patrols and people secretly seeking refuge and family are blamed for the global spread of the virus.

Right wing political rallies gain a foothold in many territories across Europe.

Reports of genocide in Poland, China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Cambodia flood the media as money becomes increasingly useless across the continents.

The United Kingdom is yet to report a single case of Influbola, but is in the midst of catastrophic riots and skirmishes as the entirety of the world takes a global run on the banks due to the systematic collapse of the global economy.

Supermarkets are now dangerous places to venture.

Armed forces across Europe battle their own citizens as fear of Influbola tears apart the health systems and measures set in place as citizens lose a fear of authority and act out of necessity on mass.

Murder, crime and corruption is widespread, so much so that it's impossible to report accurately.

South Korea is invaded by North Korea after alleged reports of extensive cases on their soil. Mass American casualties are sustained defending South Korean borders, the US withdraw all military assets from the region and reports of genocide follow.

24 hours later China carpet bomb Taiwan and claim it as their own territory.

The UK, US and Germany simultaneously declare war of Korea and condemn China.

The UN has become completely none functional in light of the political landscape.

The fourth week passes.

Reports emerge that both China and Korea have used nerve agents on vast portions of its own populations to quell uprisings.

Rational people soon realise politics and diplomacy are beginning to fail worldwide and react appropriately.

Global resurgence in faiths of all kinds are unprecedented, followed by the persecution of those who lack it.

Race and cultural difference soon becomes a serious problem to the health of those walking the streets alone.

Electrical grids begin failing across Europe and the US. The East lost most capability a week earlier.

Russia reports its first case and warns Europe and America of hostile and unwarranted aggression.

Russia blocks access to gas supplies for its European dependants.

United Korea claims Influbola is an American and European plot to murder the East and declares war on both Europe and America.

China warns the West that an attack on the Korea would be considered as an attack upon the East itself.

India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam continue to beg for aid that will never come.

Africa reports rapid progression of uncountable Influbola cases as the East and West continue matching wits.

Progress of Influbola seems to have been stemmed and well contained across Europe.

CDC issues its last statement. H719 has been partially stemmed and the rate and spread of infection has been dramatically reduced. The unprecedented seasonal mutation the pathogen undertakes may be responsible for a slowing in reported cases. However the cost has been great. Reports are estimates only. Estimations are that H719 has a global tally of over 3 and half billion and counting.

The CDC never issues another statement following this as systems and resources are stretched worldwide and even something easily possible a month before is now a logistical nightmare and next to possible to organise.

Nobody is being payed any more and a loss of total control follows.

Quarantines are now impossible to maintain when outbreaks do occur.

Food is now becoming scarce on shelves globally.

Cultural conflicts, wars and famine spread to every corner of the globe within the following month.

H719 ravages Africa and reduces the entire population by more than three quarters.

Virtually two months after the first case, the entire civilized world has been completely changed.

Money is now completely useless.

Worldwide governmental control is nowhere to be seen outside of skirmishes for existing landmarks and tactical control of key areas.

Fresh water supply is the biggest killer following this downturn.

The west is decimated and populations unfamiliar with true hardship and survival skills are hit the worst.

Smart phones, twitter, TV, Facebook and Internet access are a thing of the past.

Satellites begin failing.

Lack of medicines and vaccines mean other pathogens and unpleasantness runs wild unobstructed.

An entire generation of over indulgence and arrogance is over.

Replaced by an age of fear, mistrust and geographical hatred.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

The whole world brought to its knees in a month.

Half of the entire population of the world is wiped out and the other half is left in darkness and despair.

Over the following year many succumb to the cold, starvation, murder, and other viruses and bacteria. It's estimated the number is as high as two and a half billion. That's if there was anyone actually keeping count that is. All in all over five and a half billion people are believed to have lost their lives, and it would have been far higher if restrictions had not stemmed it initially.

All of this is down to something so minuscule and deadly nobody would have believed it could have done so much damage.

H719 vanished from the face of the Earth completely within a year and nobody knows why. Maybe it mutated or just burned itself out altogether.

Turns out this happens every three to four hundred years, as it did with the Spanish Influenza and The Plague, but people tend to forget that.

When you really think how fragile everything is that we rely on, it's scary to imagine that we are at the mercy of organisms so small that you couldn't see a billion of them if they were sitting on your eyeball.

This world is run by bacteria, make no mistake at all. It makes up around 94% of all biological mass on the Earth. It lives in the upper atmosphere, and in depths so deep that nobody truly knows how far down it can survive. It can slumber for hundreds of thousands of years with no impact on its efficiency or potency, and in some cases it can kill you as with Ebola in up to 3 - 4 hours, in the most horrible ways imaginable.

