The Mysterian Path

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The Mysterian Path
by Zarin

Over the many years, that I have been giving psychic readings; I've noticed, that there are a growing number of individuals, who are not comfortable with organized religion. These persons are usually highly intelligent and independent thinkers. They wish to be free of the hegemony that all organized religions desire to impose on everyone. They are tired of the intolerance and inflexibility of entrenched spirituality. They have noticed the greed, political agendas and rigidity implicit in many organized churches. These free thinkers want to discover the Great Mystery in their own way and only wish not to be controlled by someone else.
Recently, it was predicted in the news media; that organized religion will go extinct in 9 countries. Is this a social trend? Are people finally starting to think for themselves, realizing that the Great Mystery does not require Priests, Mullahs, Rabbis, Llamas, Masters or Ministers to speak for them. Are they beginning to finally realize that The Great Mystery exists in our hearts. Of course this is an absurd hope. There are too many people, who cannot think for themselves and prefer to be herded by some form of Shepherd. Which is fine. Everyone should have the right of spiritual choice and I would be the last person to try to take that choice away. I only wish to offer an alternative option.
Whom, I wish to address, are those who seek the Great Mystery on their own path. Those who are not so arrogant as to assume that they can define the higher consciousness of the Universe. Those desiring to take alternate roads to find what speaks to their hearts. And there are a great many spiritual philosophies already in place to make choices from .Not to mention, there is a great amount of room for new ideas as well. The world is a vast spiritual supermarket consisting of many wonderful ideas and beautiful spiritual pathways.
What has become apparent to me, is that these free mentalities wish to have some form of label to define their spiritual nature. Atheist and Agnostic just won't do. The vast majority of these independent individuals believe in a higher spiritual power, but do not wish to box their choices in neat dogmatic terms. So I recommend referring to oneself as a “Mysterian.” This merely announces that you believe in the “Great Mystery” but are not so arrogant as to try to define or limit it in any concrete terms. Also, that you do not wish to impose your spiritual views upon anyone else. You might wish to willingly express your spiritual choices, yet never attempt to force these concepts, arbitrarily, upon anyone else. As a Mysterian, you are free to choose whatever spiritual concepts, ideas, energies and/or rituals that work for you. And from whatever source you find suitable. With the proviso that these ideas do not bring harm to anyone else. This is the one inviolate rule. Do no harm.
The beauty of having the Mysterian label is that it makes possible the option to gather together with like-minded people and share insights. Plus, have pleasant and honest social interface as well. The number one complaint from the people I've met with these free-thinking tendencies is: that there is no way to meet and socialize with others sharing the same independent path. There is no reason why Mysterians cannot gather together. The only suggested rule is: Do NOT establish any leader or permanent gathering place. This will lead to entrenched philosophies and inflexible dogma.... essentially a church, so to speak.
The main purpose of Mysterian social activity is to share in each other's company and create a forum to connect one another to spiritual ideas. But not try to force anyone to accept any particular agenda. After all, that would be defeating the purpose of being a Mysterian, and undermine the reason for the Mysterian Path. A road that frees the human soul. Enabling each person to find what spiritual concepts give them. joy, fulfillment and elevation to a higher spiritual consciousness. Then, just maybe, the power and presence of mean-spirited, dictatorial, greedy and intolerant religions may actually become extinct, not just in 9 countries; but all over the entire planet.

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PostTue Sep 06, 2011 5:37 am » by Newearthman

Yes...Down with religion :flop:

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Hi NewEarthMan:
Liked your quote from Dune by Paul Atreides after the Reverend Mother tried to jab him with her Gom Jabbar. "Fear is the mind killer."

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PostTue Sep 06, 2011 10:34 pm » by Gonzo63

Nice post. Thank you. Reminds me of the Wiccan philosophy of "do as thou wilt, but harm no one." Whenever anyone has asked me about my "religion" I have always said that I was Arcane. But I think I like Mysterian better. It sort of lands somewhere between a Jedi and a 60's pop group. Cheers!

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Thanks! The Jedi were too entrenched and inflexible. They were setting themselves up for both the Emperor and Darth Vader. Yoda wasn't as smart as he pretended. And Anakin was a protoype of our modern, self absorbed, willful, teenage boy.
I would love to see the Mysterian label always be thought of as associated with free, independent an individual spirituality. But knowing the nature of Sheep and Shepherds, it could become corrupted as did Jesus of Nazareth's simple but very beautiful ideas. Maybe the Mysterians will have to exist like the secret Robot society of Isaac Azimov's robot series and guide things from behind the scenes. Still I fear it may be impossible to keep this idea from becoming entrenched and evolving into a formal dogma.

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