The Hundred Year Starship: The Nasa mission!

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They will be doomed. Pandorum
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PostThu Oct 28, 2010 11:54 am » by Enlil

Sign me up...

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PostThu Oct 28, 2010 12:03 pm » by Cwmman

colonise planets, why ? to f**k them up like this one !
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PostWed Dec 08, 2010 9:18 am » by Wretchfossil

Clear proof of Martian life in meteorite ALH84001

Found in Martian meteorite ALH84001 are various fossils, including
fossilized remains of mammalian red blood cell, blood vessel,
Haversian canal, osteons, collagen fibril, and chromatin fibers as
shown in the following figures:

Fig. 1: shows mammalian red blood cell and branching blood vessel ... 4796&p=186

Photo source: ... ities.html

Credit: Dr. Allan Treiman

Fig. 2: shows a Haversian canal found in a carbonate globule of
meteorite ALH84001 ... 4797&p=187

Photo source:
Credit: NASA

The following figures have been published previously in

Fig. 3: shows a broken,fossilized collagen fibril ... 7114&p=117

Fig. 4: shows several osteons ... 5625&p=130

Fig. 5: shows several chromatin fibers ... 8460&p=126

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PostWed Dec 08, 2010 9:52 am » by Mediasorcerer

like i said,its because there is an asteroid coming in 2033,why the year 2030?
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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 10:22 am » by Wretchfossil

mediasorcerer wrote:like i said,its because there is an asteroid coming in 2033,why the year 2030?

Like God said, no asteroids will ever harm human beings.

Moreover, no dinosaurs were ever killed because of asteroids.

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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 10:56 am » by Phoenix rising

2020vision wrote:Nasa is planning an audacious mission to send a manned spacecraft on a one-way trip to permanently settle on other planets

The ambitious idea is known as the Hundred Years Starship and would send astronauts to colonise planets like Mars, knowing they could never come home.

NASA Ames Director Pete Worden revealed that one of NASA’s main research centres, Ames Research Centre, has received £1million funding to start work on the project.

The research team has also received an additional $100,000 from Nasa.

You heard it here,” Worden said at ‘Long Conversation,’ an event in San Francisco. ‘We also hope to inveigle some billionaires to form a Hundred Year Starship fund.’

He added: ‘The human space program is now really aimed at settling other worlds. Twenty years ago you had to whisper that in dark bars and get fired.’

Worden said he has discussed the potential price tag for one-way trips to Mars with Google co-founder Larry Page, telling him such a mission could be done for $10 billion.

He said said: ‘His response was, “Can you get it down to $1 [billion] or $2billion?” So now we're starting to get a little argument over the price.’

Worden also suggested that new technologies such as synthetic biology and alterations to the human genome could also be explored ahead of the mission.

And he said that he believed the mission should visit Mars’ moons first, where scientists can do extensive telerobotics exploration of the planet. He claims that humans could be on Mars' moons by 2030.

Yeah right!!!!!! :look:

No offence to u at all but this is NASA PROPAGANDA plain and simple, to be quiet frank it makes me laugh.

While technology the world over has shifted with lightning speed it seems our freinds at NASA still choose to light a firework to send man into space, draconian technology!

If we do the math and look how we have moved on in technologicle terms then one has to realize that what we see with NASA is nothing but a front for what they actuly have behind the curtian.

If u look at a mobile phone just 20 years ago, yep just 20 years, what do we see, in fact if u took a moblie phone back 20 years and gave it to someone then for sure they would have forght this alian technology.

This my freind is the reason i beleive NASA isent all it seems with regard to what they show us and what they have so while the world moves on at super speeds in technologicle terms it seem NASA still sends man into space by lighting a firework.

Maybe Gary McKinnons recent endevour into the NASA archives might sugest something is afoot there, whether or not he was telling the truth i still beleive they hide and supress technology.
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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 11:04 am » by Spamz

we are a class 0 civilization...just a reason to launder some money
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PostTue Feb 08, 2011 1:27 pm » by Wretchfossil

NASA is still using some technology that is really old. For example, Mars Exploration Rovers Opportunity and Spirit are using a microscope that can magnify objects to 12X only. Even Curiosity (to be launched in late 2011) can only magnify objects to less than 100X. Can you believe that? Many small companies in China and Taiwan are selling digital microscopes (at US$70/piece) that can magnify any minute objects to 500X without any preparation of samples. Higher-priced digital microscopes can easily magnify objects to 2,000X without any preparation of samples (You simply put the microscope over an object and take a stereo micrograph of 500X or 2000X.).

Maybe NASA cannot afford to anger the current manufacturers of 12X microscopes
. :ohno:


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