The perpetual myth of free energy

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PostSun Sep 23, 2012 11:40 pm » by Mhillebregt

Perpetual motion exists.
The earth is spinning and so are all other planets and galaxies and what not....
if u can show met the fuel that does that, then u would have a point.
The only thing we miss is the true law of nature. So no magic just common sense.
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PostMon Sep 24, 2012 12:08 am » by SUKHOV

Kinninigan wrote:
willease666 wrote:So, the fact that a device or an invention looks too marvellous to be true is not conclusive evidence that it isn't.

I believe that it is thinking on such lines that encourages inventors - and there have been many since the 12th Century - to pursue what would be a true marvel: a perpetual motion machine.

Excellent point willease666 :flop:

In fact all energy is free, and so are the resources to make it. They all come from the earth.

We do not have galactic shipments of energy brought to earth.

Telsa designed the free energy grid already.

The only difference was "metered" electric meant debt.



Hey Kin, good stuff buddy! :cheers:
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PostMon Sep 24, 2012 4:56 am » by Iwanci

If we could harness all the perprtual hot air that some people can't help themselves unleash, we would have free energy for all time...

Me thinks some things need to be clearly defined first before the question can be answered..


what is meant by the word 'free'? Everything comes at a cost, so, in theory you would need to buy a machine that would produce the energy requirements, that machine (generator etc) would come at a cost, and so there goes the word 'free' out the window.

secondly, what do we mean by 'perpetual' in terms of time.. forever or just for an extended period of time?

When we figure out what the parameters of the question truly are, we will then be one step closer to answering it.

If we are happy with 'relative' terms, then everything is possible, likely and achievable. If we deal in absolutes, then no question is answered until it is done.

I do believe one thing, mankind needs a goal to achieve progress, proving or disproving a 'myth' is as valid as a goal as anything else. So from my part, let's keep dreaming, thinking, inventing, discrediting and we will come closer to the realisation with each step.

Keep the debate open.

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PostMon Sep 24, 2012 5:04 am » by Willease

pacmanpacks wrote:So: My topic get locked, and WOLLA: someone post a new topic. . .

You're welcome... :cheers:

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PostMon Sep 24, 2012 6:07 am » by mediasorcery

btw, solar power is perpetual free energy!!
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