The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About Royal Family)

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David Icke - The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About The British Royal Family)
David Icke - The Murder of Princess Diana (The Truth About The British Royal Family)- 4 Videos ... yal-family
by David Icke, April 24, 2011, provided to Vatic Project by Zany Mystic in Ca, USA
First video by Jay4louise

Vatic Note: These videos by DAVID ICKE, are amazingly informative. I had no idea all the specifics of this murder of her. ITS A MUST SEE ALL OF THESE. This first video totally vindicates our position for over a year that the occult and satanism are prevalent at the highest levels of our governments and runs the NWO cabal. The satanic way they murdered her is covered here. SHE DID NOT DIE IN THE CAR ACCIDENT, SHE DIED FROM THEM NOT GETTING HER TO A HOSPITAL FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF..... We just posted two blogs about the Royal Family and Diana's son, the future king of England, who gave us a satanic hand sign not to long ago that we posted on this blog. We also speculated as to why they had to kill Diana since her son was now fully on board the Satanic train to darkness and it became clear when all of the occult dates, symbols and planning had become exposed, about "WHY" they had to do it. The one blog we showed the Goddess Diana connection as well. Now this shows up so very timely right after our postings which makes the subject fresh and adds an additional perspective which is far more educational than we have previous experienced. Its a rabbit hole we have only just begun to explore and what great goodies we are finding down that hole. It continually amazes me how much we did not know and how rapidly we are being educated. The subsequent videos have some of the same info, but a lot more detail on almost every aspect of the issue. The occult part of this is very very enlightening and explains a ton about a lot of things. Listen and see for yourself.

Everything is speeding up, for sure. Notice the deep connect of the windsor family to satanic lines in Europe related to the vampire family in Budapest, I believe, or Transylvania as its called, as well as a reference to the child sacrifice satanic ring that got busted in Belgium, which vatic project included in a blog on satanism and how prevelant it is at the highest levels of society globally. Its something to keep in mind when considering giving up our power to these global satanists in their fascist NWO. Icke does, AS USUAL, an excellent job of putting it all together. Its great to have someone from Europe who is daily exposed to the system there as oppose to us here who seldom see or deal with it. It wasn't till just recently that I had found out that Germany (The Queen is a German/Khazar) has a Bohemian Grove at which they worship the owl god referenced in the Bible called Molech, that God specifically named as a god NOT TO BE WORSHIPPED BY THE ISRAELI'S. Their grove is ancient and old. Anyway, enjoy the video, its well worth the time. and I suspect downloading it might be a good idea given the royal wedding is almost upon us with all its Beltrane rituals being planned.
[youtube]l3H2hB21OOU&feature[/youtube] ... r_embedded

VN: These three below shows Icke going into a lot more detail of the entire issue of Diana's assassination, the occult ritual sacrifice involved and how this was all done. It was fascinating. It covers some of what was in the first video, but these three go into a lot more detail around all of it. Very good stuff.

Part II - Uploaded by TheYouArchive2010 on Aug 2, 2010

Part IV - same upload
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a brood mare who was 'retired' once she had provided an heir (the heir was william - harry was hewitt's spawn).


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