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This investigation was of an old railroad tunnel that has been closed since the 1960's. This tunnel travels under homes and the cemetery. But the oddest thing about the tunnel is that there is a cemetery built on top of a cemetery and supposedly there are rooms that have collapsed in the tunnel in which the caskets have fallen into. Supposedly you can venture into the rooms and take souvenirs of whomever and whatever is in the caskets. Also there have been reports of wild dogs that roam through the tunnels. So with this information in hand we ventured off to these tunnels to find the truth.

Upon arriving we had difficulty in finding where to enter, so we split up into two groups in an attempt to find the opening. It took a few tries to find the entrance, walking across heavy traffic and on some private property, but we finally found it after traipsing thru some mud and a flooded area. The path does begin along the cemetery which was a little tricky to find since we had to trespass and go on private property (a storage facility) to find the old railroad path. It was dark and muddy and a little chilly. So we called the other half of the team and met up and then walked to the mouth of the tunnel. Luckily the fence that was to seal off the entrance was open and no obstructions were blocking the entrance. The path was very dark leading to the opening and it was a very impressive opening. A ton of mud and about 3-5 inches of water for about 20 feet slowed us down until we got to the service walkway. We used planks that were found in the tunnel to get to this point. The tunnel was pitch black, but we had 4 flashlights, one for each of us. The tunnel was about 1.5 miles long from Fairview to Edgewater and the tracks (rails) were pulled up but the ties were still there. Approximately in the center of the tunnel there is a vent that was to allow all the steam and what not escape the tunnel when it was up and running, it actually exits in someone's backyard. Trying to look up and see out the vent was challenging due to all the water dripping down from it. You can actually see the vent on Google maps. Walking thru the tunnels we found common trash and a basketball in the tunnel...and a lot of water. About halfway thru we did turn off the flashlights and took out an audio recorder in an attempt to see if we could capture some sort of voice or other sounds. We also noted that there were no openings, doors or hidden rooms like others reported. We walked the whole tunnel but it was flooded by up to at least 4 feet of water at the Edgewater side, so we had to return in the direction that we came from. We wanted to exit but couldn't due to the deep water on this side, so we turned around and walked back the other way. Upon exiting the tunnels we realized how black and dirty we were due to all the soot in the tunnel, filthy!

So in summary the end results were we found NOTHING supernatural, no doors, no chambers, no bones, no skeletons, nor no caskets or hounds of hell. We did some sample audio recordings but didn't catch anything strange nor any EVPs. The biggest threats you may have to worry about if you visit this location would be: bums, crackheads, getting muddy/wet in the tunnel or the police if they decide that you are trespassing.
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The vid from the OP - interesting little titbit! :flop:


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Thanks for the memories. I lived in Fairview from when I was born til we moved to Florida when I was 11. In fact my best friend back then who is now the chief of police, older brother took us in there once. It scared the hell outta me being I was about 7. There are also missle silos in Fairview in some back yards(another friend) Glad I got outta that area when I did. Long live the Confederacy!!!

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