The foo fighters - strange orbs trailing aircraft in ww2

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PostFri Jul 03, 2009 11:36 am » by bugmenot

The foo fighters - strange ufo orbs seen trailing aircraft during world war II :alien:
more photos here.

Ever wonder where the band the foo fighters got their name from? ... well..

I find Foo fighters one of the most puzzling ufo events to date. They were heavily seen during World War II trailing many aircraft. They were small probes likely monitoring human activities during the disastrous war and have been seen even in modern times.

I think the foo fighters indicate the ongoing interest our ET friends in human activities and their concerns about us destroying the planet. Would like to know your opinions on them .. If you have any more photos of foo fighters please upload them to the site.

Pilots during World War II reported small sphere or fireball like objects flying near or beside bombers or fighters. Allies and Axis pilots thought the flying objects were secret weapons, from the oposing side. The Allied pilots named these mysterious flying craft, "FOO FIGHTERS".

Japanese SALLY bomber (some say it's a BETTY), with a UFO (FOO FIGHTER) trailing it. Or is it simply a dot by way of a black marker? Both Axis and Allied forces thougth these Foo fighters were secret weapons that had been engineered by either the Axis or Allies. Some of these dot like craft were calcuatlated to fly at speed of 1000 MPH to 3600 MPH.

This World War II photo of a Japanese torpedo/bomber has been around since the 1960's. Some say it's legit others say it's a doctored combat strike photo. The UFO's (LIGHTS) can be clearly seen.


This photo shows B17's in combat formation, some UFO's off in the distance and a fighter closing on a flying fortress. Is this fighter, a single engined allied plane or an enemy Me109, by it's cowling it looks like an Axis (enemy) fighter. I think this photo is a fake, notice how close the fighter is to the B17 and how out of proportion the fighter is? Then again this photo could be legit, and I could be wrong, but where is the tracer fire? Maybe it's a doctored photo from film stock from the 1962 movie "THE WAR LOVER

modern photo of a CONCORD jet over UK with a UFO (FOO FIGHTER) next to the jet. The FOO FIGHTER, cruised above the jet, then cirlced unfderneath the craft, and disapeared as if it melded with the plane or just blinked out. Various sources claim this happened in the 1970's and others 1990's. This is a still from a film, shot from a jet that was flying next to the Concord.


This photo has been in public view since at least the 1960's. There is some question what make these aircraft are. Some experts say the planes are R.A.F. Lysanders, others say they are Tahikawa KI 34's (recon) from 1942. The UFO's are plainly seen.

more photos here

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PostFri Jul 03, 2009 9:47 pm » by Spliffffstar

Yup, Foo Fighters are a really interesting phenomenon. These are some really nice pics you put up there. Haven't seen those yet.

I guess you can't blame extraterrestrials for being curious. What would you do if you were monitoring a planet and all of a sudden hundreds of planes started flying around, just bombing cities down to their foundations? I sure as hell would take a look..... :robot:

This pic is not really related to this topic, but still nice :


I don't know much about image manipulation, but I like these old photographs because they seem so hard to fake....

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