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PostMon Jun 17, 2013 4:41 am » by The57ironman


....where did i find this..?

has this been posted...?

Upload to ... EF4E8DFAA8

Published on May 13, 2013
This fantastic short film Starring Stephen Fry goes a long way in showing just how the world is controlled and manipulated by the few. An ultimate goal of a New Global Order ruled by the 1%.

Hang on a minute.... we are already there.

Storyline - A young fledging banker from the 5th generation of the 'Bank' meets a knowledgeable professor (Stephen Fry) and his colleague (Wanamaker) at an exclusive hotel for what she believes to be a routine meeting with clients handed down to her by her father. As it turns out, she is seriously unaware of the details regarding her role and the people she is about to advise.
She is still floundering when 'The Man' (Skarsgård) arrives disguised as a waiter, and changes into a suit which he had hidden under a cloche. Pulling her even further from her corporate comfort zone, they force her to join them in a game of cards while they discuss the agenda for the following day's meeting with the "leaders of tomorrow". Convinced she is living in "some kind of Dan Brown novel", she learns the shocking truth about SARS, Al Qaeda, Third World debt and the Congo.

What she discovers means that she will never believe what she hears or reads again, and that the people in the room play a secret role in the manipulation of the entire world to ensure that the West always reigns supreme.

....and you can shove your statist beliefs up your a**


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PostMon Jun 17, 2013 5:23 am » by Truthdefender

Fantastic dialogue, fantastic post iron!!! :cheers: Much truth mixed in with disinfo masquerading as truth. Only the most superstitious amongst us really envision all the decisions being made by robed morons around an owl statue. :D I would bet that this is not just an artistic piece however. Cheerio chumps, Cheerio!~

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PostThu Jun 20, 2013 5:49 pm » by Baboogdi

An interesting and well-made short film. I wouldn't be surprised to find that such gatherings play a role in how the world is directed. Thanks.

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PostTue Oct 08, 2013 5:55 pm » by Noentry

The57ironman great find.

I would say this is pretty close to the truth.
It is well written and acted.
What I found interesting is it eluded to Steven Fry's character being very old, his quote about playing golf for 400 years being unseemly was the only time they really touched this.
What they said was all true why then not be truthful about this point.

This is a well thought out look into how the world is run at the top of the pyramid.

I give it 10 out of 10.

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