The Mythical land of Nod

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Where the stories all true? My Grandmother used to tell me stories of a anceint land of great things and great beginings.
Genesis' "first city," Enoch, created in the mythical land of Nod by Adam's son Cain is identified as being in Mesopotamia and the land of ancient Sumer. Click on the following url for more information:

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In Genesis Chapter 4 we read about how cain slew Able because his offerings were not as acceptable as Able's, and after some discussions with God is forced to leave the Garden and so he decides to go east to The Land of Nod. When I first read this story I was a little confused on who the people were in the Land of Nod. This confusion was lifted when I read the story in The Urantia Book because it explained why Cain had a deep seeded hatred for his younger brother and who the people were in The Land of Nod....

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Click on the following url for more information:??
do you delete all urls from your posts. you must realy do hate putting the sources in your posts

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