The Energy of Thought: Key to a Multidimensional World

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PostFri Jul 03, 2009 8:38 pm » by Spliffffstar

Really nice thoughts slush.

This reminds me of the PEAR study at the university of Princeton which has proven that there is some kind of direct connection between our thoughts and physical reality.

Here's a link:

There's some technology based on their studies, a direct interface between humans and computers(without those silly brain scanning helmets):

So, this study is pretty much the scientific foundation for everything you wrote, slush.

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PostFri Jul 03, 2009 11:22 pm » by Lucidlemondrop

I really like your post here slush, but when I tried to access the link here is what I got.

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the support department as soon as possible, and please have your site name ready.

Meanwhile, I will read your post a couple of times because I find it to be real good info that needs much thought put upon it to assimilate.
What a long strange trip it's been..............

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PostWed Jul 22, 2009 4:42 am » by Lucidlemondrop

Humpty Bumpty
What a long strange trip it's been..............

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PostWed Jul 22, 2009 7:00 am » by Ojcar

slushpup wrote:The Energy of Thought: Key to a Multidimensional World

Angelica Downe June 16 2009 ... ought.html


Away from the confines of the solar system, space is devoid of light, and space is pitch black. I can experience this when I OBE.

As in an Internet connection from your PC to the word, we need to be connected to the vast memory banks of humankind records of existence to visit the inner worlds. As an example, when we are connected to the Internet you type a "location" and you go there. Depending on the quality of the connection, you can get there in an instant or never get there at all. Connected to the internet we have access to all that has been written by anyone in the world. In the inner world of multidimensionality, accessing these other dimensions within the universe, we access the locations by just thinking of them. Every conscious and unconscious thought is an executable order. We have to be consciously "connected" to do this consciously and there are so many ways to do it that you just have to pick the method that best suits your psychology and apply it to you. If we are not consciously connected, it can happen at any time and you will remember it as a dream or an OBE; the experiences you have will depend on your soul needs and readiness, the quality of your thoughts and light level.

Whatever we do and whatever we think creates records and hot spots, that are accessible, alive and always there somewhere, in an active potential energetic state that is available by conscience. We are seldom conscious of what we create or the creations that are available to us, so in a wordly sense, these dimension of being is invisible to most of all. When we open up our souls and leave the robes of the personalities we have embraced, we act from pure consciousness and can act as a potential energy that has immediate access to all that is useful to the soul, not more and not less. The beauty of it is that nothing can harm the consciousness that one is and higher self knows what it needs at all times and it will seek it.

The synchronicities and non synchronicities that we do not understand in our lives, anything and everything that happens is ruled by this law that everything that needs to happen will happen, at the right moment, not more and not less. The universe is an autocorrecting machine. If you will it, you will gain access to all that is faster; if you leave it to chance, the universe will take its time, until it receives a "direct order" from you. Consciousness is higher energy to higher levels, unconscious action and thought behaves as low energy, holds you down to lower energy dimensions and experiences. What are these locations we can visit in this communication highway? A place, a person, a time. When we access this inner world dimensions, we can go easily to the location of an individual, a place or a time in the future or past. There are no boundaries. We an visit a location anywhere in the known and unknown universe and even entities we don't even know that exist in our wake, down to earth dimension of time-space.

Last night, I wanted to have and other-worldly experience, go out of my body. This has never been easy to me to program and one of the things I learned last night from the book I was reading is that we should try to get into these states at other times other than bed time because we get into the pattern of going to sleep. That should be avoided. Nevertheless, since I was already in bed, I listened to a voice recording to put me at ease. I surrounded myself with a protective light and started dozing and then I fell asleep.

I was in a parking lot watching three guys that looked oddly similar, like brothers, but not quite. It was as if they had masks to resemble humans. I followed them into a building that looked like a school, with high Greek columns at the entrance. I went into a corridor, a flight of stairs and into the second floor with other people that were arriving for some event. I enter an amphitheater; I can see the backs of them, all staring at the front and waiting. I seat down. It is going to be a conference about outer space and travel. Was it real??? I think it was.


I usually recall these episodes as dreams that are so real that there is little difference from what I recall as OBEs. During OBEs I know I am not in my physical body, I feel a presence around me and feel that I am light and traveling through "dark space". Many alien abductees talk about been given rides on the ships and shooting out in seconds to be surrounded by dark space and maybe on the far distance, they see Earth.

