The Legacy of The Ark of Covenant – Documentary

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 7:00 am » by Spacejunkie

This Zero Point documentary is a three part documentary and the final part of the Zero Point Trilogy concludes by examining the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant. What was the Ark? What was its Purpose? and How did it work? By attempting to answer some of these questions we may gain an understanding of how to harness Zero Point energy. However the question remains; Is our society ready to responsibly use this power?

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PostSun Aug 18, 2013 1:53 pm » by Slith

I was just reading up on the Ark yesterday, and the Spear of Destiny and a few other biblical relics.



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PostSat Aug 15, 2015 7:03 pm » by Arcadian

Excuse me, but I got to rain on this parade.

I am very into the mystery of the Ark, but at 00:08:00 I had to stop this video. I don't know, maybe there's some good stuff after that, but at that point it became just silly. This longhaired guy with the italian accent said:

The ark would have stored tremendous amounts of energy due to its size. That's wrong, every little capacitor in a pocket radio has a higher capacity, the reason why is they are using extremly thin foils, rolled or folded. What sets the capacity is A the surface size of the plates or foils and B the distance between the parallel plates: the closer, the more capacity.

So the ark had low capacity, compared to a 1/8 inch metalfilm capacitor of today. Surely not enough for huge lightnings.

Then the guy says the ark was capable of storing extremly high voltage. As if Voltage is energy. It is not, voltage alone doesn't say anything. Furthermore Tesla has already shown, above a certain voltage (millions), high voltage no longer harms people because it flows on the body surface. However.

But then he reveals proudly that the Ark fitted exactly in the sarcophague in the gizeh great pyramid. Which simply is not true. The Ark is too big, I personally researched this very subject some years ago.

Nevertheless, such sarcophagues may have been used for similar, smaller Arks. Just not THAT ark.

The Video may be entertaining and everything, but for me, when I heared these false informations, all within a minute, it was too much.

I'd love to talk about the Ark if somebody is interested tho. I used to build one and almost died in the process. This is serious stuff, I am not making it up.


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PostSun Aug 16, 2015 4:48 pm » by Arcadian

Ok, for the sake of fairness I've watched the whole video. It consists of parts of other documentaries that I have all seen before. I agree, it's a fascinating subject, although, as I said, it contains inaccuracies.

I doubt the MFKZT (mooffkoozzt) of the pharaos was made of gold. I've been studying the book of death, aka book of ani, and there is an interesting paragraph:

What is this ?

"It is the purification [of Osiris] on the day of his birth. "I am purified in my great double nest which is in Hensu on the day of the offerings of the followers of the Great God who dwelleth therein."

What is the "great double nest"?

"The name of one nest is 'Millions of years,' and 'Great Green [Sea]' is the name of the other, that is to say 'Lake of Natron' and 'Lake of Salt.' "Others, however, say the name of the one is 'Guide of Millions of Years,' and that 'Great Green Lake' is name of the other. Yet others say that 'Begetter of Millions of Years' is the name of one, and 'Great Green Lake' is the name of the other. Now, as concerning the Great God who dwelleth therein , it is Ra himself. "I pass over the way, I know the head of the Island of Maati."

Note, "the great god who dwelleth therein" seems to refer to the mystical power of ORMES / MFKZT.

Note: "the Lake of Natron and the Lake of Salt", this hit me like a hammer, because it describes precisely the process of obtaining MFKZT from Dead Sea Salt, as it is done today. Begetter of millions of years, the great green lake, are further descriptions of the dead see.

In an other section the book of ani says:

What is this?

"It is Ra-stau, that is to say, it is the gate to the South of Nerutef, and it is the Northern Gate of the Domain (Tomb of the god). "Now, as concerning the Island of Maati, it is Abtu. "Others, however, say that it is the way by which Father Tem travelleth when he goeth forth to Sekhet-Aaru, [the place] which produceth the food and sustenance of the gods who are [in] their shrines. "Now the Gate Tchesert is the Gate of the Pillars of Shu, that is to say, the Northern Gate of the Tuat. "Others, however, say that the Gate of Tchesert is the two leaves of the door through which the god Tem passeth when he goeth forth to the eastern horizon of the sky. "O ye gods who are in the presence [of Osiris], grant to me your arms, for I am the god who shall come into being among you."

