Do you believe in being Hypnotized?

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PostMon Jan 31, 2011 9:13 pm » by Freeyourmindnow

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PostMon Jan 31, 2011 9:18 pm » by Freeyourmindnow

iamthatiam wrote:FLOWING LEAVES: The brown leaf shapes against a green background make this look as if the entire group is flowing—making waves if you focus on the picture as a whole.
PULSING VORTEX: If you stare at this one long enough you’ll notice a fast and pulsing multicolored vortex.
WAVES: The blue almond-shaped objects look as if they’re all passing over three separate columns.
HYPNOSIS: Although this image is comprised of simple purple and green squares outlined in black, it looks like it is bulging out in the center.
KALEIDOSCOPE: A collection of black, blue, green and white shapes appears to be five different kaleidoscope-type figures—each swirling toward their centers.
BULLSEYE: If you stare at the center of the image, it looks as if the outer rings are rotating in alternating directions—an effect meant to mesmerize the viewer.

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PostMon Jan 31, 2011 9:29 pm » by Freeyourmindnow

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PostMon Jan 31, 2011 11:55 pm » by I2haveseen

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A few yrs Bac, I saw my brother inlaw (A big bearded bikey) acting like a chicken. Very funny. Not as funny as those people humpping chairs though.

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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 12:01 am » by Otomon

I was chemically activated at the age of 20 by a man named Raph.
It was emotional alchemy though, meant to distract me from the path that laid infront of me.

So yes I do believe being hypnotized is possible, alltough the amount of people that are actually affected by it, is debatable.

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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 2:10 am » by Spock

Good stuff - I've always been fascinated with this. Hope more people will post.
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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 2:16 am » by Newdawnrising

No it's bs, unless you let someone do this to you, if you do that's your bag. I find it much more fun to play along and fuck with their heads. :)
I know the voices in my head aren't real, but man, sometimes they have some really good ideas.

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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 3:04 am » by Jeckk

newdawnrising wrote:No it's bs, unless you let someone do this to you, if you do that's your bag. I find it much more fun to play along and fuck with their heads. :)

Unless you manipulate the person into thinking what they believe is their idea. There are many ways to hypnotize the unwilling provided you keep them distracted from your true agenda. Considering about 99.999% of the population is under hypnosis right now and doesn't even realize it (even you are under it right now), its actually a very easy thing to do if you're a tad bit clever and open minded.

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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 2:22 pm » by The Five Percent

No, Hynosis is Bullshit...

Upload to

Upload to

I think it's definitely possible to be put in to a state where you can be easily influenced by suggestion but actual "sleep" hypnosis, i am not convinced.

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PostTue Feb 01, 2011 3:16 pm » by Macmorph

Without a doubt the greatest confusion about hypnosis concerns exactly what it is. It's people's misconceptions that lead to debunking of hypnosis, it exists and is a natural state.
I'm a qualified hypnotherapist with many years experience hypnotising people for all sorts of reasons.

It's impossible to hypnotise someone against their will. Period.
You cannot, no matter how good a hypnotist you are, make somebody do something they do not want to do.
When you see hypnosis on stage i.e for entertainment purposes, you see a group of people carefully selected from the audience by a hypnotist who is also a very good psychologist. They are there on stage because they have previously demonstrated their willingness to comply. This is ALWAYS the case.
If you gave those same people a few beers they would in all likelyhood respond in the same way to the same suggestions by anyone they believed 'responsible' enough to later exonerate them and their behaviour. They're life's extroverts.

Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of mind, one in which you are ready to accept suggestions that in your normal alert state you MIGHT disregard. That is of course provided those suggestions were beneficial or at least not going to cause any harm to you or others.
This is perhaps the reason why there has never been a successful lawsuit filed against a hypnotist for harm caused during a show.
Advertisers are well aware of this state of mind. You watch a TV show, a movie, something that truly engrosses you to the point where you are aware of your surroundings etc but you pay them no heed, you are transfixed. Cue the ads! And notice they are ALWAYS a little louder than the show you were watching?
From a scientific point of view, sleep research shows that we all pass through the same state going to and waking from sleep, this is measurable in brainwave activity, not just amount but type of activity too.

To one degree or another, everyone can be hypnotised. But not everyone can be hypnotised to the same degree by the same hypnotist, there are many variables.
I personally have never performed hypnosis for entertainment and use it for clinical purposes only.
I have on numerous occasions worked with medical staff, including during and prior to surgery, to create a state of anesthesia/analgesia in patients where for some reason it would be beneficial to have the patient alert or perhaps to reduce the amount of chemical anesthesia required to achieve a desired result.

To 'newdawnrising'... you have either come across some exceptionally poor hypnotists or have a very inflated view of your abilities when it comes to dealing with other people. Isn't having an ability to "play along and fuck with their heads" demonstrating the same kind of ability you say is "bs"??

To 'thefivepercent'... if your evidence for stating that hypnosis is bullshit is based on the videos you have linked here then you really are demonstrating a narrow mindedness that beggars belief. If you are going to debunk something then please try and have a valid arguement prepared :)

Thanks for posting an interesting topic :)


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