The future in video games? Or mass delusion ? :)

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PostTue Dec 27, 2011 8:15 pm » by SamueltheLion

Hey so,

I take it some of you like playing games,

what do you think of deus ex?
the title comes from Deus Ex Machina:
god out of the machine... outside of the machine.-

at a young age i was fascinated by the bizzare lore and visions of the future:
nanotechnology, implants, the hidden hand etc etc.

now, looking back at it, i wanted to post it for you, along with some of my own thoughts:

This is "Invisible War" the second in the series.


Upload to

some gameplay:

Upload to

yay, kill kill kill... it's what you were born for, errrrm, right?



a plan:

Upload to

the "helios" ending

Upload to

invisible war was perhaps the most overt in the series... what is to come, and what is being planned. You can see the agenda creeping along everywhere, and subsequently, it was the least fun, it was just like, ok, wtf, grim future and horrible choices.
where is the HOPE? it's cool and all, but, errrm, is that REALLY the future? feels like there's something missing here :look:

I do remember reading something in some communist manifestos and man-u-scripts !!! hahaha, that, actually: they would create a rift, a generational gap, so parents and children could no longer understand one another. no longer inner-stand one another.

This is from the newest installation:


Upload to

some thoughts on the trailer: violence is glorified and elevated to an art form, it makes killing look sexy and acrobatic and removes all emotion from it. you have a "rihanna" like looking femme fatale, oh yay, get implants and uzis and gun down civilians, it's the IN THING to do.

very dark future... Icarus... Icarus, flying towards the sun, over and over, his wings melting away. yes, that is what technology does to people: gives them the idea they can fly, then breaks down eventually, because it is DEAD.

but what about the technology of LIFE? of nature? Bio-Regeneration?
DNA self-repair? Healing? Miracles???

a miracle is not something supernatural, it is merely beyond our understanding of nature

said st. augustine. a "great work" ??? :p

Upload to

...Daaaamn... great trailer, but, it will pump clueless people full of fear.

Upload to

2 notes here: take into account what lady gaga said about "birthing a new race" recently in her publicity stunt: she buried herself in an egg and did a little ritual/ ceremony.
take into account: the advances of nanotechnology and the ability for humans to actually genetically modify themselves and other species, and use implants to 'play god'.

Also: Revolution is actually an ASTROLOGICAL term, and the meaning of it is simply: a planet's full rotation. So a human revolution is... ??? another revolt? :)

how about some human EVOLUTION? :)

oh wait, that's gettin' all nutty now ain't it :p
you know why? because the only people who talk about consciously guided evolution are: alchemist nutjobs, christian nutjobs, anti-science, pseudo-intellectual nutjobs :P

here's a crazy thought: evolution does not take place over millions of years, evolution and devolution are in fact constantly at work, and whenever there is a great crisis, there is a great CHANCE for evolution to take place, but it is an InDi-Vi-dual (lots of 2's and division in that word) DECISION! it is NOT automatic :)

wouldn't that be something, hehehe. And the big con-man in the sky? who pulled off the miraculous lie? that you don't have to do anything to evolve? you just have to stick on this rock and revolve? well he's the king of the blind ain't he. ;)

ah but never you mind my crazy ramblin'.

The first part seems relatively tame and innocent in comparison, but, that's where it started.

Upload to

your appointment to F.E.M.A should be finalized within the week

somebody knows something you don't know :p
keep in mind this game was released like... 2000? in production since 1996-7,
almost as weird as the X-Men 1984 mention of the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11.

majestic 12 eh? ;)
gods and aquinas?

Upload to

better to reign in hell than serve in heaven

methinks: hell is hell because everyone wants to reign there.

if there were no god it would be necessary to invent him - voltaire

meh... humans have the great arrogance and believe the folly of their vain imaginings, but actually: no one invents anything, they merely dis-cover it. god is that force which was, is, and will be.

Upload to

a conversation with 'morpheus' the dream-maker... interesting.

an unplanned organism is a question asked by nature, answered by death, you are another kind of organism


well, what about that whole "eternal life" thing? :p

i also find the protagonists name: JC DentOn??? highly interesting.
possible decoding: a dent on (in) J.C = An insult to jesus christ?

All in all: I think it's not as harmless as it seems.

the boundaries of the philosophy mentioned within the games are all very secular and in favour of technology, toward "the borg", which, i think, is actually REAL.

you are being put in a subtle yet restrictive box, and you don't even realize it, as your (20)12 year old mind is too easily manipulated and distracted to see.
so by the time you're 20(13), you may have chosen a fate which you hate :p

Hell is... Truth seen too late

Cy-Borgs. Merging with a central AI? errrrm

Communism: FANTASTIC idea, wrong species

Take another look at "the matrix" with your esoteric understanding ON this time :)

do you see the messages? nebuchadnezzar, the 6 fold destruction of ZiOn, The Neo, The Trinity, The Morpheus? Not in-di-vi-dual characters but AR-KEY-types, Archetypes!!!

you sure you wanna go on another merry-go-round?
then revolt, like they want you to :P
you'll just discover the same thing in the end which you can tap into right now: the self-sustaining heart centred timeless tesseract heart cube :)

i.e, the 3d crucifix:


depicted lovingly by Ladi Da, Dali in the "Corpus Hypercubus".

fractally compressible -coherent- emotion o_o
like dan winter says.


looking forward to an interesting discussion :cheers:

much love and hugs to you guys, hope your christ-mass was fun.


interesting game we're playing

:look: :look: :look:

good luck! :D :)



wink wink nudge nudge.


some last crazy thoughts:
the train man's comin'!

6-6-6 barcodes and 6-6-6 rfid chips and 6-6-6 brain implants and 6-6-6 cell phones(ever noticed? CELL phones? like a prison cell?) to keep you tracked in 6-6-6 carbon atom numbers forever, going psycho on this cyclical cycle, bi-cycle ;)

the reaper man's swimming, through tides of fate, to deliver a judgement, but a word: will you be too late? discover your fate ! :D

life is an adventure, a trip, and no one really really knows where we're going, because we're building the ride as we go, but there are those who try to guide the construction, and they have a goal in mind, maybe one which they have been to, before.

As carl sagan said:

we've travelled, this way before, and there is much work to be done

o_o of course, deus ex isn't the only game with this subtle kind of ss-subliminal prep work, but it is ONE of them :)


And the Light shone in the darkness
And the Darkness comprehended it not

last edit:

so how deep do you really believe these coincidences to be?

would you say some of it is what researchers term "Synchromystic" or is it all "controlled propaganda"?

like the archetypal manipulation and use of symbolism in movies, along with numerology and so on. Is some of it "Di-vine" inspiration, or is it just... a little fruit from the tree of know-l-edge?

Your faith will make you whole

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PostWed Dec 28, 2011 5:15 pm » by SamueltheLion

ok well, here's 2 more vids i find a little interesting

not strictly gaming related, but comics.

Upload to

Upload to

some common sense:

Upload to

Your faith will make you whole

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PostWed Jan 04, 2012 6:04 pm » by SamueltheLion

an interesting play on vurds and vurlds:

Upload to


oh my god! It's God!
literally: 14:19 to 21, the 72 names of god in exodus

It's Z tetragramaton in z tetractys...

y axis?

72 42 13 33 49... z illuminati elliminates z x y z from z alphabet?

betet doch...


Upload to

soooooooo, why did zey vant to kill lucy lucifer? :/
Your faith will make you whole

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