After some study I realized this is a description of the Ark. 6 sides, double gold covered: the two leaves. And so on. I also realized there are some parallels with the socalled Orgon Accumulator.

However, I used to build a small scale replica and I was getting very sick. There were no lightning bolts or other hollywood fx, but I am now convinced that the device sucked all life energy out of its environment, including mine. I was getting strange big ulcerises, the size of walnuts, that mysterously disappeared after a few hours, never experienced anything like that before, and the worst permanent and intense headache of my life.

I then had to destroy the Ark. After a special procedure that involved very special ORMUS, the headache then went away too, within seconds.

This whole thing freaked me out and whoever is thinking about to build an Ark: be careful, get yourself some rubbergloves and be prepared for the worst.

Normally I am not that much of a believer of the supernatural, but this all happened.

An other thing is, when you take moses' blueprint, take into account the thickness of the wood then it turns out the ratio of length vs with/height is Phi. Remarkable, I think, and not mentioned by anyone else.


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PostSun Aug 16, 2015 6:22 pm » by othelzer

The ARK is a poly dimentional "SEAT" for a Photonic being
who is called "Father of lights"
pater Ex lumen

the gold foil was used to prevent the base wood from being
irradiated by what we would term high energy or "Cosmic" radiations

this is further alluded to in the story of moses as he had to hide his face from
people as it had a internal glow

read further from
walter russell the devine illad

Light has a frequency contstant of Avogadro's constant
which we can identify as the highest frequency possible
without special relativity or special spatial circumstances

when in the special circumstances eminating into our space/time/gravitation
({St/g}+freq = specialized subatomic reactions with hyperdimentional photonic emissions)

We see then the need to shield organic matter and the remains of organic matter
from hyper frequencies that would resonante' conventional matter above its cohesive
constraints and thus shake the matter to its principal elements much like
electricity strips matter of electrions and makes plasma.

the chittiam wood the ark was made of would atomically destabilize
with the presents of the essence of the father of lights, light body
(for lack of a better word that communicates my meaning) or spirit
of the father of lights

like the gold lining the submarine torpedo tubes of the german sub
that was bringing the uranium ingots to the usa
the gold protected that which was outside from that which was inside

to touch the gold shield was to become part of the internal vibrations of
the gold shielding that circulated back and forth endlessly thus grounding
a high frequency of enormous and impossible vibrations and a almost endless
potential for current and voltage

I dont think it was a capacitor but it had capacitance in the near field and
it had vibrations so it had potential and that is the definition of electrical
potential in the classic sense

though the emanations of the Ark with the spirit of the Father of lights was
monopole in nature it posed a potential dipolar differential as our time space
provided a ground to this electrical potential

so when the bible calls the top of the ark the mercy seat
(the seat of the mercy of god) the ark had blood sprinkled
every year of a perfect sacrificial lamb, that mimicked the sacrifice
of the lamb slain from the foundation of the earth that redeemed
all men of sin (un holyness= lack of perfection)
and that sacrifice of all the lambs blood all those years
was like rent for humanity, and Jesus blood was the balloon payment

that light that coursed thru the gold as vibration consumed (read ate up)
that which it touched and tasted its holiness .
and satisfied the judgement upon sin that abounds constantly

as a side note if you study witchcraft the real deal
the artificers use this holiness principal to bring judgement upon others
while religiously not trespassing on the holiness of god

They accuse us all christian and non christian upon the holiness of god
by dominating demons to raise accusation against our real sin.
The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. TESLA
“Mediocrity is self-inflicted and genius is self-bestowed."
Walter Russell

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PostSun Aug 16, 2015 8:17 pm » by Arcadian

So you basicly say I'm wrong?? You certainly can say that. However, Information is assumption, experience is knowledge.

And what I've told here is my experience. I did witness it.

But one word about ORMES, aka ORMUS, monatomic gold, white powder gold, MFKZT etc,: there are a lot of snakeoil dealers out there, who try to make a quick buck, by riding on a hype. So take care.

