The Hundred Year Starship: The Nasa mission!

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wretchfossil wrote:NASA is still using some technology that is really old. For example, Mars Exploration Rovers Opportunity and Spirit are using a microscope that can magnify objects to 12X only. Even Curiosity (to be launched in late 2011) can only magnify objects to less than 100X. Can you believe that? Many small companies in China and Taiwan are selling digital microscopes (at US$70/piece) that can magnify any minute objects to 500X without any preparation of samples. Higher-priced digital microscopes can easily magnify objects to 2,000X without any preparation of samples (You simply put the microscope over an object and take a stereo micrograph of 500X or 2000X.).

Maybe NASA cannot afford to anger the current manufacturers of 12X microscopes
. :ohno:

it seems me and u are but a few enlightend with regard to this, for fucks sake we are still only getting black and white pics from the moon, man we had colour camaras 30-40 years ago for christ sake.
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