The Many Attacks on Wikileaks and Julian Assange

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The Many Attacks on Wikileaks and Julian Assange

I thought it would be nice to go over all the attacks that Wikileaks has had to endure over the last week.

1. was attacked by the hacker “the Jester th3j35t3r”
2. Wikileaks was kicked off of servers
3. The SHIELD Act was introduced by John Ensign and Joe Lieberman
4. EveryDNS terminated Wikileaks Domain Name
5. The Library of Congress banned Wikileaks
6. The Military was warned not to look at Wikileaks
7. Federal Government Employees were banned from looking at Wikileaks
8. Columbia University students were warned not to link to Wikileaks if they want a job with Federal Government
9. Paypal shut its service to Wikileaks
10. The site went down

My guess as to how Wikileaks will be attacked in the future. The United States
will force other world governments to ban Wikileaks mirrors. I think that is being done in Finland and Denmark, since those Wikileaks sites don’t seem to work.

It seems as if Wikileaks will no longer be able to have a main site, since every few days the new site is shut down. Wikileaks will have to function through mirror sites, and will have to make sufficient use of Bit-Torrents, to get the information out to those sites.

For More Information Check Out:

library-of-congress-blocks-access-to wikileaks
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nsw-supreme-court-solicitor-peter-kemp to prime minister
wikileaksch-site-down-but-pirate-party has 21 other sites

The Shield Act ... 42ddfa1184

PayPal Terminated Wikileaks Account ... evel%29%29

Library of Congress Blocks Wikileaks ... eaks.shtml

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All truth is ever changing and never ending. Those who attempt to suppress any truth are no better than any other organization or people. The reality is that we are all more free than we realize and the term "No more secrets" is no longer a secret.

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