The End of the World is Nigh

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PostTue Oct 06, 2009 8:25 pm » by Aquarius

So, reading through the usual theories and arguements, I stumbled across something very wise that hit home with me, which I will explain later. At the moment, everyone is looking to Dec 21st, 2012 as a date for which one of the following may occur :-

1) the end of the world
2) the end of civilization
3) nucleur war
4) the consciousness of the human mind, elevating to a higher plain
5) 1st contact with other worldly lifeforms - that don't like us and want our planet, or their planet back :o
6) Outbreak of an uncontrollable virus that wipes us all out
7) Planetary polar shift....and so on.

We have the Mayans, whos means of studying the stars are still more advanced than modern times, considering their lack of technology, prophesizing that the world will end, which reflects the vision of a few other civilizations from different times around the globe. Interesting. We have facts that link these prophesies, in so far as, there will be an alignment of the earth, sun and centre of the solar system which happens only once every 26,000 years on that same day. Hmmm. Although I have heard information about this alignment, from a NASA expert, (dubious I know), which was so convienently ommited due to (imho) the marketing of a certain movie, that this alignment happens every Dec 21st. I'm not going to sepculate, I'm not an expert.

The reason I started this thread is not to speculate, or debate, how the world will end. I simply realised something. Now don't get me wrong, I will be as excited as anyone come Dec 21st, 2012, but I'm not going to wait for it. I'm not going to try and wrap my head around all the possibilities every day, wondering what if? I'm not going to prepare for it, how do you prepare for the end of the world?

What I am trying to get at is, what happens should nothing happen on Dec 21st 2012? We will all look at eachother and think, fuck it we've been had again. I'm sure most will be dissappointed. But will that be the end of it? Are we slowly becoming a species that looks longingly or despairingly to the future for something, for a change? 2017 was brought up somewhere recently as a year where massive change takes place, will that be the new year that we see as the end of the shit we have to put up with? Or eventually, when we realise that nothing is going to happen, that this world will outlive all of us and then some, will we look to death as all there is left? I know, pretty grim. But that seems to be the way things are going. Those that let their minds live in the future are simply waiting to die, those that let their minds live in the past are dead, for the past is dead. The wise person lives in the present.

Alternatively, what if the Mayans were right, as I'm sure most of you have thought. Yes I have thought the same, but if/when we are sitting, looking up to the stars on Dec 21st, 2012 at a massive wave of solar flare, that is about to lick us off the face of the earth forever, won't all of you think to yourselves that you are gonna miss everything. And that you wish you had one more day to live it up. Because for the last 3 or more years all we've done is complain, speculate, endure, none of us have really lived life to its full potential.

Sometimes I let the conspirator in me out and speculate whether it is a big experiment to study how we as a species react to imminent doom. Where we are being controlled by an existance so massive and complex that we could never wrap our heads around it. Or simply that we are having the wool pulled over our eyes so that we become so engulfed in our expectations that we do not realise or are not aware of what is going on around us.

So my point is this, fuck it. The only thing that is certain in life is death. That can be our end of times, our elevation to a new consciousness, our new exploration/adventure. But until then, LIVE & LOVE. Enjoy the little things in life, savour good company and food, drink. GIVE, as giving feeds the soul. LEARN, educate yourself in things that you've wanted to learn, whether it be music, skills, culture etc. Life is so crazy beautiful at times, that weighing yourself down with unproven speculations is just a waste of a beautiful life. One thing that I have learned that a lot of you will not agree with is this, Ignorance is bliss. Are we unworthy of experiencing bliss? Because others suffer at the hands of tyrants, should we also suffer? Some of you may answer that sitting back and doing nothing makes one just as guitly. I commend people that get involved, but in most cases, it is better to keep one's nose out. But I do believe in giving as much as one can afford, as it is worth so much more to others, and it makes one happy to make others happy.

