The Media & Political "Mind Control"

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Today the realms of politics, commercial advertising, and news and entertainment media are surrounded by all methods of persuasion-techniques to make people believe either on conscious or unconscious levels.

This fact, shall not come as a surprise that ‘mind control’ is a conspiracy theory orchestrated concept but rather a well-researched fact amongst the social psychologists. However, the phenomenon of mind control is processed by a number of dynamic systematic functions under the category of Persuasion techniques.

The phenomenon of mind control is not a lay notion with simple and plain connotations. It operates at the heart of “attitude” of an individual or a group. In social psychology, “attitude” is the nucleus force that influences our behavior (towards something) and in order for someone to influence our behavior, they shall have the knowledge and the ability to influence our attitude and bring a change in it. This change could be well achieved by the application of diverse range of persuasion techniques.
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