The REAL Cause of Bipolar Mania / Bipolar Disorder

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PostFri May 14, 2010 12:13 pm » by Ridee

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PostFri May 14, 2010 11:14 pm » by nm156

It's funny I have found the label of Bipolar mania a very expensive lable for LIFE. I think it is due to ones expectations and the inability to fail in the pursute. When those of us go missing in this way I have found it helpful to spend some time in nature, it is a quick reminder of what is real as opposed to material. These things in life are there to make us more mindful of what is truely important. :D
Anything of interest always comes at ones expense.

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PostFri May 14, 2010 11:29 pm » by Knurrebusk

The collapse of EGO is spot on for me, I still have an abundance of it, but more controlled.
Know that I will climb the next hill, and even if there is a desert ahead I will be restless sooner or later, but my EGO against Humans is lost.

I love all Humans, used to divide in a very bad way, like nature do.
I no longer do that, I worry a bit for Muslims, since I still can mount a bit of hatred for their stagnation, and very foresight into the endless horror if this becomes life all over the world.

NOWERE TO RUN, ultimate/endless Grand Mal, this is my horror vision from hell.
I promise you all, even Muhammed would fight this, he would despice it.

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PostFri May 14, 2010 11:46 pm » by Capnmac

I have noticed a lot more bipolar diagnosis lately. Seems almost half the people I know or meet say they are to some degree bipolar.

Unfortunately for the individual the personal experience is just that, a personal experience, which seen from the outside may look crazy but from the inside is a unique as your self. If this is in fact a spiritual awakening then I have to agree, accept it and don't hurt yourself in the process.

Devils advocate: Bipolar disorder has become a mainstream buzz word like A.D.D. Someone has a bad day and immediately self diagnosis as bi-polar. Although I see no problem with taking the positive side and diagnose the feeling as spiritual awakening but maybe it was just a bad day

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PostFri May 14, 2010 11:54 pm » by Peaceonearth

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PostFri May 14, 2010 11:59 pm » by Knurrebusk

And this site is better for me then any normal average person telling me to get my act together, use my gifts, and understand it´s not easy for normal people.

I just want normal people to understand they can do the same as me!
Problem is I did find a perfect candidate, but she was an old lady at 16.

She was 25 when I met her, and her bipolar force was to strong, she would not listen to my compromise.
Refused to learn math/physics since I abused alcohol.

But she enforced a strict rule on her younger brothers to embrace it.
Wanted me to show police/army/monestary/local school/infrastructure on and on.

She never asked me to share this knowledge, that is bipolar.
No logic, her happiest moment was riding a horse in Hua Hin, Kings retreat.

She was so happy her english slippet her mind, and she said "never ride inside horse before"
She ment never to be close to an animal like that, she has been a very oversensitive girl.
Growing up with a very protective older brother, but he was always away for fights as a kid.

She never forgave him for leave her alone, he gave her the guts to beat the shit out of her male friends at the age of 9-11, then the cheating started.

Bipolar she is, so am I, do I love her to death.
Sweetest girl I ever known with animals,
and Humans.

But had to let her fly.

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PostSat May 15, 2010 12:14 am » by Knurrebusk

So bipolar is an outlet for normal people, most of them are not.
I´ll let anyone go with me to places that feel scary, most of the bad people can be avoided.

Bipolar is a curce in life for nice spirits like her, I´m not so nice, but can´t help myself when I witness a Rambo Jesus like her, I provoked her to mental breakdown like her sister did.

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PostSat May 15, 2010 12:38 am » by Knurrebusk

This is why I´m both Thai/Norwegian, no longer total faith in Norway.
Seen the same power as Nansen/Amundsen in a 9 year old girl I met as 25.

She is bipolar/ADHD so on, but I was suprised by her IQ.
She never told me she was bright, always insisted on beeing stupid, ohhh was I in for a suprise.

I also was a nr1 with MC, very deadly ones, she proved to be better.
VF 1000, 1100C, was clumpsy stupid motorcycles when they arrived (love them, but was faulty), 2 of my best friends died on them, she would eat them for lunch, not at once, would take her time, but she is Bipolar in a good way, hell she just fucked the hell out of the thsushit.

A long story, Survivel is her name, and sooner or later her story should be told.
Know I should spell perfect, and control myself as she used to kick me in the ass, then show me someone who did better then me.

I´m proud of beeing bipolar, and will enjoy takeing her glove, she never look back.
I will follow that advise, do alone, but show the weak to do alone, oxymoron for sure.

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PostSat May 15, 2010 1:09 am » by Knurrebusk

A long Obama praise lost because of the combo I sometimes hit in dark with my lap.
Point is I love my Brother, he is opposite me, but the world needs Obama, he is gonna get slammed down, but never forget his spirit.

It´s against my race to front him so much, but I front him as a brilliant bipolar genious.
DO not give a shit if he is black/white/yellow this is a very bright spirit.

Disagree, but trust him.
Do not give me these antichrist shit, he is ok.

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PostSat May 15, 2010 2:02 am » by Ridee

mate obama is just a puppet

maybe he is a great man but being a president you have your hands tied up

and it is impossible to have the wisdom / time needed to occupy the post of president of the united states at his age and his background

so he has advisors , and the advisors / people around him are the worst scam for the majority , in this planet

so i believe he is better than hilary and mc cain , but he has to follow agendas or get killed like Kennedy

the problem is people will no longer take presidents ho follow agendas in our time

that is why all this happening + the usual hate versus presidents we all have naturally ^^
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