The Lost Book of Nostradamus

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PostThu Jan 22, 2009 11:34 pm » by Towelie

Thats what i like about religion, it makes people happy.
Ive been in a few different churches over time, and been around religious people from all denominations there all generaly very content in there beliefs. I dont argue that these beliefs can bring happiness, as long as you can take the "leap of faith" required.
I was just referring to how people tend to read so much into these "prophesies," when if you look around the signs not only are around, but always have and always will be. I mean c'mon Old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions - old men tend to dream dreams, i do to. And young men are always getting high, so visions allover the place.
Kill em all and let god sort them out!

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PostTue Feb 03, 2009 12:38 pm » by Brahmaputra

The future is only one possible track that can happen. The individual can make a difference and choose and change the track, change the destiny.

That is why though there were various predictions by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce etc. all haven't come true as destiny has changed.

III WW is the finest example.


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PostWed Feb 04, 2009 6:14 pm » by Achillis

Ouroboros, That's an interesting topic you've opened up. As brahmaputra noted, the future is not just one track, but many and you can choose to go into any of them by your present actions. Not just individually but collectively--we're constantly creating and recreating our destines and that of our world. So me thinks, what Nostradamus predicted might just happen or maybe not--it all depends on us and what these seers do is just give some hints as to what might happen. 2012--anything could happen, we're just speculating and floating a lotta theories, but if most of us(just enough to tip the balance in favour) are positive and loving, then we'll have a smooth transition into a higher dimension, else it'll be one hell of a destruction and chaos.


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