The real Tom and Jerry

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PostWed Jan 13, 2010 4:26 pm » by bugmenot

The real Tom and Jerry: Plucky mouse fights off prowling cat using only his paws :lol: ... -paws.html

Looming menacingly, a prowling pussycat eyes a lone mouse stranded all alone in the snow.

Surely thinking his luck is in, the cat swaggers over only to find the plucky rodent is prepared to put up a fight.

Lunchtime: Felix eyes up his prey, who has nowhere to hide in a snow-covered German back garden

David and Goliath: The plucky rodent decides he's not going to let Felix eat him

Echoing the best traditions of Tom and Jerry, the mouse remains undaunted and even raises a paw to fend off his larger foe.
Felix the cat appears a bit bemused by the mouse's reaction, which is not quite the response he had expected.

However, there's only so much a proud cat can take and Felix soon lashes out with his left paw.

Strike: Felix has had enough of this mouse and lashes out with his right paw

But he misses... and the mouse fights back, startling Felix, before scurrying away to safety

But in true cartoon style, the mouse leaps for his life and scurries across the snow to freedom.

The unusual scene took place in a back garden in Siegen, Germany.

It only goes to show that no matter how bleak the situation, one last push can sometimes save the day.

And that sometimes, mice too have nine lives.

Cartoon foes: Tom and Jerry duke it out onscreen ... -paws.html :lol:

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PostWed Jan 13, 2010 4:37 pm » by Crazynutsx

The mouse allways wins hahah


Used to love the cartoon the older version is better the new ones are no where near as funny

Love the pictures mate thanks for the upload


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