The Global Misconnection of Warming.

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Of global warming, penis envy, and the love for the nuclear age.

By Matthew Carter

So everyone is up in arms again on global warming.
There's a new debate on each side every time we
hear the subject. We are told "choices" of options.
And no matter where you side on this situation.....
I think we can agree that either way....we're screwed!

Personally I think more common sense in this matter
is needed than science. I admit I have never seen Al
Gores movie, Nor have I read all of the science
journals regarding the warming. But I see the way
things are changing rapidly during a coincidentally
explosive decade of this planets life.

Looking at some of these coincidences can make
many things seem attributed to the science that
has progressed us, and at times destroyed us.

But what mankind did before modern science was
almost always done for understanding nature.

For instance in 2011 with the (Still ongoing and
still getting worse) Fukushima disaster many wondered
its unknown consequences. But a simple linking of a
few things that happened progressively after it should
be brought to light.

The Pacific ocean has warmed in the East Asian area
(We know why and now so does everyone
else...finally) due to the massive constant leaking
of the coolant (And the massive rains/typhoons
catching air born particles and eventually settling
them as well) into the seawater there.

Then it seemed as their currents push north/south it
led into the Arctic as well as Southwest as far as
the Bay of Bengal. It caused rather quick chain
reactions of warming the water over the next year
enough that at one point it seemed as if there were
5 typhoons lined up one after the other and when one
died another popped up at the back of the line.

The arctic circle, on the other hand had serious ice
melt this past year compared to the previous few
decades. This caused the southern flow of cooler
water to push south towards Americas west coast
giving it the warmest conditions in recorded history
this past Spring/Summer of 2012.

Now we look at the warming of the arctic combined
with a massive and constant debris storm of
particulates that are still to this day bombarding
the areas from Alaska, across Canada (And into the
US) and then Greenland , England, Russia, and so on
back to West Asia all over again.
The air born particles travel faster and can stay
hung up for some time (Which is why we, for the most
part haven't dropped dead thanks to the shorter
half-life of the more toxic particles) and would
settle bit by bit.

Now we look at Canada, and especially Greenland. The
Northern part of the US and Canada's summer this
year was rather unique. From massive droughts, to
large (Almost biblical) numbers of birds falling
dead to the ground. From extreme run off floods of
rapid ice melting. To (the one that is scariest of
all involving weather change) Greenland losing 95%
of its glacier in less than a weeks time.

Hurricanes making it into New York, and almost to
Iceland several times. I have gone on long enough
and to get to the overall and obvious point.....

Since nuclear weaponry testing began it seems that
climate change has also. I am aware that in the past
the climate has had massive flux's in surface
temperature, but it seems that since the late 1940's
things have "Heated up" quite a bit on this planet.

With over 2,000 atomic, hydrogen, and nuclear
weapons tested in the span of 60 years. Getting in
temperatures of anywhere between 50 and 150 million
degrees Fahrenheit. (A good correlation is that the
sun presumably burns at 27.6 million degrees at its
core and its surface burns at 3.5 million degrees
F.) Which over time can be rather detrimental to a
global increase in temperature.

So why does no one ever think to equate these few
things together?


So here is a theory that science should
test....but does not. So because we are told only
two options exist... Man made, or not.... We never
tend to think of other options unless we really
start to look at the bigger picture which is tough
to do.

Either way the knowledge of fusion has only done
damage to mankind as a whole. The era of the
ignorant "Scientific Nuke Youth" of the early
testing days as well as the "Politically Penile
Challenged" of the late 40's up until current times
has caused a facade of normalcy that is covering up
the dangers of our current, well, choices.

So I ask you this...
"What next?"
"What now?"
Because the concept of "What if" is no longer an
option in this world of bickering change.

Pointing fingers has done nothing. But if we find
a reason as to why, it may just assist us in finding
a solution to the popular question on all sides of this
debated issue. Which is...

"What the hell is up with this weather?"

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