Away from the confines of the solar system, space is devoid of light, and space is pitch black. I can experience this when I OBE. Some people have eerie and sometimes frightening experiences, others don't. The level of consciousness, the level of positiveness, the level of intention, determines the experience. This is one very good reason to indulge oneself in positive thoughts. I have started to regularly make meditations to clean my aura of negative thoughts and last night, prior to the "dream" I had done that. I find this a good practice een if it does not lead to any experience. I feel lighter. Since thought generates action, I visualize a protective light surrounding me; I welcome light spirits, light thoughts and visualize eliminating the negatives out of my energetic body. If you leave them roaming around you and you behave unconsciously of your inner self, they make you their surrogate. In the measure that we clean our "house" we are a better conductive material for the upper level life. We become a better instrument for the expression of light.

This connectivity issue, the one I resemble to connection to the internet, is what makes some people more liable to access these states of ample mobility and access to "information" out there, outside the body, outside Earth and have better contacts and better experiences. It is like having a gold connector to the router. In the same sense also, the more one is identified with the immediate physical environment, the less capable a person can be of getting out of this world and explore others, so we have to disconnect briefly to fly away in our energetic body to far away lands--which are just as close as a nanosecond. Inner or outwardly, we are travelers in time and space. It is all in the mind, since if our mind is not controlled by ages old paradigms it can accept and experience whatever is presented to it as an alternate route for exploration of existence. It is an adventure which possibility we should never dismiss as unrealistic. We were not created to be bound to earth; I think the limit is the sky and the universe. If truly made in his image, we were created to expand, learn and create. We are in truth, great instruments to prime creator.

This clarity of thought is like a high intensity light wave and it energizes the fields of multidimensionality. The more energetic the wave, the better outcome. The more conscious effort the better clarity. We are constantly evolving into this being that seeks clarity. It is not a religious thing; it is the way of the universe, a normal process. As we become aware, a holder of this light intensity, we come to "the knowing" of this fact. I imagine many races before us and in the future that have come to a seat of awareness that is highly evolved and can guide us to climb a step higher in this chain. The steps to highest evolving are never ending and are the overall goal. Helping others to achieve this is part of the deal.

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PostWed Jul 22, 2009 7:58 am » by Aragajag

What Lucid said.
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PostThu Jul 23, 2009 5:37 am » by Megavirus

I disagree with getting rid of negative thoughts by just not thinking about them cause thats just avoiding correction.
Negative thoughts lets you know whats positive and positive lets you know whats negative.
being positive about everything is like saying to yourself you've reached your limit thereby not moving forward to better than what you have already.
Bad dreams can lead to correction of one self if you take the time to understand it.
I can be happy and at the same time recongnize the negative in me cause I don't let it effect my mood through out the day it is only what makes me see what needs to be corrected.

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PostThu Jul 23, 2009 7:46 am » by Seahawk

Hey Slush,

I listened to the whole interview. I find it fascinating and have been trying on and off to have an OBE, but always end up falling asleep. I can't seem to find that middle ground that is necessary for success, or if I find it, cannot stay and just bypass right into sleep. Listening to the interview prompted another try last night and I actually felt, at the time, and then this morning, that I made the most progress yet. I tried the method of increasing the distance, incrementally, of my focus on the blackness- "looking with my eyes closed." Something was different, then when I had tried it before, but alas, once again I fell asleep. Before falIing asleep though, it seemed that I was actually beginning to see some shape on the "black screen", beyond the round port hole- different from what I had experienced with past efforts.

I found the following when looking for more info. on the subject, and thought it might be an interesting and relevant addition to this particular thread. Some of you might have seen it, (or listened to it) already. I've listened to this guys supposed deep trance meditations/ reactions/ responses to a variety of topics relative to this site and find him interesting. Maybe it's all nothing, (OBE's I mean,) but I really don't think so. I'm going to continue trying, and work on my consistency. Have you tried it? How is your success rate?

When I listened to the Buhlman interview, I also read all the posts that followed each segment. It seems that there are a lot of folks that have been successful in this and some have no doubts in their minds of the potential and reality of possibilities.

Thanks- Good post.

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PostThu Jul 23, 2009 7:47 pm » by Lucidlemondrop

So are we more Awake when we are Asleep?

More and more seems to point to this possibility.

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PostThu Jul 23, 2009 11:44 pm » by Newearthman

seahawk100 wrote:Before falIing asleep though, it seemed that I was actually beginning to see some shape on the "black screen", beyond the round port hole- segment.

What do you mean by "beyond the round porthole"

I always try to see things when I close my eyes especialy when going to sleep. I notice that when I try to medatate I start to see swirling patterns in a dark blue, green or red and then after that calms down I can see a "port hole" open up. Its like looking up out of a hole into space. The border around the opening is kind of uneven like a cliff and the sky looks dark purple/blue. The "port hole dosn't last very long and is faint.

I don't meditate offten, only when really bored or tired. What you said reminded me of what I expirienced, is that kind of what you expirienced?

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PostThu Jul 23, 2009 11:50 pm » by NamelessGhoul


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