The Purpose of Life? There is none!

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. . . . . Who I really am –-> life’s true purpose!

I can not think of ONE 'particular' purpose in Life, that comes to mind,

So, here are some IDEAS on what my i.e. YOUR (life's) purpose - in this particular life - 'might' be.

Ponder and enjoy, and simply, BE, as the saying goes



• I ‘understand’ that the purpose of life is to be who I really am

• That I am an extension of the “Father/Mother-God” throughout the universe, that my life purpose is twofold:

• One, the drawing ever closer to “God” in relationship and two, the ever clearer manifestation of “God”.

• To find the reason we were created to exist; ask for that purpose to rise up to the surface of your consciousness

• It is not for us to try to convince another person. Simply allow them to be where and what they are

• The purpose of our life and why we are here is: to be a spiritual peacemaker

• Once we have claimed this, we must realize that the Universe conspires to make it Known

• Now we must listen and hear these words as they resound through our whole being: “I AM.”

• We were born (but) to remember who we are, then to extend this as a gift to other sleeping minds

• The purpose for all life is to experience its fullest glory; choose or determine who we want to be!

• Had we listened to our experience, our world would not be in its present condition

• The result…… we keep re-living the experience, over and over – yet we will never be forced to listen!

• The purpose of our holy relationship with every other person is not to figure out their want or need (impossible) but….

• What WE require or desire now, in order to grow, to be what WE want to be, that’s what relationships are for!

• The (one) purpose of life is to love, live and learn……………..

• Live to love, love to live, love to learn, learn to love, learn to live and live to learn

• The truth is what it is on an absolute, creative level, but in the evolutionary state, truth is very relative

• Are we to look within for all the answers? Not exactly. That would mean the outside world has no meaning or purpose

• The purpose of the outside world is to stimulate with experience; and the purpose of the inner world is to verify

• Our work and purpose here, is the holy response-ability of accomplishing the blending of ego and spirit

• The flowering of the eternal, revealed in time, will be the heaven on earth that was prophesied in the texts of old

• Our true purpose in our spiritual journey, is to break free of the bondage of the ego and,

• Make ever more pure contact with “divine consciousness”

• When I have no goal, no purpose, no vision, no aim, I have no energy, I become depressed

• Solutions to problems, answers to prayers, and revelations of purpose already exist

• It is our duty, purpose and challenge to make yourself ‘available’ to receive them

• When we ‘create’, we are fulfilling the purpose of our life, because creating is how we grow and evolve

• Always look beyond the moment, to the divine purpose, towards the universality of all mankind

• The purpose of life on earth is not to discover a means to experience undeviating joy and bliss; this is what soul longs

• Such bliss and joy would hinder your soul’s progress into the higher spiritual vibrations of consciousness

• The primary purpose of the human ‘instrument’ is to expand the life-energy that encircles its sovereign reality (body)

• The fundamental purpose we are here for is to heal (make whole) our-self; all else is secondary

• Our primary purpose in this our lifetime - or perhaps it would be more accurate to say our primary motivation for life –

• Is to remember that while we appear to be separated, we are really One with the whole universe

• We appear to be living a life that is unique, ‘separate’ (and we are), and yet ……

• There is a ‘bond’ between me and the “Great Plan” and the Great Dream and God that is totally unbreakable

• It was our intent when we took this incarnation to live fully as a human, and yet to remember fully our divinity

• All are drawn to “Me” for the purpose of my/our will to be expressed throughout the grand universe in order to cast (create) another grand universe, and to deepen the skin of my/our personality

• The hidden purpose of my/our will is to create new worlds of experience that stimulate our continuing evolution

• Without You I am unable to evolve. Without Me, you are unable to exist. This is our eternal bond (“sacred marriage”)

• It was and is My desire to evolve that gave You existence

• We, collectively, are the conjoint vessel of creation and exploration (evolution)

• We are the boldness of the uncharted journey and the imaginative energy of the out-picturing of new realities

• The blueprint of exploration has an overarching intention; we are not the recipients of divine labour and meticulous training (on earth) only to ensure that we may enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease (in “heaven”)

• There is a purpose of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age

• If “I” designed “You” to take you on an eternal excursion into nirvana, I certainly would not construct your entire universe into one vast and intricate training school, requisition a substantial branch of My creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you, one by one, through this enormous universe school of experiential learning……

• The furtherance of the system of human progression is cultivated by my will for the explicit purpose to merge the human species with other species from different universes

• As it is my nature to be ‘seven-fold’, there are seven universes that comprise my body

• Our species will converge with six other species in a distant future that will reunite My body as the living extension of known creation

• While this may seem so distant as to have no relevance to your time, it is vital for you to understand the scope of your purpose

• You can think of these seven species as the limbs of my body rejoined to enable me/us total functionality within the grand universe

• This is my purpose and therefore your own as well

• Your freewill is not taken from you; it is merely united with my/our own

• In the deepest chamber of my existence issues the will to expand, explore, unite, synthesize, and in so doing, reveal yet another layer of my/our purpose

• What is this purpose you ask? It is not expressible in a language that you can now understand, but it is related to the concepts of universe discovery, self-evolution and self-knowledge. It is the expansion and synthesis of cosmic experience

• We are the image of an ‘ascending’, infinite, expanding spiral that is created segment by segment by itself

• We are inseparable – each the window of the other

• My blessings to you who find these words and listen in the clearness of your personality

There are many people who will give you the purpose of life; they will tell you what the sacred books say. Clever people will go on inventing what the purpose of life is.

The political group will have one purpose; the religious group will have another purpose, and so on and so forth.

So, what is the purpose of life when you, your self is confused or you are in, confusion?

When I am confused, I might ask you this question, "What is the purpose of life?" because I hope that through this confusion, I shall find an answer.

How can I find a true answer when I am confused? If I am confused, I can only receive an answer that is also confused.

If my mind is confused, if my mind is disturbed, if my mind is not beautiful and quiet, whatever answer I receive, will be through this screen of confusion, anxiety, and fear; therefore, the answer will be perverted.

So, what is important is not to ask, 'What is the purpose of life, of existence?" but, . . . . .

To clear the confusion that is within me.

It is like a blind man who asks, "What is light?" If I tell him what light is, he will listen according to his blindness, according to his darkness; but suppose he is able to see, then he will never ask the question, "What is light?" It is there.

Similarly, if you can clarify (clear out, empty) the confusion within yourself, then you will find what the purpose of life is; you will not have to ask, you will not have to look for it; all that you have to do is to be free from those causes that bring about confusion.

Then, when me and my self, are no longer con-fused and separated, I return to who I really am – life’s true purpose. ... ead=226501
First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, and then you win. ~ Gandhi.. {“Change your mind and your butt will follow.” ■handing you proof on a silver platter is not a viable option}

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