The scariest thing is though, that as with the hypothetical case above, one day something will emerge that is so deadly it will be as catching as the common cold and as deadly and infectious as Influenza and Ebola combined. Even scarier is that the chances of this thing already existing on Earth are almost guaranteed, it's just that it hasn't emerged yet or mutated to a point where it's harmful to people.

When it does though...

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PostThu Jan 02, 2014 12:27 pm » by RATRODROB

Entertaining read TROLL, and all to true.

didn't hear any mention on the DHS and Fema camps haha, I wonder how deep under ground TPTB will live and for how long before emerging back out only to recommence where they left off, regaining control and establishing boundaries.

The threat is very real either from nature or something created by man, maybe even to effect only a certain race or biological type..................... :peep:

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PostThu Jan 02, 2014 1:26 pm » by Rich316

Wow.. that's a good movie right there Troll.

Every several hundred years, but I wonder how our ammune systems differ from people living back then differ? And given we have anti biotics, perhaps we're a little better prepared? I understand they've been saying anti biotics will stop working at some point etc.. But geezus, what a mess the world would be if this transpired now or in the future.. It would certainly be a series of cascading events..

Thank God I'm ok here in Australia, we didn't even get infected, bonus!

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PostThu Jan 02, 2014 1:52 pm » by Fr33d0m

Nice post Troll , reads more like a factual documentary of the not so distant future to me, the balance of everything is as fragile as a thin sheet of ice, and in the name of science we mere mortals go ice skating on that sheet of thin ice purely out of curiosity, so to me the inevitable will happen its just a case of when.

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PostThu Jan 02, 2014 6:33 pm » by Evildweeb


...I was going to post this in a seperate topic but when I saw yours Troll - well, it HAD to go here...ok...a little different than your scenario but the immediacy of decay is lightening fast.....

...a show that covers what happens to a society when it all comes down....


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Upload to

Yankee Self-Sufficiency

Published on Jan 2, 2014

Although I am not a PEAK OIL fan, this video is a wealth of historical documented steps taken by a Nation that built a house of glass on fake money and a fake economy and survived the collapse.

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PostFri Jan 03, 2014 5:04 am » by Troll2rocks

Yeah I'm sure it's completely inaccurate in many respects and I'm damn sure this is an odd thing for me to post so soon after New Year, but it's just something I wrote to try and get myself back into the head space of end of the world scenarios. Any how thanks for reading folks, as depressing as it is. :cheers:

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PostFri Jan 03, 2014 5:25 am » by Thebluecanary

No zombies? I was hoping for zombies.

In all seriousness, though, it was really interesting to read. And you're right, epidemics do happen with alarming frequency in history. The only thing saving us so far, really, is that our sanitation standards are so much higher now. Antibiotics don't do anything for a virus. :shock:

Better start stockpilin'! But in the scenario you described, realistically, I'd be toast. We live in a decent sized city that is ghetto as hell. Two weeks into your hypothetical, this place would be Mogadishu. If we were smart enough to bug out in the early stages and get to the national forest we MIGHT pull through…and even though we're both in theory able to do that kind of primitive survival the fact of the matter is we might just be too old for that shit.
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PostFri Jan 10, 2014 7:33 pm » by Troll2rocks

Thebluecanary wrote:No zombies? I was hoping for zombies.

In all seriousness, though, it was really interesting to read. And you're right, epidemics do happen with alarming frequency in history. The only thing saving us so far, really, is that our sanitation standards are so much higher now. Antibiotics don't do anything for a virus. :shock:

Better start stockpilin'! But in the scenario you described, realistically, I'd be toast. We live in a decent sized city that is ghetto as hell. Two weeks into your hypothetical, this place would be Mogadishu. If we were smart enough to bug out in the early stages and get to the national forest we MIGHT pull through…and even though we're both in theory able to do that kind of primitive survival the fact of the matter is we might just be too old for that shit.

Zombie free zone :flop:

Yes this is true, we have gotten advanced enough these days that we are now dealing with ailments that we never have before, such as with degenerative diseases that are a product of living longer lifespans and good medical knowledge etc.

Yes stockpiling would be advantageous but could seek to make those that do a target in circumstances as described above, the sheer amount of people not prepared for such things would easily over power the few that were. Scary thoughts indeed. :cheers:

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PostTue Jan 28, 2014 9:24 pm » by Masterhunter

Read this article and thought of this post.
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PostWed Jan 29, 2014 6:46 am » by Troll2rocks

Masterhunter wrote:Read this article and thought of this post.

Yeah, as shown above this scenario is plausible, it's more a case of when, not if. :cheers:


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