The Poor Man’s Guide To Survival Gear

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PostSun Apr 15, 2012 8:49 am » by NamelessGhoul

Time to get serious... :twisted:

Special Note: Obviously, an entire book could be written on this subject, which is a task beyond the scope of this article. The purpose of the following piece is to give those with financial difficulty a foothold on prepping without added pain. It is meant to be a starting point, not a compendium.

A friend of mine took note recently that a large portion of activists involved in the Liberty Movement had hit extremely hard times, or had been struggling financially even before the general economic collapse began to take hold. He asked me my theory on why it was that so many of us are always so broke. I could only relate that it is almost always the working class poor in any society that first sees the effects of a corrupt government and a faulty economic system. Those who legitimately hold to the principles of self sustainment, and fair play, are usually the first to be stabbed in the back by the establishment, and so, they are the first to become politically active against it. That is to say, sometimes we have to lose almost everything before we are able to see the bigger picture.

While I consider this fact a source of solace in these extraordinarily hard times, it still does little to put food on the table, or survival gear in the bug-out-bag.

The overall consensus within the prepper community is that survival planning is expensive, and yes, it certainly can be. Another consensus is that you “get what you pay for”; also a point. My belief is that while no prepping model is free of expense or of quality concerns, perhaps there is a middle road that activists with thin wallets can take which will provide solid gear for less money, and that will serve most of the functions of high-end gear that is ten times as expensive. Let’s examine a foundation list of those items that can help get you started now….

continued...: ... vival-gear

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PostSun Apr 15, 2012 10:50 pm » by Flecktarn

you dont have to spend a fortune to get a good survival kit ,some basic common sense items will serve you well ,,the best advice i can give to anyone is stay urban ,because when the shtf all the aid and assistance will come to the urban areas ,,so dont bug out ,whats the point ,in the urban environment you will have what you need close by,and if it dose get bad the urban enviroment will have more to offer ,try and work as a community and not individuals ,stock up on water containers,long life foods ,medical supplies ,if you have a garden try to dry store wood,logs etc ,so if there is no power you can make a fire ,learn some practical skills like different ways to make fire ,learn first aid ,,because your family will be looking towards you to survive so stay calm and stay focused because them and others will be counting on you

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