The Rent is too Damn High

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PostMon Oct 25, 2010 7:39 am » by Illuminated

anuki wrote:
megame23 wrote:if everything was divided equally, we would all have multiple acres of land and be quite living quite comfortably.

Not that I beleive it should be exactly like that, but that fact just demonstrates how much that these evil bastards have taken from the rest of humanity.

drjones wrote:The reality is we should'nt have to PAY for anything!!
EVERYTHING is from the Earth and thus from 'God' which should be free to all humanity.
I guess it's just we've been hijacked by a bunch of satanic control freaks, their time is almost up... :sunny:

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The money system is the cause...
Without money we would all be the 'same' (ie, not rich or poor)
On the other hand, with or without money,
these egoistic-selfish-powerlusted-m.f.-assholes are tha major problem.




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PostMon Oct 25, 2010 10:54 am » by Memccool

harryjackson wrote:The Rent is too Damn High.

Hi, how are you today? Would u like a tall glass of SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!


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