I did make my ORMES myself, and the cost is about that of the dead sea salt.
(please note: ingesting ORMES can be dangerous)

I'm suggesting again, read the paragraphs from the book of death that I posted above.

"What is it" is the name of the coneshaped bread that only the royals did eat, including moses, the adopted prince.
They called it "what is this" (mfkzt) because they didn't know what it is. Hence this "others say, it is... and yet others say,..".

I am assuming the production of the philosophers stone (ORMES) is well known and practized by the illuminati elite (hence the name), since they are the eternal pharaos of mankind, hence the pyramid symbol. But they don't want to share this wisdom with the people.

Speaking of pyramids, I think their purpose was to shield the arks, the "great double nests" (nested twice), and/or to direct the life force extraction towards the sky. Note the book of ani mentions north west east south, and the pyramids are indeed aligned. Moses simply used the tabernacle, a tent of which people had to stay away. Except for certain priests who had special protection shields.

Now, while the Ark extracts life force from the environment, it will concentrate it in the inside.
I guess the pharaos may have NOT been lieing inside the Ark to receive life force. Hiwever I yet have to find out how they would have covered the outside of the sarcophagous in the kings chamber with gold, as it is embeded in the corner of the room.

It is more likely and also proven to me by my experiment, that common ORMUS is/was highly enriched by the Ark.

An other thing is the mysterious treasure of the knights templar. Was it gold? Or was it the secret of the Ark, which they have been searching for so hardly? You may know the painting of Poussin, named "the shepards of arcadia". It is said to hold the secret of the whereabouts of the templars treasure. Now, not only has the tomb on the painting exactly the shape of the Ark, in the Phi ratio, but there is also a mysterious writing on it: ET IN ARCADIA EGO. Often interpreted as "I am also in Arcadia (Nova Scotia)", I have an entirely diffrent view, due to a space in ARCADIA, I read ET IN ARCA DIA EGO. Which then means "And by the Ark I am also light" (note lightbody subject in above documentary)

Well, there's more.

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PostSun Aug 16, 2015 8:49 pm » by othelzer

I jut put forth my opinion of the fundamental nature of the scientific
reasoning of the construction using the limits of my human reasoning
if that means your wrong , then welcome on board

Why should anyone be constrained by the intuition of other
to explore the understanding of universe for his or her self

Subject bravo

ingesting mono atomic gold

do some research on people who are medically given mono atomic gold
for pain that dosent respond to conventional pain medication

it shortens your life by a significant amount
I dont suggest people self medicate as they do not have the desire to research
or the discernment to self medicate

furthermore giving medical advise breaks several rules on disclose
making disclose liable for your practicing medicine without a license
which is a felony in the USA and europe and oceana

by which I ask you to recant for the safety of the forum
or suffer a ban by moderators who are tired of explaining to others
what gets us all in trouble for nothing

I would like a world where you are free to discus anything
but there are an incredible amount of stupid people that will
believe anything and research nothing , causing them harm

you however may believe believe anything you like and I will be first in
line to defend your right to explore reality and you can still count me
as a friend
The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. TESLA
“Mediocrity is self-inflicted and genius is self-bestowed."
Walter Russell

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PostSun Aug 16, 2015 11:19 pm » by Guest

good read guys^
thanx, im fascinated too with the ark,definately some kinda high technology.
post some more research if it behooves you/ :flop:

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PostMon Aug 17, 2015 2:08 am » by Arcadian

othelzer, I did not advise to ingest monatomic gold, which you implied. Did you watch the video? I am tired of people who threaten me with the law, telling, ban etc.

I don't know much about you, other than you meant the WTC was taken down by botox, and what you said here. I hope I am wrong, but I got a certain feeling.

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PostMon Aug 17, 2015 2:32 am » by othelzer

ormes yeah I probably jumped the gun on that one

I guess my fixed meaning has caused this mess
it is monoatomic metals, I am sensitive to shysters
selling patent medicines

if you get a funny feeling about me then it is mutual
for some reason im off my pedistal as if im battling some
demonic catholic inqusitor.

you may not accept my apology about monoatomic gold
ORMES has a fixed meaning here
The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane. TESLA
“Mediocrity is self-inflicted and genius is self-bestowed."
Walter Russell


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