the noob effect...

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PostTue Jun 16, 2009 6:23 am » by Ph0enix

theduck wrote:I know drex and Ive tried to say Ive seen a very admiral change in you, I hope others including mep have too, it takes a real man to change, a real f**kin man, Mep if your listening realize this and adapt accordingly please, otherwise you may take unnecessary grief. You are a good person Mep so realize this and act accordingly without malice.

i've noticed a change in YOU Duck Doggy Dogg. You've earned my respect. You're wacky, but I like wacky. You've got heart and heart is enough. :cheers:

also... lately... you've been making more and more sense and have definately improved your presentation and persuasion skills. or the flouride is finally getting to me... :help:


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