The Falsification of Modern Physics

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I'm no Physicist, but I suggest that the suppression, or the deliberate tinkering of new scientific discoveries by Scientific Giants like Maxwell and Tesla for example is nothing new, if their discoveries upset the accepted paradigm.
My concern is why.
Is it to direct Science along a certain path whilst burying the truth, or is it simply to protect the reputations of lesser men ?

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Titles a little misleading, but a good paper nonetheless. All of these theories have been around for a while now some as far back as the 20s, and a lot of these things are in use now, the appearance of energy in a vaccume has been known of for a long time now, this is the whole foundation for the time isnt real concept. none of these ideas have been suppressed or held back as theyve been widley known for years - theres even a guy in the U.S used some of these to build a water powered engine. A lot of these do kinda get held back from public scrutiny, but not for any conspiracy reasons but due to the fact that the general populace wouldnt accept a lot of these theories - scientists have known and generally accepted these for years.
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