The EVIL that is Glenn Beck and Christian morals

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Glenn Beck’s radio show got a curious call during its fourth hour (which airs online but not on regular radio). A listener called in to tip off hosts Stu and Pat to a Dallas-area restaurant that has started displaying an interesting sign offering free meals in honor of Glenn. So we called the restaurant to check it out. And we were amazed at what we heard.

This is the sign posted in front of the cash register at Sammy Walker’s Barbeque in Rowlett, Texas:

But why?

This Spring Glenn Beck issued a challenge to people to be a force for good, and called for flash mobs of kindness across the country on Thursday, April 21st. Come late April, listeners organized groups and as predicted, spread kindness throughout their communities in the form of collecting canned foods, baking, or making blankets for those in need.

Sammy Walker is a huge fan of Glenn Beck and would tape his Fox News show everyday, making time to watch it when he got home from work each night. Sammy was inspired by Glenn’s call to go spread kindness on the 21st, but could not leave his business where he has worked for the last 26 years. After hearing Glenn suggest groups give canned goods to people in need, Sammy spoke with his wife, Lisa, and said “We need to do something, why don’t we just host that.”

That “something?” Since April 21st, Sammy Walker’s BBQ has provided a free, daily BBQ lunch to those in need.
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“When people come ask for help, we are glad to help them,” said Sammy — in a trademarked Texas drawl — during a phone interview with The Blaze on Monday.

Even in an awful economy, the Walkers have not turned away the less fortunate. “Our business has been in decline for about two or three years, but that was not the point. We were in the position to give people in need free food, and inspired by the Lord and Glenn to do so,” he said.

To determine who is really in need, Walker and his employees simply hold those who ask for help at their word. “If we get beat out of a few so be it,” he explained. “We are more interested in helping those in need.”

And help they do, providing dozens of free meals every week.

On the phone Walker is very modest and easygoing, which may come as a surprise considering he is a highly decorated weightlifting champion and member of the 1976 U.S. Olympic Team. Walker and his “Legendary Texas Bar-B-Que,” were featured in a 2007 Sports Illustrated article with six other former national class athletes that have opened succesful BBQ restaurants.

Walker participates in several charity events in the Dallas area every year. And as a man with a strong Christian faith, he hosts “The American Heritage Series” by David Barton every Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m in his restaurant.

“Yes, we serve a great breakfast too!” adds Walker.

Walker is not looking for credit, and said bluntly on the phone, “I am just a man that is all about my God and my country.”

And according to his website, he’s also about good food: “Sammy Walker’s Barbeque has some of the best BBQ in the Whole Darn State!”

Just ask those he’s helped. Or go see for yourself.
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Just more proof that Glenn, his listeners, and Christians are a bunch of hate mongering, racists, that care for nothing but the almighty dollar. Religion and it's core values need to be eradicated, the world would be much better off. It's the scourge of society. :roll:

In all seriousness. I still truly believe that the majority of Americans are like this guy rather than what you always see portrayed on T.V. Yes, that includes the law enforcement officers and military.

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PostWed Aug 10, 2011 5:14 pm » by Truthdefender

Cool post!
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Yeah thanks for the hate post against people who claim they are Christian with out being...



Thanks for making the World MORE hate filled.

And When will you start murdering Christians like the Nazis...


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