The Nazis and Freemasonry

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yoursoulmate wrote:no need to get rude ego-driven individual :mrgreen:

actually, I am living in Germany, 50% of my ancestors are German, therefore a lot of them knew what the third reich was like..they knew more than they wished to know :top:
besides that ..Nazi Germany is the n°1 topic in school here.. ..of course the books don't tell you about the occult background of the Nazi Germany, but other sources me the link is obvious..
my research goes waaaay further than wikipedia articles :hmmm: ..and despite of all that I still have very much to what do you know? Enlighten me with your knowledge :look:

Ciao bella! :love: :love: :love: I have something to tell u about some small detail about nazi.
Small but interesting details.
Järv som Järven

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Apologies for typo, meant to read 32 degree.

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In Nazi propaganda Freemasonry and Jews were constantly lumped into the same group; claiming Freemasons were just one "arm" of the "Jewish conspiracy". The debunked Protocols of the Elders of Zion claimed such.

Now, the Romanian Iron Guard, a Fascist/Nazi-esque group in Romania, that was /very/ anti-semitic and outwardly anti-Masonic, did have some associates that were Masons, which is strange. Octavian Goga and Ion Antonescu come to mind.


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