The Marijuana Trick

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George Carlin said, (paraphrase) even after he went clean he would keep a joint around for when he would get stuck, and since he only smoked rarely two hits and he would start writing for hours. I believe it was in one of his shows on HBO............... found one not from HBO but

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hesop wrote:
mep630 wrote:I read in the news, if they legalized Marijuana that the drug cartels would lose like 60% of their profits or something crazy like that!

They make too much money with it being illegal to ever legalize it.

You don't actually believe everything you read do you?

If history is a lesson, they would FLOURISH even more! Why? Because of a higher turnover, and more customers. Same thing happened with GAMBLING. The mob had small time numbers rackets and bookies hidden away behind legit busness's they ran. When gambling became legal, they just went into LEGAL business. So, I don't buy that lame argument. It is propaganda bullshit, period.
If pot became legalized today, who do you think would be paying off the politicians to get exclusive licensing for growing and distributing? The mob, the crooks, the cartels that are profiting today will continue to do so, under the guise of legitimate business, while at the same time using thugs to burn out or "waste" any competition.

Think about it................

Using history as a lesson, alcohol is a far more representative substance than gambling. The mob got into legal gambling because in most states, it still is or was illegal. They were only able to get into gambling also because of their illegal gains from unions. Marijuana, on the other hand, is so easy to produce, like alcohol, that it wouldn't be as exclusive and expensive to start up as gambling.

There's just as much propaganda coming from the anti-legalization side. The biggest problem with the "war on drugs" has been the coinciding war on freedom. The biggest drug cartel is the U.S. government, and associated state and local law enforcement, who make money by pushing for drug convictions, or worse, mere accusations. Governments never should have been allowed to seize property or money from citizens based on accusations. Many people have had their property or money taken away from accusations, never to get it back even after being exonerated of charges. People still can have their money taken away if they happen to carry certain amounts and law enforcement happens upon them with it.

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Yes. It is easy to produce. Thus one of the many reasons found for remaining illegal. For legalization purposes, there would most likely be a cap, on how much a person could grow on their own for self use. Now, do you have any idea how much extra man power it would to police that? Not to mention the fact that the legal eagles are perfectly aware that the majority of backers for legalization, are addmitted offenders. Therefore, criminals wanting to be de-criminalized. Really doesn't help at all. Actually, probably the main reason it remains illegal.


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