Anyways, I've been thinking about this lately and I thought I'd share it, I hope it hit home with someone. I'm going back to my roots, to my days of blissful ignorance, I was happier then, life seemed full of promise. Good Bye DTV, I enjoyed my time here, but it's time to move on. Peace, Love and Parties. :D
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PostTue Oct 06, 2009 8:29 pm » by TheDuck

Pop in every once in a while man :D

I think a lot of us think like this..
2017 was brought up somewhere recently as a year where massive change takes place, will that be the new year that we see as the end of the shit we have to put up with?

Probably I say we take 'them' out NOW! :shooting: :mrgreen: - Premium E-liquid

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PostTue Oct 06, 2009 9:11 pm » by Achnaton

:clapper: Well said mate, it´s a positive perspectif which we really need.

Remember the law of the echoe, self furfilling prophecies can occure with collective conciousness!

So now let´s talk of save spots and some survivalisme :D


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PostTue Oct 06, 2009 9:47 pm » by Pauldamo

the enlightened person lives in all times.and its impossible that that our solar system travels in to the center of the galactic plane every DEC 21.i think your picturing the earth and sun and the galactic center,but that's a different phenomenon.

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PostTue Oct 06, 2009 10:40 pm » by Realorfake

It goes like this...

We humans find true meaning in life when we consider LIFE sacred, when we believe it can end tomorrow, or in 3 years. The problem comes when we lose site of how precious life is or when we fail to see how truly short it sometimes can be.

Im glad I feel inside that 2012 might be a significant year. It makes me want to do everything in the the scope of my capabilites to enjoy life until then. AND, if nothing happens well what a gift. Soon we'll find another doomsday scenario and I'll once again prepare each day as if they are numbered.

Funny tho my days are already numbered, even without 2012 along with everyone elses. But we need a meteor or poleshift or a planet x to remind us that life is terminal and to live the best you can all the time...
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PostTue Oct 06, 2009 10:41 pm » by Vulcanic

mayans had a astro calendar the begining and end is the same it's the planet Alignment wich will happend in 2012 (fact)

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PostTue Oct 06, 2009 10:48 pm » by Esoteric

living in the "now" is absolutely a good way to go about your life (ask Buddha)

but looking ahead and making discisions now for things wich can or will occur, can also be a wise thing.
i can tell you that many rich and powerfull people as well as governments are preparing themselfs.

and ignorance often seems like bliss, but ignorance is just ignorance nothing else.
bliss can be optained trough knowledge, not trough ignorance
who is who, to say what is what?

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PostWed Oct 07, 2009 12:55 am » by Flecktarn

if some thing was to happen right now ,are we prepaired for it ,most likley no ,so the best we can do is try and make the most of what we have now ,if it is some impending doom the chances are we cant change a thing,,how many of us have a bunker in our gardens stocked full of stuff ,and what use will it be if its going to be burried or underwater with you inside it ..if we know what we are going to face, we can plan and prepair but lets say the only safe country will be iceland the world wont fit in to it ,so we will never know ,all we can do is enjoy our time with family and friends and try and make what we have now just that little bit better

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PostWed Oct 07, 2009 1:35 am » by Newearthman

aquarius wrote:What I am trying to get at is, what happens should nothing happen on Dec 21st 2012? We will all look at eachother and think, fuck it we've been had again. I'm sure most will be dissappointed. But will that be the end of it?

I quit after more getting excited over end of the world senarios! I really hope something Earth changing will happen but as we get closer to the date I am feeling more sceptical about anything out of the ordinary happening.

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PostWed Oct 07, 2009 9:21 pm » by Aireswing

Well.. theres going to be a pole shift in 2012.. and if you think about it.. that could be very dangerious... when the plates all shift and change.. not only will we have to worrie about .. volcainos.. earthquakes.. large flooding... but one thing would be the worst of it all..
And that would be the NUKES that are underground.. if the earth shift changes the plates .. that could affect the nukes.. So I would hope that the goverments.. knowing this is going to happen.. would dissarm all the nukes that would be able to charge off..
That would be the end of this planet.. if any or all of the Nukes went off due to the pole shift..
NOW Thats SCARY!! :nails:


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