The names of the Illuminati families

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Here they are if you havent figured it out by now...

1. Astor (Waldorf Astor)
2. Bundy (Ted Bundy???)
3. Collins (Vodka or Gin)
4. Dupont (Yeah they own everything)
5. Freeman (Morgan, how dare you!)
6. Kennedy (John didnt know they kill their own sometimes)
7. Li (I think there are about a million)
8. Onassis (Incest!!! See Kennedy)
9. Reynolds (He locked down the food preservation industry)
10. Rockefeller (Jayz's pimp)
11. Rothschild (Europes pimp)
12. Russell (No wonder Kurt is in so many movies)
13. Van Duyn (Supposedly Jesus's bloodkin)

There are many more names directly connected to the families, but changed them in order to conceal the relations to the original.

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