The Real Reason For Many UFO Abductions?

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interesting stuff

Many people, including me, have speculated about the Earth's possible crucial role as a giant, galactic library -- a huge repository of information stored in the DNA of the myriad species of biological life on this planet. This is not science fiction. Terrestrial, human scientists already know how to do this.

Data stored in multiplying bacteria

"A message encoded as artificial DNA can be stored within the genomes of multiplying bacteria and then accurately retrieved, US scientists have shown.

Their concern that all current ways of storing information, from paper to electronic memory, can easily be lost or destroyed prompted them to devise a new type of memory - within living organisms.

The scientists took the words of the song It's a Small World and translated it into a code based on the four "letters" of DNA. They then created artificial DNA strands recording different parts of the song. These DNA messages, each about 150 bases long, were inserted into bacteria such as E. coli and Deinococcus radiodurans.

The latter is especially good at surviving extreme conditions. It can tolerate high temperatures, desiccation, ultraviolet light and ionising radiation doses 1000 times higher than would be fatal to humans.

The beginning and end of each inserted message have special DNA tags devised by the scientists. These "sentinels" stop the bacteria from identifying the message as an invading a virus and destroying it.

The magic of the sentinel is that it protects the information, so that even after a hundred bacterial generations (they) were able to retrieve the exact message."

Now think how much information can be stored in the DNA of all of the living organisms on this planet, including in the DNA of terrestrial humans. The entire biosphere, including the human race, may be an unimaginably huge, ancient, living, breathing, Galactic data archive. My extensive reading of the voluminous UFOlogy literature, as well as my own intuition, insights, visions, dreams and many conversations and communications with other researchers and thinkers over a period of many years lead me to conclude that this scenario is very likely true. This also may explain the well-documented obsession in the UFOlogical literature of extraterrestrial abductors with extracting human sperm and eggs from UFO abductees. It's not necessarily a sexual procedure, per se -- rather it's more akin to interplanetary reference librarians or industrial spies retrieving unique and encyclopedic data storage modules that contain voluminous information. It may be that terrestrial human DNA is a hot commercial commodity on the galactic market, for the information that it contains. Remember: information is power, and the information that we carry in our individual DNA may be very powerful, indeed.

Imagine what would happen if our genetic blocks were undone -- what a total mind and reality blowing event that would be.

No doubt, only a small fraction of humanity could handle that immensity.

Imagine the vast potential we carry within us, all of us, encoded into the very structure of our DNA. Who knows what hidden, archived data the genetic and information scientists at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore may be extracting from the human genome right now? For surely, they have long since understood that if terrestrial human scientists can store information in DNA and retrieve it, then others have been at the same game.

But here's the bright side of the picture. Now that we know that information storage and retrieval in living DNA is scientific fact, we can play at that game too. It but remains for us to consciously retrieve the information stored from ages past in our own DNA, to recall what we carry within us and then to actually consciously become, for the first time in our lives, the empowered Galactic beings we have always potentially been!

This is the next step in our evolution as a conscious, planetary species, moving out into the Galaxy with expanded awareness of who we are, and where we fit into the Grand Cosmic Mystery of Life. ... tions.html

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PostThu Dec 17, 2009 2:20 am » by Boondox681

pretty all sounds plausible.thanx

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PostThu Dec 17, 2009 6:38 am » by Princessleia

I've been abducted by aliens!!! Nah, just kidding. :mrgreen: Interesting post!

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Well its at start I guess. However we humans must look deeper into this theory of becoming another type of galactic being. It is happening now as humanity awakens and sees behind the veil. Many here at DTV are on the right track but their are too many who comment with their ego. I merely see it as my free will inside a divine plan with guidelines that I am able to post today(only due to my placement in this world). I have a constant choice to a certain degree by controlling my thoughts and emotions and actions. Intent is a truely powerful energy, though many are not aware of this truth. Every single second (based on the belief that there is " TIME " ) is there for you personally to harness that moment. When you are aware of the every breath you take and realizing you are alive. Thoughts are messages to the cosmos, someone is always listening and someone is always watching you and someone is always quietly guiding you. You must silence the ego to hear the words.

Thanks for the post.

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thanks ya and stay aware :D :D

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