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I was wondering why UK politicians in the house of commons call the house of lords 'the other place.' There must be something to it, maybe I've hung around here too long a see something in it when there isn't. I just find it odd.

This is from Wiki but I find it a bit lacklustre...

'''Another place' or 'the other place' is a euphemism used in many bicameral parliaments using the Westminster system, including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

A member of one house will not usually refer directly to the other, but refer to it indirectly using the phrase 'another place', or 'the other place'. So for example, a member of the Canadian Senate would not mention 'the House of Commons', but would use the phrase 'the other place'.

The tradition does not extend to business (such as speeches and interviews) conducted outside the house, and is generally dropped when a debate is directly addressing the nature of the other house, such as in debates on reform of the House of Lords in the Parliament of the United Kingdom.[1]

The reasons for the tradition are unclear, but it has been suggested that it dates back to a period of ill-feeling between the two houses of the UK Parliament. Similarly a member talking of their own house would refer to it as 'this place'.''

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