The man that died at the hand of NEWSCORP

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PostMon Jul 11, 2011 1:46 am » by Eliakim

middleman wrote:
I've already perished, of an athsma attack in easter of 2004. It took nearly an hour for me to lose consciousness, fighting for breath with every fibre of my being. Didn't even consider praying or bargaining with God, because he doesn't exist. They tell me my heart was stopped for 20 or 30 seconds, but that's long enough, in my book. :o

There were no lights, no tunnels, no pearly gates.


Anyway, it wasn't that great, so I came back, and am still an atheist. :banana:

For the record, everything is funny, given sufficient time and perspective. :D

I am curious about this business of Matt Monro, though. How exactly did Newscorp give him cancer?

I recommend a two day Reiki healing course for the asthma. I have experienced miracles with breathing conditions and Reiki. The song of Matt Monro is the song that he sang to his children. How did you connect that with cancer and Newscorp? Newscorp had a strategic plan to get the big fish out of their way. Its a very long story and involves many people. The RAB wasn't the first one that they courted, they went for the little fish first, just to make it an acceptable thing to do. It was very carefully and strategically planned out. Divine justice as been a long time coming. However, it always comes eventually. Man is not above the law of the most high.

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PostMon Jul 11, 2011 2:36 am » by Zer0

eliakim wrote:
middleman wrote:Newscorp gave him cancer?

I'll bet it was that Cleveland Show, or possibly watching Glenn Beck without the protection of irony.

He didn't have much time for TV. He was born in England. Its a very long story. However, know this that Newscorp courted him for two years. He was a big fish, like a whale that stood in the way of their plans.

Bless you Eliakim...
Master Raphael wrote:what you call the law of attraction was missing a vital aspect to the theory that I call the law of repulsion is clear I drove the two of you together...using my repulsion not attraction

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PostMon Jul 11, 2011 8:55 am » by Middleman

eliakim wrote:How did you connect that with cancer and Newscorp?

The title of the thread is "The man that died at the hand of NEWSCORP", but history says Matt Monro died of liver cancer.

Have you heard something which contradicts the official story, Eliakim? I'd love to hear if you do, because my Mum loved that guy, and played his music quite often when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s.

Thanks for the advice on Reiki, I'll look into it.


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