the Marijuana Myth

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PostSun Apr 22, 2012 5:02 am » by Jet17

Will69ease wrote:
seriouscitizen wrote:Image

Throwing out death tolls from tobacco smoke, drunk driving and liver disease makes perfect sense as an argument for making those things illegal. It makes zero sense when trying to convince somebody to make pot legal. Don't you understand that "It will kill fewer people than cigarettes!" could apply to fucking anything?

You could pass a law that lets 12 year olds carry concealed guns to school and it'd kill fewer people than drunk driving.

You're right will.

in fact Phama kills more people that terrorist..... how many other things kill people more than terrorist? but yet we have wars on terrorism, and not at the front steps of pharmaceutical companies...

that was the comparison you were going for right?
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PostSun Apr 22, 2012 5:09 am » by mediasorcery

maybe everyone should just mind there own fuking business and let folks alter there minds when and where they please, all the trouble starts when shitheads try to tell others what to do with themselves and what they can take, have a look at all the toxic poisons in a local chemist that are "legal",
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PostSun Apr 22, 2012 5:40 am » by Iwanci

I think from memory I am yet to meet a person who has not attributed his/her betterment (physically or spiritually) to ceasing of something that is either known to be bad or carries a negative stigma.

I feel a lot better now that I stopped smoking, stooped drinking, stopped weeding, stopped drinkiing coffee, stopped drinking soft drinks, stopped eating whote bread, stopped my sugar intake, the list goes on and fucking on with these things. Some people have even told me how much better they feel or more alert they are now that they no longer excersice.. FFS when are people going to learn some basic truths?

1/ No matter what you do, drink, eat, smoke etc... you will die.. actually if you stop everything you will actually die sooner not later.

2/ Everything is harmful... as to is being born.. we actually start the dieing process the very second we are born... thin about it.

3/ Everything has positive side effects - don't believe me? Why do people get hooked or anything, because they enjoy it, even if for a little while or even if the downside is worse than the up,,,, it is worth it to those people.

4/ Moderation is the key to everything.

5/ Companies are just like drug pushers... its all about profits, care about the people counts for nothing.

6/ No governent can actually and effectivey stop people doing what they want.. they can only threaten or impose punishments IF they catch someone.

7/ The more you regulate the greater we are regulated... what does this mean? Simple, we all complain about the PTB right? How the Government wants to control us yeah? Where do you think this comes from? It starts by stopping people using their brains to make their own judgements.

8/ Nothing is every stopped, it is only forced underground where it thrives and quite often causes greater harm due to the lack of oversight and no quality control, effectively making the problem worse for thos affected. The very people you try to protect suffer more.

9/ Vampires who suck your energy??? Really??? Now tell me you are NOT addicted to something, probably stupididty. How can you even utter those words and expect anyone to take you seriously, seriously.

10/ People MUST learn that you can NEVER force YOUR opinions onto others, you can state them, back them up with eveidence etc, but never force or try to enforce them, this is the cause for most of the violence, hatred, wars, fighting etc .. not the drugs.

11/ People who are idiots whilst taking drugs are more than likely to be idiots even before they take the drugs, the drug may impair their judgement or cause them to act in ways, but the thought is already in their head, the drug just provides them with a mental enabler, trigger. Not taking the drug may restrain them, but the predisposition is already there.

12/ Society is ONE big addiction... the whole world we live in is based on the principle of repeat use, repeat customers etc... everything from food to cameras to motor vehicles to clothing to drugs to everything, everything is sold on the basis of the customer experience, corporates want customers to become addidted to their products and services... no one is free from addiction.

13/ Natural therapies are as good/bad as the rest of the medical rubbish out there.. they al work, on some people better than others. Health and recovery is predominantely based on the individuals circumstances, some meds work on some people in some quantities and not on others. The extent of the illness is also often unique to an individual, as to are the complications caused by differing anatomical make ups, multiple illnesses and undiagnosed issues. Natural therapies may be better for you as they often do not contain the same contaminants as pharma medicines, but they also lack the direct and targetted strength and all imprtant chemicals that most pharma drugs contain.. no? Think about it, it is a whole new thread on its own. Wishful thinking is also a strong natural remedy that has been proven to reverse cancer... or has it?? why don't we have wishful thinking doctors? or maybe we do? IO once saw a documentary where a lady ate bird shit because it had healing properties, can't get any more natural than that... be my guest.
Not saying that Natura remedies are no good, they have their place, but I get sick and tired of 'pushers' downplaying the importance of the pharma drugs when the reality is that they have no better remedy, wonder how many natural therapists take pharma drugs for their migranes, back aches, tooth aches, operations etc...

I am not a drug user, quite the opposite actualy, I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not gamble, yet I am tolerant to those that do, many people in my family and circle of friends do things I wouldnt dream of doing, but they seem happier and more satisfied than me,,,, makes you think.

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PostSun Apr 22, 2012 9:50 am » by Seriouscitizen

I think its funny you can post something on aliens, religion, ghosts or whatever. But when you try to give your opinion on something that many people are 'psychological addicted' to. Hence comes the great denial.

I don't mind people using weed ocassionally. I don't mind my father or sister smoke everyday. I think it's a pitty tough.

I totally agree moderation is the key. My OP is my opinion on daily regular use. Ignoring it ISN'T harmless is the same like saying eating refined sugar everyday isn't harmless, but yet that's something we already agree about. An we don not feel ashamed of saying we are psycological addicted to the sugar buzz.
You could be addicted to anything that can be used as a flight from realitiy.

And using moviestars as a reference seriously? These are you great examples of people with great emotional growth?

And Einstain, well great! As i've said i smoked some too occasionally. Its good if you feel good before you start smoking. But using it everyday and that means also when u aren't so emotionally balanced, it causes you to not deal with your emotions in a natural way and store them up and so it causes you aura to be affected. Be my guest and look it up online.

My personal goal is overall growth, this i also achieve by gaining information. This post is for those who haven't tought about the negative side effects of marijuana. And I think this post could be of help for further ivestigation.
Some months ago i was still eating the bread, the sugar, the meat and so on if it wasn't for someone on here i still would be. Hence the power of information.

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PostSun Apr 22, 2012 10:14 am » by Svaha

mediasorcery wrote:maybe everyone should just mind there own fuking business and let folks alter there minds when and where they please, all the trouble starts when shitheads try to tell others what to do with themselves and what they can take, have a look at all the toxic poisons in a local chemist that are "legal",

So true.

When something 'goes' for a million people it doens't mean it 'goes' for all.
There is a country in Europe (Portugal if my memory is right) where all drugs are legal, I think that's how it should be, let everyone decide for themselves what's good or bad for them.
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PostSun Apr 22, 2012 10:20 am » by Haansolo

In the states they have weed vending machines now!
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PostSun Apr 22, 2012 10:22 am » by Seriouscitizen

Jet17 wrote:
Seriouscitizen wrote:I am not saying smoking marijuana is making people retarted. I am saying is numbs down your emotional body, slows down your psychological growth

Tell that to Einstein.

and causes holes in your aura so you will be vulnerable for energy vampires.

oh ok, we are going there..........................................

If you read my OP correctly you can come to not other conclusion on my opinion

Yes, I can:


This has nothing to do with the political or economic sides of drugs or medicines.

it has everything to do with that.

Btw,.. I think there is some great reversed psycholgy used in the promotion of softdrug use. Nowadays you can't watch a hollywood film without it beeing promoted by the leadcharacter who use it. Here in the Netherlands where it is legal to use softdrugs we don't make a big deal out of it. That makes it easy to also accept negative effects to be true, because we don't have to be all anti-athoritarian about it.

so because others use it and are very successful, and you don't use it, you are here to tell others that it is damaging? because some other less than reputable human beings who might have been pieces of shit beforehand, are big pieces of shit just now that they started smoking?

In all seriousness, I do think the term "everything is better in moderation." is true to everything in life, but if you don't smoke it, please quit trying to promote inconsistent findings, to say that it's terrible, and basically turns you into a zombie, when it's proven that most can handle it.

the only myth here is this:

and causes holes in your aura so you will be vulnerable for energy vampires.

can't say I have seen a vampire that feasts on energy, if you see one send him my way.

If you read my OP correctly you can come to not other conclusion on my opinion

read: you can't get another conclusion on what i say my opinion is, to put it in 'better' english.

Tell that to Einstein.

You use einstein as a reference, but do you think he smoked regularly or occasionaly. Because to my opinion there is a big difference!


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